Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Creating a version of

It was extremely windy last night and promises to be extremely windy again tonight.

Last night my home lost power from about 9:30PM until around midnight. Not a big deal as we had taken care of most things and were winding down anyhow.

The number of pairs of socks that I own is inversely proportional to the odds I will miss my train home tonight.

I am feeling particularly sleepy at this moment. Perhaps I will have a nap. Or not.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Making the most of lint

So my company has monthly social events and this past Friday it was a 'Games Night' that we had. There was a fairly poor turn out, but we did end up playing one game for about half an hour, and then I played chess with someone for another 10 minutes and so our games night came to an end at 18h24.

I had already cleared the evening with my wife and the kids so I had some freedom that I ended up using to go and see a movie, I saw 'The Equalizer'. It was quite a bit more gory than the original TV show, but from what I can remember of the show, it matched it pretty well.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Melting icecream

The sing song perched atop the Elvis impersonator's decaying shed, much like a coastal dentist's home contains a number of fledgeling marsupials. That the author of this post used two possessive apostrophes in the previous sentence should come as no surprise to the author. To the reader, on the other hand, was a glove.

There was a mix up when someone baked a cake in the up direction. It had strawberries.

Mixing long and short sentences in a paragraph, on a page, or in a story or blog post can serve the purpose of providing variety to the reader who likes to have just such a mix. It had blueberries.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ubiquitously absent

Woke up this morning to an outdoor temperature of -7C with winds at 20KPH gusting to 30KPH. Our mid-fall weather is getting some winter weather.

I did not have any cucumber as part of my lunch today.

I decided to take the stairs up to the sixth floor of my work building where my office is located. It has been a while since I have done this, and perhaps now that it is colder outside, I will do it more often. Doing this in the summer gets me too hot by the time I get to my floor.

I only have a couple of deep cuts in mind so far, I'll have to get on this soon to get it out in time.

My son and I went to see 'Interstellar' last night at the movies. It was interesting cinematographically, and the acting was mostly good. As a story it was interesting too but it just lacked an extra something that as a sci-fi movie, would push it to the top. I'm not really good at criticizing so it is difficult for me to isolate what could be done to improve it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

calamity strikes eleventeen

Not a good day of work for me. Things did not go as planned both through my own fault and the fault of software.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Monday, November 17, 2014

being pious like an aardvark

I don't talk much about my religion or my involvement with my church on this blog.

I am Roman Catholic and go to church weekly, and occasionally more often. My two oldest sing in the kids choir and during the summer, G-bot also alter serves. I am part of the capital campaign committee at the church where over the last three years we raised over 235,000$ to replace the roof of the church.

I do not agree with all of the tenets as prescribed by the leading authority of my religion, but I do not feel that should stop me from getting involved in my parish. We do a lot of good work for our community and beyond the borders of our community and by being a member of the church we form a part of a large support group that will be in a position to help each other if ever civilization starts to tremble.

Why I bring this up is that our bishop and his team organized a Parish Vitality Conference that took place this past weekend and it really invigorated the dozen or so of us from my church that went. There were sessions on a variety of topics that are all intended to help revitalize our church. We (those of us who went to the conference) are meeting in the next week or so to review our notes and to develop an action plan for our church. It is what has been occupying my mind for the most part since Friday last week (the first day of sessions).

I have loads more to write about this, but I figure this is enough for now for my blog.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

update update update

My reinstalled work computer required updates yesterday that held me hostage for the entire afternoon.

The smell of snow was in the air this morning as I waited for the school bus with my kids. The temperature was 1C.

I have a banana and a small container holding three two-bite brownies. Would you call that a six bite brownie?

I generally eat the brownies in three bites as I find I can savour them better this way.

When I went to give my apheresis donation yesterday they always weigh me. I weighed 69.9KG in place of the 71.8KG I had weighed the last time I made the donation. The nurse noticed this and asked if I was dieting. I said no, but that I was eating in such a way as to prepare for the Christmas holidays. She said she guessed that I was good at seeing the future.

There has been a change in piano in my house this week, in the next few days I may be able to post photos about it.

I am wearing my digital wrist watch today as I decided to not wear my analog one.

American Thanksgiving is approaching. This doesn't mean a whole lot for me, my family or my job. The greatest impact it will have is that support calls that come in to my department will decrease from our American customers. We have customers in quite a few international jurisdictions.

I'm quite pleased that they've successfully landed a recording device on a comet. These baby steps in Space effort are what is needed to build up to bigger steps.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Viw! The kranfrolst bledger joyped barnically, much to the fyyormented sweblie's delight.

Pick pock.



Tuesday, November 11, 2014


So back when I was in University, I stopped working at UPS during my third year and found a direct sales job that I did between my third and fourth year (Engineering required four years of university).

I had found an ad that led me to work at Vector Marketing where I learned to sell Cutco knives. The way this product was (and presumably still is) sold is for reps like me to contact people, make presentations in people's homes just to the homeowners, ie, not a party style, and get references from that person to make other presentations.

This was totally outside of my comfort zone, but at the time I wanted to give it a try to see if I could do it. I did reasonably well with some consistent sales throughout that summer and into the fall.

With Vector Marketing we had weekly meetings for things like training, motivation and team building. So, some of it was fun, especially since we are all young, and the other part is to learn about the business. In one training session we learned that if there are any age appropriate kids around during the presentation, you can ask the parent to let the kid try to cut something with the Cutco knife to show how it is even easy for a kid to do as they work so well.

So a few weeks later I am doing a presentation with a mom who has her 4yo with her. I did something rather ill advised and suggested she let her little boy try using the knife to cut a piece of rope that we bring with us specifically for this purpose. I guess the mom figured I knew what I was doing, so she let her boy try cutting, and not a moment later he cuts himself. Of course, these knives work really well, so there was quite a lot of blood.

It wasn't a severe cut, however, fortunately, but I was really ill equipped to manage this situation. I tried to reassure her and keep going with the presentation but this really didn't work. Later on I totally understood why. She soon told me that I had better leave.

I didn't try that strategy again.

Monday, November 10, 2014

between paranthesis

It was very windy yesterday.

The day before I raked nine more bags of leaves from the front yard.

My work computer has been causing me problems, so today I was wiped and reinstalled with a different operating system.

Tomorrow promises to be Tuesday.

This past weekend's leaf bag count: 9 bags
Total Leaf Bag Count for Fall 2014: 37 bags.

Friday, November 07, 2014

calamity like a fridge door

So Deb is one of the people I work with on a regular basis, she is a customer for a university in California and I have weekly meetings with her to help her learn our software.

During this week's meeting we muddled through as we both had problems with our computers and the webex software we use. It has been quite a few weeks now that we've been meeting, so I jokingly said that if she could get her University to pay for it, I could come over to her university for a week to give her an intensive training session to help her with her projects.

Totally innocently, and I'm not even sure why she said it, she then says 'yes, that would be great, my husband is away on a conference trip for the next week'. I started laughing, at first she didn't know why, and then, though I couldn't see her, I am sure she blushed when she realized what she had said. Later on in the call she mentioned it again saying how she had no intention or idea that what she said could be misconstrued; she was quite mortified. I told her it was totally fine and that I just thought it was very funny.