Friday, December 09, 2016


At my company's Christmas party (Dec 17) I decided to get a new suit. This is the one I got.

The shirt shown isn't the one I got, I found a different one, though I couldn't find a photo of it from the store's web site. My wife did end up coming with me so she could give her opinion on fit and colour. I tried two other suits and this is the one we picked.

For future reference, in case I shop at this same store again, the suit jacket size I got was size 48 and 129$, the trousers I got were size 40 and 49.90$, though next time I could see about getting a smaller size, and the shirt I got was a small, slim fit, 49.50$.

With respect to the trousers, I have taken them to a tailor to be hemmed, and to have the waist drawn in. The tag on the trousers show that the size (40) has two options smaller and four options bigger, so next time I could try the size 38 or the size 36.

On the walk from the train to my work I pass a tailor, dry-cleaning, boot cleaning and general repair shop (Tailleurs Universels Nettoyeurs on Cypress) and so I stopped in there on the way to work this morning and they will adjust the trousers by 16h today. They've charged me 12$ for the hemming and 18.95$ for the waist work.

There is a different Christmas party tomorrow, that I might be able to go to very late, if I can go, I will wear the suit.

This is one of those rare posts that is mired exclusively in reality.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

when robots ruin your morning toast

Today has many overlapping calendar events many of which I would have liked to have attended.

Tomorrow is the last day I am doing a 2AM to 10AM shift to replace a coworker of mine who works out of Algiers, but who has taken two weeks off. I have covered for him all of this week, next week it is the turn of someone else.

I was hoping to purchase a new suit for my company's Christmas party, but I am running out of time. I've offered my wife the Right of First Refusal to be my fashion consultant so that I get a second opinion (in addition to my own) on the purchase. We have not managed to find a time to go yet.

The party is on December 17th. I've been told that Zara will have suits that fit my 'European' sized body very well. I've never shopped there before, but I am happy to give them a try as their prices are fairly reasonable. I'm really looking forward to the party, it is going to be lots of fun.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

A simulacrum of a doughnut made of

It boggles the mind, those things that are made of boggle.

I had another instance of SLI last night; these things tend to happen more in the winter when the night hours are longer.

Today, for example, the sun will rise at 7h18 and will set at 16h11. This leaves plenty of darkness hours for SLI to take place.

I bring it up occasionally as something that happens to me with a non-zero frequency and as yet I have still only come across one other person who has indicated that it happens to them too.

In any case, it is the fourth of December today; only twenty days or so until Christmas.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

derelict marzipan screeches across the biway

The handle that she used to bake the toast was fluffy, much like a marsupial recipient flosses all of his kinetically opaque window and salad dressings. Serendipitous fortune was lucky.

The hamstring of an emotionally turbulent diurnal rodent was neither made of ham, nor, a string. Carrying a bag of Maytag dryer lint from post edited subjects to colourful epigrams of Middle Eastern descent is not one of the proposed Fall Olympic sports. Raising one's fist in celebration of having just failed to stub one's toe is probably one of the least likely things a person would do within the first eighty-seven minutes of having arrived somewhere.

Drinking Coca-Cola from a traditional Coca-Cola bottle while riding a 300cc motorcycle down the steepest part of a wooden roller coaster.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

When a limerick crashes into a parakeet

Today is the very last Thursday of the month of November.

We just booked a vacation, going to Cancun in March next spring. Well, technically it will still be winter as our travel dates, in March, precede the arrival of spring. We had a little over 18,000 Airmiles that were set to expire on Dec 31, so we used them, plus some additional funds, to get the five of us on this trip.

Who says that a meritocracy is a bad way to go? So long as the ministers involved are magnanimous, wise and benevolent, I think it ought to work.

I didn't light a match today.

I wonder how many men get manicure/pedicures. There is a shop very close to my work that does this and I've seen only one time a man in the chair being 'cared for'. Maybe I would go.

