Tuesday, December 11, 2018

bat an eye and a baseball

Getting mixed up when attempting to drive in a directionally challenged Q-Bert motoring station while playing chess partially blindfolded and standing on an octagonal urn filled with peacock feathers is the least likely of events that a depressed sturgeon would relate as a story told to the aquatic museums of the left armpit of a flea bitten hippo wishing she had just won the lottery.

That an eloquent newspaper stand would relate anecdotal evidence of the delayed invasion of internetworked amicable news agents would surprise only the insipid is hardly noteworthy, well, unless one likes to take notes. No others would volunteer any of the excerpts that they too would have vilified.

Spreading strawberry jam on a lemming that is seeking to evade this process is not an easy task. Mind you, not all lemmings know what time of day is the best for meandering as a street cleaner does on a weekday morning. Too bad the jam was jammed.

It can be said that all pattern posts have a pattern. This one doesn't fall into the same prey, nor the same doughnut hole. If all of the pattern posts were to be added together into a pot and mixed with water, onion soup mix, a 1983 nickel and the bottom piece of a 5x7 photo frame, a mixture would be produced. I should know.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

bring out the leviathan

So a Fleetwood Mac cover band decided that all of the Stevie Nicks parts of the songs should be sung by Kermit the Frog.

Baking a celebration into the cake would allow for the people who eat it to pretend they did not know the days of the week.

It wasn't the best idea to reboot my sock collection. I suppose if I had re-shoed them that would have been better.

Osmosis as a form of dandelion fur was the least evocative of scintillating solutions to problems that lack any definition.

Defining the characteristics by using parentheses excessively is not the best use of time spent by a doberman lacking a pencil.

Kansas City is a place; as is Gibraltar. Ethereal dumb luck is not a place, I should know.

If you drew a straight line on a map that connects Kansas City with Gibraltar, you'd have a straight line from Kansas City to Gibraltar.

Baking a Stevie Nicks dandelion fur and feeding a dumb luck doberman brought my rock collection to Kansas City.

Kermit, without knowing the days of the week, used an ill defined osmosis to reboot the straight line to Gibraltar.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

returning the oven fried Dr. Pepper to the reindeer

When all is said and done, that means there is nothing left, so it is time to move on.

Once moved, that is, onward, there may be an inclination to look back; resist this urge, it serves no purpose.

The next step may not benefit from your gained experience, or, it may; only time will tell. This is where patience serves.

Regardless of the new situation, new experience will be gained, to then become old, past, done-with experience.

Keep moving forward. As if we had a choice.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Baking lozenges into the refrain

When eleven-teen Elvis impersonators went bowling as instructed to by the instruction sheet found in their cereal box that morning, an unlucky shirt got picked out as the most vibrant of them all.

It would have been considered the most ridiculous that none of the others would have counted to seventeen, or, wallowed helplessly as they listened to the others who were counting.

Not all of the solutions that had been proposed would benefit all contenders, it is with gumption that a decision that is to be made, will be made.

An ambulatory cheesecake manufacturer got slapped on the wrist for trying to sneak away with the cereal that the Elvis impersonators had been eating. No one was made wiser by this event.

On Friday I turn an even 16,600 days old. Notable for the double-zero. On February 4, 2019, I will be 16,666 days old. Notable only in the repetition.

If you can believe it, all of the words in this post, if they were added together, do not add up to a prime number. Of this, I have no exact certainty as I did not count them. You are welcome to count the words yourself to either corroborate this fact or to oppose it. Using a blanket to smother the second sentence of this post would not alter the number of words, it would just smother some of them.

I thought about building a train line to the far north of Canada. It would need to be crazy long, and, would likely require a large number of bridges to cross both small and large bodies of water. All of this to help with the terribly living conditions of the indigenous populations that live there. Their numbers are so small, however, that no private enterprise or public institution would take on a project such as this. If next year I happen to fall into becoming part of the 0.01% of wealth owners in this world, I would be the one to do it. Part of the goal would be to have the rails go as straight as possible for as long as possible so that higher speeds can be maintained when the conditions are good for higher speeds.

