Thursday, February 11, 2016

the left brain, the right brain and the wrong brain

Twice a year, roughly, there is a day where the number of daylight minutes is equal to the number of night time minutes. Well, this is true at my latitude, anyhow.

My current latitude is 45° 30' 2.0592" N.

This puts me almost exactly half way between the equator and the north pole.

This spring equinox here is Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 12:30 AM EDT. So it seems that at 12:30AM (EDT) on that day, the sun will cross the celestial equator. This will happen 38 days from the date of this post.

There is other news I could share, but we haven't arrived in Spring yet.

Monday, February 08, 2016

barbarism made a plenty like the silk

The Canadiens won both of their games over the weekend, so that was good.

It ended up that the horse won over the cat. Good news for Peyton Newton, bad news for Cam Manning.

Vigilance doesn't always pay off. Even the vigilant can miss something. I should know.

Our primary credit card bill generally runs from the 10th of one month to the 9th of the subsequent month. This means that tomorrow is the last day of the current transaction period. If my wife and I do not end up charging anything significant over today and tomorrow it means that our final bill for the period will come out about 1400$ under budget. This is good.

Friday, February 05, 2016

when waxing doesn't wane

A deliberate swing and a miss left the broken bottle empty.

Bad Santa 2 is being filmed here in Montreal and today, likely a very small scene, is being filmed right outside our building.

The crazy thing is that they needed to bring some snow in to make it look more wintery as el nino has made it, oddly, that we haven't very much snow right now.

I didn't see the first 'Bad Santa' movie and this kind of movie is really not one I am interested in seeing, but this one being filmed now I may just see so that I can pick out the city places that I am familiar with.

I may start going to the gym again next week, we'll see if I can do it. As a traditional first trip back to the gym after a long absence, I will attempt to run 5KM. If I can do this in less than 30 minutes I will be pleased.

I never played rugby.

It has been a long time since I've climbed a tree. I may do that this weekend to trim our crab-apple tree. I prefer to do this in the winter when all of the branches are dormant.

The days here are getting noticeably longer now, the sun rose this morning at 7h10 and will set at 17h06.

The method of telling the time in 24hour format with the 'h' in the middle is a very Quebec way of telling the time. Midnight is expressed as 0h00 and noon is expressed as 12h00. I find it to be the cleanest way to indicate time.

My analog watch doesn't tell time in a 24h format.

The Paper Gods tour of Duran Duran is coming in April and I have a ticket to go. I polled a few of my closest friends and no one else was interested, but that has never (and likely won't ever) stop me from going. The band gave to all people buying tickets a copy of their latest album on CD and I have received it already and quite like it. I've got their setlist from the first leg of their tour that happened in Europe - if they play the same set when they come to North America I'll be a little disappointed that their setlist doesn't include anything from 'All You Need is Now', their second most recent album.

It would be coined a 'mocking' had the cerebrally cantankerous belched ignominiously. I should know.

Thursday, February 04, 2016


I noticed sitting here today that in the reflection off the glass building across the street I can see the top of the CIBC tower (red circle) and the top of the Sun Life building (white circle). Those are two fairly iconic buildings in the downtown scene that were also subjects in this post.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

the armpit of an elf zebra

I find it surprising that the word 'caboose' is in so many people's vernacular.

The date today is 2/2 so there is no confusion about which number represents the month and which one represents the day.

I did not win the LotoMax jackpot of 60,000,000$ on Friday last week, but then, no one else did either. Instead of increasing that jackpot, the lottery increases the number of Max-Millions that are drawn. Last Friday there were 23 additional sets of numbers drawn; each one to win a potentially dividable 1,000,000$. This coming Friday there will be 33 additional sets of numbers drawn. The tickets that I buy are group tickets; if I was to win I'd end up with 1/10 of the prize and I pay for ten tickets at the price of one. One tenth of 60,000,000$ would be very nice and would be life changing. One tenth of 1,000,000$ would be very nice, but wouldn't be life changing; after paying off our mortgage, putting aside some for private high school education for our kids and improving our house a little, we'd be left with enough to put into our retirement fund and we'd both still be working. Mind you, if our mortgage is paid off, it is possible that one of the two of us could work four days a week at 80% of salary.

Anyhow, I won't be winning so why the conjecture.

Starting just after midnight tonight we are expecting to get about 5cm's of snow into the morning, following that a short spell of freezing rain as the temperature rises, and following that straight rain as the temperature rises further still. All of that water on top of that snow will make the snow exceedingly heavy. Fortunately, the next two days remain warm so it is possible it will all just melt away - it is only on Friday that the temperature will go below freezing to freeze all of this precipitation.

I don't know - this could be one of the most boring posts I post so far in 2016.

