Tuesday, March 08, 2011

baking tulips like a coffee maker

Is it possible I hold the record for 'Blog with the highest number of post-subjects that make no sense'?

Does such a category even exist? If so, who are my contenders?


Zhoen said...

I hearby award you "Most Baffling Blog" award, awarded to bloggers who utterly baffle their readers.


Phil Plasma said...

Thanks Zhoen, I really appreciate it.

Thank you also to all of my readership for giving me an audience to baffle.

Debstar said...

Sometimes baffling
Sometimes quirky
Sometimes silly
Sometimes thought provoking
Sometimes a recording of daily life

Always intriguing.

It seems like you allow us to see minuscule glimpses of yourself from time to time (though generally in your comments) and that always intrigues me.

But what got me reading your blog and had me on the floor laughing was when you respectfully made suggestions to a teenager on how best to write a blog. I think if she could have reached her arm through your computer she would have bitched slapped you. hahahah telling a teenager what to do....that's the funniest thing ever. You had me hooked, and it wasn't even a post, just something I found in the comments.

Rouchswalwe said...

Baffling is good for us! Makes me have questions.

our trinitone blast said...

Any blog by any politician would smoke you in the not making sense contest.