Other ideas that I have, well, they need more time to bake.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

SLI and the underworld

So, yes, a number of instances of SLI have occurred in the last few days. For sure, the shorter day light hours per day makes it a more frequent occurrence.

I'm in my new department and things are moving slowly, for now. I am confident this will change in time.

There are plans afoot to decide what temperature gauge to use to decipher the best aptitude that would apply towards knowing the course of action that would lead to the least interrupted path towards a solution that relegates the inconsequential and advocates for the existential. I should know.

Bending until broken, spending until spent, losing until lost and wailing until weary. That the couch stains do not get removed by the centenarian is doubtful as a solution. Tend it twice.

Friday, November 16, 2018

when three times eleven is myopic

The big question is if beep and I will get closer now that I am switching out of departments.

A wholesome attitude isn't what the butcher offered the cantankerous woman who insisted on cuts measured down to the picometre.

Extremism as a solution to boredom isn't the best path to follow, I should know.

How Amu manages to get the funds for all of their updates is beyond me; still, I'm enjoying their episodes.

There is more I can say about J but I'm not one to spread rumours or speak ill of people.

There was the potential for us to go out together as a group for lunch today to acknowledge my time that was spent in this department, this, a few days after I ballooned beep's desk. I admitted I am more comfortable doing good deeds for others than to be on the receiving end. In all honesty, I can not recall the last time someone has done something specifically for me as a good deed. In any case, the lunch didn't happen. This comes as no surprise to me.

Monday, in my new department, we already have scheduled a department lunch to welcome me in. This is likely to be better attended.

If my strength is with the written word and beep's strength is still to be established, but is clearly not the written word, perhaps I should put aside any specificities.

Lacking any guarantees, listening to the pin drop; counting the chickens before they hatch and all other of the ferrings that fell of the starboard side; well, cast them twice without remembering why. Rinse, repeat. With equanimity I can say the inequality is rising ever higher. Is it conceivable that a revolution could take place? In this day and age? Time will tell, but I am become less certain that it can't happen. After writing the previous sentence I read an article and found that four things have historically corrected inequality: war, disease, state collapse and revolution. Not any of these sound particularly friendly to common folk, but I guess that's the point - make things bad for everyone.

Then there is the FIRE solution that I have been reading quite a bit about recently. If only I can get my own situation settled; hopefully this will happen soon.

Good luck!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

5, 10, 15, salami

I haven't been tracking my leaf bag count for this fall, but yesterday I completed the final raking of the front yard; it took 35 bags since the beginning of the fall to get it done.

Last night we had our first snow of the season, it was very wet and some did stick last night, but this morning now it is warmer (4C) and raining, so it is all gone.

Shortly I'll be driving G-bot to his drop-off on a trip to Ottawa he is doing with his Air Cadets squadron.

Later this morning at 10AM I'll be driving C-Ling to her drop off on a trip to Ottawa with her Pathfinders troupe.

V-8 and I have the rest of the day to ourselves as well as tomorrow morning.

In other news, taste buds were not used in the making of this post.

Monday, November 05, 2018

That a quagmire wouldn't play chess with a cheesie

My, what an elegant chainsaw you have; does it dice onions?

Big day tomorrow in the United States of America. Some people will get reelected, others won't. Some will be elected for the first time, some will lose for the first time. I will not be voting, I am ineligible.

Mrs. Maizel, quite the show.

In other news, a skyscraper scraped the sky.

Triangulation, as a form of wedding ring, did not obfuscate the rigid thinkers; it reacted poorly with the dense drink.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

when dandelion tea doesn't bake the cake

On Tuesday this week I went to the gym and ran 11 minutes, then did 10-8-6-4-2 of pull-ups, squats holding 20lbs, push-ups, reverse-lunges holding 10lbs in each hand and then leg raises.

Today is two days later and I am aching, still. I plan on doing the routine again tomorrow but raising the weights for both the squats and the reverse-lunges - it was too easy with the weights I chose.

In other news, Dimtry responded to my Quidnon questions. I'm looking forward to building one someday.