Monday, February 01, 2016


Where I work, we are expanding - we had been occupying the entire northern half of the fifth floor of our building, and we've expanded into the entire northern half of the sixth floor. The whole company is moving up to the sixth floor so that the fifth floor can be renovated. Once the fifth floor is renovated a few of the departments will move back downstairs, but not mine, so I am now in my permanent (for now) position.

So this first photo is my new desk all set up.

The second one is a different angle showing the same thing.
From left to right: phone, glass of water, auxiliary monitor, black circle hand exerciser, laptop on stand with keyboard in front, on top of divider award I won back in 2012, photo of my daughters in background, in front, two pens in magnetic holder, in front mouse on mouse pad and on the window ledge a calendar.

To my right I see out this window.

If I go close to the window and look to the right I see the corner of De Maisonneuve (the street with the two white vehicles) and Peel (the cross street).

If I go close to the window and look to the left I can just barely see the intersection of De Maisonneuve and Stanley.

Straight down outside my window is an entrance to the Metro.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

When it rains it smokes

A limerick once opened a ketchup stain and cringed at the thought of basking in a golden doughnut.

If I was to start a restaurant business, I think I'd try to make the absolute best of one or two items and sell little else. I would open Tuesday to Saturday, from 15h00 to 22h00.

I am not a foodie and starting a restaurant is far from my idea of something I would ever do.

I think I may need to have a nap.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Celebrate inexistentialism

There wasn't anything anomalous about my commute to work this morning.

I counted zero skunks on the walk I didn't take last night to get the mail.

Our mail box is about five houses away since Canada Post stopped door-to-door delivery in my town.

It is predicted that about one centimetre of snow will fall today. With such a small amount I wonder why they even bother to mention it.

Tomorrow evening I am going to 'Comedy for a Cause' at a comedy club in support of the summer camp my family is not going to this coming summer since we are taking a cross country road trip. We usually go every summer so this is just a one year blip in our camp attendance track record.

When people salivate, is there a time that they would run out of saliva?

I'm due for my next blood donation in the month of February. It isn't important that I go on exactly the first day I am eligible as the road trip this summer puts a crimp on my blood donation schedule, so I can afford to delay a little. If I was following the strictest schedule possible it would be like this:
Feb 22
Apr 18
Jun 13
Aug 8 <-- away on road trip
Oct 3
Nov 28

So due to the trip I'll aim to do three donations before the trip and three donations after the trip, something like this:
Feb 23
Apr 19
Jun 14
Sep 8
Nov 3
Dec 29

Monday, January 25, 2016

the meritocratic council voted unanimously

The couch lizard made of sludge and slush slouched like a sled sliding sideways. It would be arrogant to know even if the least important of the facts not mentioned would bring about a change in the decision making process.

In sporting events over the weekend, certain teams won while others did not. In addition, in sports played by individuals rather than teams, some individuals won while others lost. There wasn't one game or match where I was rooting for one side or the other. Mostly, in any of the sporting events I watched, I was looking to see exciting plays.

Today is a Fast day - I have not eaten breakfast and have no plans on eating lunch. My goal is to also not eat supper or any snack and not eat anything until breakfast time tomorrow morning. I may or may not succeed at this plan. I am hoping that both ketosis and autophagy take place, though I have no way of knowing if either will.

The regulations used against the pious made wavelengths stretch about four percent longer than their normal length. This really had little impact and so the regulations ended up being ignored. That's the way it goes when a laundry list of isotopes is planted like an orchard.

For someone to say, "I'm kicking myself" seems to me to be a rather troubling thing to say. For sure, speaking figuratively, it resonates with the situations self explained. Taken literally, however, one would question this, or compare it so self-immolation. I should know.

That a left-brained decision was used in the application to receive a grant issued by a man named 'Grant' would bake a multi-layered chocolate and banana cream cake likens a symbolic sponge to a wallowing toe nail clipping.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

curiouser and curiouser

Market forces do not use 'The Force'.

To be forced is to be compelled.

My son, a Muse fan, very much wanted to attend the Muse concert that is happening tonight. So, my wife and I are going with him to the concert.

I am dreaming of a home theatre in the basement of my house. There isn't a budget for it, however, at least, not in the style or of the vision that I have. Between a new mobile phone and a smart watch, or a home theatre, I think I can only, potentially, have one of these in 2016. Probably it will be the mobile device and the smart watch as we have a big trip this summer that would make it so that the home theatre would lie dormant during those weeks of travel.

Oh well, I can continue to dream.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When rocket science tastes like a cucumber and kidney stone salad

Creationism versus hedonism.
Soliloquy versus monologue.
Silhouette versus ghost.
Calamity versus equanimity.

Who wins in these four matches of the first round?