Wednesday, June 29, 2016

when the least just keeps

Yes, so the month of June will soon be over.

Rocket Science isn't something I keep in my back left pocket.

Tuberculosis, as far as I can tell, isn't anyone's best friend. This must make her particularly lonely.

Time travel to go back to mortuary school in the 1960s would not be unlike rediscovering snow. I should know.

Being tone deaf is not the same as being deaf. Being colour blind is not the same as being blind. Making a stupid mistake does not make one stupid.

A brief soliloquy was attempted to be used as a wrench to pry free the humiliated from the shameless. It worked only partially.

Freshly fried bacon.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Here they are, the clothes washer and dryer that we started with back in 2001. The washer has met its end. The dryer is up on Kijiji and the new machines have been ordered, scheduled for delivery July 13.

It is kind of odd, but it is possible that the machines I just ordered are either the last, or more likely second to last clothes washer/dryer that I buy in this life time. At 15,713 days old, I still have a way to go, but in another 7700 days I may be fortunate enough to move into a place where my laundry is taken care of by others.

Gives pause for thought, certainly.

Friday, June 24, 2016

an unlikely candidate

I will be somewhat MIA over the next nine days as my company is closing for the first every Summer Christmas vacation. Here in Quebec we have a holiday on June 24th, and here in Canada we have a holiday on July 1st. My company found that not enough people were taking time off throughout the year, so they decided that the working days between those two holidays would be company closed days, compelling people to take some time off.

I work in the support department and so our customers may still need our assistance next week so we split our team in half - half work next week and the opposite half work the following week. So I'm in the half that has next week off.

From Thursday to Sunday I will most definitely be AFK as I'll be camping, but up until Wednesday I should be about.

It really sucks about Brexit. I have some good friends who live in England and they're all pretty upset about this. It seems it was mostly a generational division and the friends I have are all in the 'young' side that wanted to remain a part of the EU. It doesn't make much of a difference to me personally, but because I have some friends who are implicated, I definitely formed an opinion on this one.

I fear it is a portent of things to come with respect to the American election.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wearing a raincoat when swimming

Today is the last day of school for C-Ling and V-8, their first day back is August 31st where C-Ling will start Grade Six, the last year of elementary school here in Quebec. V-8 will start Grade Two. This means that by about the start of Fall this year we will have to decide what school C-Ling will go to for high school (grades 7-11).

We believe we've narrowed it down to two schools, we'll call them LP and SH.

LP is a public school that is adjacent to the elementary school where she is attending. It has a small student population and is borderline being at risk of closing. However, with a small student population comes small class sizes and we (my wife and I) feel a small class size would really benefit C-Ling given her personality and learning style. It is likely that she will know quite a few of the kids that would go there as they would go there from the school she is currently attending.

SH is a private English Catholic girls school that is in the city. It also has a small student population but is not at any short to medium term risk of closing. The small class room benefits persist, and in addition, this school has much nicer facilities and it would subject her to a student body with a much greater variety of backgrounds. Being in the city would also have her learn 'street smarts' - something she wouldn't get going to LP. SH will cost us a significant amount of money for each year but we figure with a few sacrifices we should be able to manage.

LP is a much simpler commute, SH takes quite a bit longer.

SH has a uniform, making it easy to dress her for school, LP has no uniform or dress code.

SH would require her to have a transit pass, LP may, I'm not certain.

I'm personally leaning towards SH (you can probably tell), but I may only have 30% say in this decision. My wife will likely have 40% and C-Ling will have 30%. One way that I think I could sway things is that SH has a 'Student for a day' program where C-Ling, early in the school year next year, could take a day off from her elementary school and spend a day with a student in SH, to see what it's like. I suppose this could sway her one way or the other, but I think the experience would do well to show her what it is all about.

I suppose I won't have any more updates about this until the fall when the Open Houses take place. SH has their Open House already scheduled for Sept 24 while LP traditionally has theirs in the second week of October.

Friday, June 17, 2016

The meritocracy that failed to enable freedom

A hemorrhaged littlest finger of a teenaged female gnome is quite a delicacy. Within my own awareness I have eaten exactly zero of these in my lifetime.

My memory may be flawed, however, so who can know for certain.

If you plan on doing anything this weekend, make sure that you keep from doing anything you ought not to be doing.

I absolutely will not be flying a kite this weekend.

It is scheduled to be sunny and warm this weekend with highs of 30C and 31C respectively on Saturday and Sunday.

The humidity is also likely to rise in this time.

Suddenly, this post ends.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When serendipity causes elbow grease to drop in temperature

When canvassing for a topic to cover in this post I cycled through the podcasts I've been listening to lately, the book I am currently reading, the work news there is, summer vacation plans, favourite of flavours of ice cream and types of cookie and books my son has on his summer reading list from school.

I then vascillated between the various options indicated above, including others not mentioned, and ended up stuck in an endless oscillation between needing to buy new shoes and what I had for lunch today.

Fortunately this endless oscillation had no cross-contamination as otherwise I'd be telling you about the lunch I needed to buy today that was made of new shoes.