Finally, after this week of work is done, the next two weeks I'll be working 2AM to 10AM to replace one of my coworkers who works in the EMEA and is off.

Monday, October 22, 2018

when all else fails, flip a coin

At the Loyola Parents Dinner Dance Saturday night.

In chronological order

Three guys at the table, before the fourth arrived, all standing aside the table talking with each other, the shortest of the three of them is still five inches taller than I am; I wasn't comfortable to engage with them. I milled about a little, then sat down at the table. On my own for a while, then M, one of the wives of the standing men came and sat next to me and we had a nice conversation. She is from a latin country and is very expressive and has almost a continual conversational touch that I find warm and atyipcal. We shared our running and medal commonalities among other things.

We all took our places and conversation ensued; at one point an in depth conversation about how the school is very much sports-focused and how that almost dissuaded this one mom from sending her boy to the school. I spoke up of my own experience when I was a student, and of my son's experience, in his last year; neither of us being particularly sporty, and how there are numerous other opportunities for the boys to do extra curricular activities that line up with their interests.

MC of the event announces that each table ought to elect a 'captain' of the table. I was chosen and then all of the captains were summoned to the dance floor where we received playful glasses that lit up of various types and colours. This would identify all of us to everyone else as the captains. Then, as the captains we were encouraged to dance to show how committed we are to being the captain and engaging our tables. It was at this time I happened to notice 'J', one of the moms present who was a great dancer.

Soon after, everyone else was encouraged to go to the dance floor and people formed mostly in table groups, so I moved over to join my own table group. This went on for a short while then we sat down for the main course. Between this dancing and the main course I headed to the WC and on the way back encountered a person looking at the sports team photos from past years on the wall. He happened to be looking at the photos of students at the exact year that I graduated, so I recognized all of the boys in the photo. I engaged with him, talking about the boys whose photos are on the wall and our own boys. Moments later a faculty member joined us and knew something of the guy with whom I was speaking and so the two of them started off on an alternative topic that effectively disengaged me.

After our table had finished the main course, there was lighter music being played with no MC and the dance floor was empty. I meandered onto the dance floor and just start moving with the music, a few minutes later another male captain joined me, and the two of us danced for maybe five or eight minutes; just the two of us doing our own thing. The tables that bordered the dance floor had people who then started to take notice of us, they cheered, though no one joined us.

Then the MC came on and he invited everyone else; back on the dance floor, prizes were given, bottles of champagne, to people who show they are committed to having a good time and dancing up a storm; 'J' won the first one. We connected a little on the dance floor the way that sometimes people do; and after she had won and there were fewer people around her I went to congratulate her on being the first to win. She was gracious, friendly and about ten minutes later she put a cup of champagne in my hands. We would dance together on and off a little while longer. Later in the night when we had both gone to sit down, I located where she was sitting and chatted with her a little, as this was the first (and only) time I would engage in conversation with her. I mention that my son is in his last year, but this may not stop me from coming back to the Parent's dance next year, and that I would hope to see her there too. She reciprocated.

We left soon after; a little bit abruptly from my own perspective; but it was already midnight and three quarters of us were heading to church Sunday morning.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

obviously, the corroborative

I do not tend to ever complain of being hungry. When I hear people say 'I'm hungry', to me it is a sharing of information that accomplishes nothing, serves no purpose, and is a sign of an inability to deal with being hungry.

I'm quite pleased with the Quidnon 2.0 redesign, it will be much easier to build. Still, I haven't a great track record with respect to being 'handy', so I'd likely hire some skilled workers to do much of the work and I'd be around to help move things into place, or do the jobs that do not require a lot of skill.

In other news, the new CAQ government is getting sworn into government today. We'll have to see how the next four years go as they have a majority and they have some changes in mind.

Finally, I feel really bad for the fiançee of Jamal Khashoggi. They were planning their wedding and he needed documents from the Saudi kingdom to make it happen, so in the Saudi embassy in Turkey he went in while she waited outside. He hasn't been seen since and is likely in dismembered pieces somewhere in the Turkish waste management system, or in parts that were shipped back to Saudi.