Thursday, March 23, 2017

when lemmings serve you herring

So the trip to the Rochester Institute of Technology did not actually end up happening.

We got back from the Grand Oasis Palm Cancun and I was very sick with a fever, headache, sore throat and some very ineffective coughing. I had started to get sick the third to last day in Mexico with it getting particularly bad the last day.

Instead of driving to Rochester Thursday morning I drove to see a doctor who did a strep test whose quick response came up negative.

I went back on Sunday morning to complain that still I wasn't doing much better and found that the more comprehensive 48 hour strep test also came up negative. The doctor on Sunday did a more thorough investigation but could find nothing that could be treated antibiotically.

Here we are Thursday again and I'm mostly better; the fever is gone, as is the headache, but I'm left with a pesky cough that I fear I will not be rid of in some time.

Tomorrow and Saturday are the last two days that the robot that my son's Robotics Team compete. Their robot was not particularly effective this year as I watched last weeks tournament from afar. They may have made some adjustments, so we'll see if there is any improvement tomorrow. I will see if I can post a video to show you.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

barking up the wrong tree scale

There isn't a wrist watch that I wouldn't consider, at least momentarily, as one that a person could wear. I, of course, am a person, though when I am unconscious I have no awareness of being a person, so it is possible that I am not always a person.

There is most likely an armpit that knows what the best fifth move is in a chess game played against a puddle of olive oil. Being bereft of an idea doesn't always keep one from pushing forward, making decisions or galloping uselessly.

A barrel of strawberries wanted to go skiing.

Friday, March 10, 2017

yep, like a moron playing golf in his underwear

We will have arrived at around 11AM in Cancun, Wednesday morning. The resort we are staying at, the Oasis Palm, has internet available at a rather exorbitant price, so it isn't likely that we will have paid for any.

Once I get back on the 15th of March, my son and I will be heading south to Rochester, NY, for a Robotics tournament where the hotel I'll be staying at does have internet at no charge, so I may return to post then.

In the mean time, I have these pre-posted posts.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Friday, March 03, 2017

Pain killers ought to go to jail

Bargaining with a tooth brush sales person to buy the aglets from her laces is the kind of thing Doug might do on a Tuesday night when there is no precipitation and the sun has not yet set.

All left turns do not lead to Rome.

When I was growing up there was no such thing as a Polar Vortex, there were simply cold spells.

I do not know what the impact is of there being more days in March then there are in February. You'd think that this would make March the longer month, of the two of them. In some ways, however, certainly more so in the past than now, I've often found that February was longer in ways other than purely numerical comparison.

Why he rolled up his sleeves at that event, I would never guess the reason. I, personally, did not find it appealing.

The balloons brought out the cuteness quotient. Who knew? I didn't then, but I do now.

The crack in the pavement got exacerbated by the weather. Yes, indeed.

Book group tonight, we are to have read 'Mind Tryst' by Robyn Carr. I read it, it was pretty good. I do not know what kind of conversation it will generate, however.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

drop the kilocalories

So yes, I'm off to Cancun next Wednesday.

If you can believe it, I've lowered my caloric intake of sustenance in order to slim. Some would argue, why bother? Others would argue, what difference will it make? A third may ask, to what end? A fourth might say simply: motivation? A fifth may even counter - isn't that what women do? A sixth could even ask, why blog about it? A seventh could say, who cares? An eighth would likely say I don't need to slim further. A ninth would wish me luck while a tenth person would ask for the details of how I am going about it.

1. I don't have a compelling reason to do this, nor a compelling reason not to.
2. A difference it will make is that I will have lower body fat percentage.
3. To what end? To lower body fat, I guess.
4. Motivation? To start the vacation at a lower point so that by the end I would end up where I am now.
5. Yes; to get their 'beach body', I suppose I could have one too.
6. I blog about it because I know that there isn't more than one or two people that actually read this, so there isn't a big difference between posting this and not posting it.
7. I'd agree with that person.
8. It is true I already have a fairly low BMI score (~22), and from other people's perspectives I appear just fine, but whose body is this that I am living with? Ought I not to take better care?
9. Thanks.
10. I'm having a light breakfast of Dad's cookies and a banana. I'm having a light lunch of lettuce and cherry tomatoes and a can of Coca-Cola, and at supper I'm eating normally but making an effort to have a somewhat reduced portion (unless it is vegetables) and to not over eat.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

a blanket, a kite and a stamp machine

This is the sixth post that comes after a post that preceded one that was in the middle of being in between one or more other posts among the posts that got posted.

I should know.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yep, I participated in my parish's talent show this evening. I said the alphabet. A few different times in a few different ways. I got positive feedback, so that was good.

Some of the singers in the parish were really good and were fortunate to have such a warm audience to perform to.

Tomorrow is Sunday. It seems there are one of those days each week. Well, each week so far.

I wonder what kind of calendar would be used on TRAPPIST-1D where a year lasts 4.05 days. What is pretty nifty about this planet is that it is likely tidally-locked, which means that only at the terminator line it may be livable. Too far towards the sun side and it would be desolate and hot while too far on the dark side it would be desolate and cold. Imagine living within a 10km wide strip that spans the diameter of the planet that defines the day side from the night side. All the places for sleeping and night clubs would be on the dark side, while all of the sport arenas, schools and workplaces would be on the light side. With about 69% of Earth's gravity, it may not be too far from our native gravity to sustain human beings. Who knows?

Of course, it would take 39 years (14,245 days), travelling at the speed of light, to get there. Assuming we could get a space faring vehicle to travel at .25c it would take 156 years (56,979 days) to get there.

I'm keen on the idea of exo-planets, though for me it will only ever be an idea. Perhaps my children's children will get to visit one.

It is 23h11 at the moment I type these words, I ought to go to sleep soon. My eyelids are getting heavy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

tips that top the tap

There isn't anything melancholy about slirping up a goat cheese made of the hole found in the toe of a sock of a teenaged boy who doesn't cut his toenails often enough.

A dirigible once flew out of my nose when I sneezed. The passengers were furious with the pilot.

I counted exactly zero herons today. I counted an equal number of albatrosses. I did, however, encounter a non-zero value of red-headed commuters.

It wasn't published prophetically, that a gargantuan rolling of the dice would lead to aces. I'd dream heavily of the loto prize of 1000$ a day for life. How long my life remains would be the big question. I suppose to win, I'd need to play.