I've started a subscription to Canadaland Commons, a podcast that comes in about once a week or a little more often and talks about things political in Canada. The one I am in the midst of now is an interview with Cheri Dinovo who has cast in for the leadership of the NDP. It is a good article/podcast and makes me think about leaning ever more towards the left.

I am in the midst of reading a book called 'But What if We're Wrong' by Chuck Klusterman. It is a bit dry but I am finding it very informative and rather entertaining.

I still haven't filed the income tax report to our provincial and federal governments for tax year 2015 yet. I should probably get to that soon. We also have a couple of problems in our house right now - the lights for the chandelier in our dining room is in a perpetual on position and the only way we've managed to turn them off is to unscrew the light bulbs just enough that they go off. The other problem is that one of my kids pushed down on a drain plug in a bathroom sink and I am not able to get it out. These are two other things I should get to soon.

I guess I stopped vascillating, in the end.

Monday, June 13, 2016

electrocutionists count to eleven

I've done it - I've reached 15,700 days today! I think I'll celebrate this by posting about it on my blog.

Thursday, June 09, 2016


With rabbit ear antenna on top of our TV hooked up to an HD-TV converter hooked up to our TV I get the CBC and am watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, game five, Pittsburgh Penguins lead the San Jose Sharks three games to one in a best of seven series, and the Sharks lead presently, 3-2 at the start of the second period.

My OTA setup doesn't receive a perfect signal, it flakes out occasionally. I'd like to get an antenna installed on my roof. That would make the world of difference in terms of signal strength and image/sound clarity. Perhaps this is something I will do, or have done, this summer.

Monday, June 06, 2016

baking braided bannock

Well, then, said the Croatian to the Creationist. A window cleaner wanted to update my older uncle's (on my mother's side) left ankle much the way a cranky telepath would kick the shin of a delinquent newspaper delivery person.

There is a loudness to speech that some people naturally have. I should know.

The flight that carried an analogous wrist watch to the Maldives went askew and ended up in East Albuquerque.

I once rode a bus to a destination. In the end, I arrived there.

Sandwiched between two slices of bread, Hank thought his nickname 'Ham' was pretty apt. Sadly, Hank's existence was fairly short lived.

Count twice, measure seventeen times, then do not cut.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

count to eleven, a hundred times

I've managed to figure out how to get podcasts to download automatically to my new device based on any subscriptions I've made. So far, I've subscribed to only one. This radio program plays on Wednesdays in the evening and on Saturday mornings and normally I catch only a bit of each episode. By getting the podcasts I'll be able to listen to all of every episode. I have a lot of listening time as I take public transit to and from work every day.

I haven't flown a kite in many days.

Monday, May 30, 2016

a parakeet and a parachute go to Paraguay

It is 29C now with 43% humidity, the sun rose this morning at 5h10 and will set tonight at 20h32. Not the longest, nor hottest, day of the year, but still rather long and rather hot.

This week we can easily predict that there will be an end to the month of May in the year 2016. This likely means that the month of June is soon to come. June is the month where the school year ends for all three of my children. This means that my transit routine changes up a little bit.

As last year, we've hired a local teenager to keep any eye on the girls (C-Ling;11yo, V-8;7yo) while G-bot (14yo) will be away for six of the eight weeks this summer and for the two he is home, he can fend for himself. The teenager we've hired is different from the one we hired last year.

I will attempt to make some bannock in the next night or two in the hopes that it comes out well so that I can make it on Friday evening before heading over to Book Group. We are to have read 'Three Day Road' which has in it some aboriginal Canadian characters who eat bannock in the story.

Around 6.50$ is all it will cost to convert the LG G Pro 2 mobile device to be my own phone - it is a matter of scrapping the SIM card that is in my current mobile device (LG Eclypse) and then programming a microSIM card for the G Pro 2. If my current SIM was a micro one, there'd have been no cost. This would have me staying with my service provider with my existing plan, which is just fine with me, for now. G-Bot's phone plan expires in August, so at that time we will evaluate if we are to change plans and possibly get him a new device. Just need to see now if 300$ paying to a coworker is the right price.

I think this is about enough for this post.

I just unsubscribed to a bunch of email notifications I get from different websites that would send me notices of product sales, interesting articles or news features. My plan is to use the new device I get for all of the email addresses I have and I'd like to clean it up so that I get the fewest number of emails. This way only the 'real' ones arrive, from real people.

I would also install the 'Short Random Workout' software, and also the work ticketing software so I could track work through the device. And, of course, down the road, a Smart Watch to link to the device so I can get notifications on my watch.

The sun at this time of day (16h12 as I type this sentence) is coming through the window in such a way that it is now just starting to shine the sunlight on me. In the next half hour to hour I will be sun-covered. Though the space I am in is air conditioned, having the direct sunlight upon me makes me exceedingly hot. I don't mind, at least some of the time.

Though I wasn't supposed to eat today, I still did - I ate a Subway sandwich with two chocolate chip cookies and some Pepsi. The Subway I frequent used to serve Coca-Cola products but earlier this spring they switched to Pepsi.

I think I should end this post now.