I haven't given any thought to AXY3 since I first posted about it. This is often how ideas flow through me - fleetingly.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


This past Saturday I finished raking the leaves from both the front and back yards. I produced 16 bags of leaves bringing the total for the season to 66 bags:

Saturday's bag count: 16 bags.
This season's bag count: 66 bags.

Here are the bags all in a row under the overhang between my house and the garage, waiting to be put to the street Tuesday morning when the city comes to pick them up.

I did all of the work on Saturday because it had been forecasted to rain on Sunday with rain turning to snow in the evening and over night. This did end up happening. From Monday morning, here is a photo of one of the trees in my front yard.

Later this week it is predicted to go above zero Celsius with rain on Friday and Saturday; so all of this snow will get washed away with that rain.

Friday, November 18, 2016

elsewhom the topic

Like a vortex sucked into the mire, I feel tremendous empathy for the odd man out, even the even one. There is little I can do as anything I would do would draw further unwanted and unwarranted attention. Even broaching the subject, like a nightmare made of silk pyjamas, is fraught with a minefield of quixotic Humorisms. I'd stretch clockwise if I could, barrel a bowl of Fruitloops leftwards if it would help and would plant a tree and watch it grow if it solved the equation. A one-quarter turn portrait may be all that remains. Often, time presents itself as a solution, but I am not certain it does in this case. If anything, time may portend afoul.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

When deleteriousness creates wealth for the driven

There are Spartan Races of various distances at ski resort mountains outside of Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Ottawa during the summer of 2017. I would like to attend at the very least the bare minimum of earning the Trifecta, which would be three races, each of different distances (Sprint, Super, Beast). However, I would enjoy doing one or two additional races. First I need to get wife approval to participate, and the next step would be to speak with the teammates I had last year who did this, and open it up to anyone else, to see if anyone else wants to join me in this.

I already know of a few who do, but I don't know about everyone.

A season's pass can be had that costs around 320$, which is significantly more than it was last year, however, last year they split the passed out into Canada East and Canada West and this year it is for all of Canada, so conceivably one could participate in all of the races across Canada. Each individual race is about 100$, so by going to three races the season's pass is covered, and by going to four or five, the cost per race is even less.

I will provide another update once I have made progress in this.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When the smoke clears, there is left a right

When he rolled up his sleeves I didn't think it was the best idea.

Mind you, you mind? Whose mind? Yours? Mine?

There are no struggling snails in my elbow nook. Elbow cook. Rainbow hook. Take a look.

Rent a rake, bake a cake, slop a pop and wrench the wench. Twice does it not? know? Now. Now! NOW!!

When the slippery slope cascades unlike anything you'd ever heard of in the last three minutes, all icicles can be fragrantly described as a Disney themed pillowcase used once as a Halloween bag.

Couch carrots, are they as delicious as the potatoes?

Monday, November 14, 2016

As for fasting, it sure is slow

Last week I started up again the intermittent fasting that I read about back in April of '15. Today too, then, is a Fast day so I have not eaten anything yet since about 19h yesterday and the current time is 13h26 (as I end this sentence). The plan is to eat a light meal at around 18h tonight so it will almost have been 24 hours of not eating.

Yesterday I raked an additional 10 more bags of leaves, another nice round number, so my leaf bag count is up to 50 now.

Yesterday's bag count: 10 bags.
This season's bag count: 50 bags.

We're getting close to the end of the season, I may only have another 8-10 more.

The Spartan Races for next year have mostly been announced, there are only two more that took place last year that are as yet to be announced for this year. I am hoping to do four or five of them and to see if there are others, here at my work place, who would join me. It is likely that for one of them we would rent an AirBNB home close to the event as it is sufficiently far away that driving there and back again on race day would potentially be too much. It is possible that a second one of them we would do the same. I plan on organizing a meeting to discuss this sometime in the next three weeks to see what others think of the plan.

Friday, November 11, 2016

When dandelions spread like eagle's spleens

Let's break the ice with Vogon poetry.

Okay, thanks!