Tuesday, May 24, 2016


A few from the deck of the house we rented this past weekend. Hopefully a more detailed post sometime in the next few days.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

siblings and limbs

These mist covered mountains
Are a home now for me
But my home is the lowlands
And always will be

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All politicos are made of velvet

More and more it looks to be a Clinton-Trump combat. May the least respected face the most expected, and the most engaged be ignored by the least enraged.

I watched a part of the Megyn Kelly interview with Trump yesterday. Kelly is only 944 days older than I am. Though Trump called her a bimbo I think she looks really good. I do not know anything about her caliber as a journalist or political pundit as the only time I've ever seen her in action was in this interview, and this interview wasn't really meaty in terms of politics. It was more of a personality study on Trump.

Those who fear Clinton do so, at least in part, because she is so tied to the financial world. How many Wall Street CEOs and VPs have been jailed because of the 2008 fiasco? Zero? And Clinton is aligned with these crooks? As terrible as Trump is, Clinton doesn't have a lot going for her. One thing that separates her from him is her diplomatic experience - I can see her doing a better job of interacting with other world leaders compared to him.

Of course, being from Canada, I have no say whatever in this. In only 174 days we'll see what the US electorate has to say about it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

rainbow unicorn pancreas

A staple remover is just to the left of my left arm that is attached to the wrist that connects the left hand which is being used to type this sentence along with the right hand.

To the right of my right arm is the mouse which I do not use as I type sentences. On my lap, a cat.

Tomorrow I go to see a doctor about a twitch I have beneath my left eye that has persisted now for six days. Tomorrow evening my cat goes for his annual checkup.

I have just registered for the summer family camp that we go to most summers. This year is special as my wife will not be coming, except perhaps for an evening or two - her job at the moment has become extremely demanding, but only for a finite time.

The first day of camp coincides with a Spartan Race I have signed up to participate in, so likely I will leave the kids at home with the wife, go do the race, then come home and pack up the kids and the van and head over to camp. This will put us up at camp later than we would normally be for this week of camp, but I'm really excited (a little bit more than I am about anything) to participate in this Spartan Race. It is a 'Sprint' distance, so only about 5KM, but there are twenty or so obstacles.

I did a pretty good job of not eating today, except for a grill cheese sandwich I ate at dinner time and the can of Coca-Cola I am just about finishing now.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


When you have twelve or fifteen minutes, I'd be curious to know what you think about this article.

I'm pleased that Canada is closer to being a social democracy than some other countries are, but I'd like to see it move even further left.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

mixing participles with participants

There is a lot to be said about planting trees in the ocean when there is a full moon in the month of October when the day of the month is an odd number. I should know.

A rhododendron omelet was brandished as a sturgeon when the Atlantic Halibut was remembered by a poorly fastened tourniquet. To have portioned it out in an even way to all participants would have been the fairest thing to do, so of course, it was done.

It was only the neanderthal in the group that was able to parse the data in a way that gave a profound meaning. Everyone else was too busy staring at the doughnut tray.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

when windows fall up into the armpit of a juice box

Traveling to Neptune, the ox wondered how many other creatures could be defined by having only two letters in their name.

How curious it is that the plural form of ox is not oxes. I never use the term 'legos', for me, Lego is the word used for both a single piece, and a number of pieces.

I do not know what the ox will do when she arrives there.

Cosmos isn't a word I use much. Cosmoses, I have used even less, and perhaps, never.

There are some people who are adept at using social media to sprain their own ankles. This is not recommended behaviour, and yet, there are still those who do it. It is kind of like have three shots of vodka after having had six beer. Not recommended.

The weather forecast for today indicates it will be the warmest day thus far in 2016. It is 19C as I type this with the high expected to reach 26C. No precipitation today, but rain on and off is expected through the weekend starting tomorrow afternoon.

Using a blanket as a kite is not the best idea. I should know.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The start and end point are at my house, where the red shape with the white circle is. I run north on Boul St-Jean, cross under the highway and train tracks and then run east on Donegani until Maywood and go up Maywood. Almost exactly where the 2km mark is on Maywood is a park where I will do lifts, climbs and burpees. Then I run west back to boul St-Jean and then south to boul St. Jean to my house where I have prepared a 30kg sand bag that I will run with for about 200 meters doing a round trip so I end up putting it back at my house. Then I run down to Lakeview and west, and then south into the park of a school yard where I do more lifts, climbs and burpees. Then I run that U-shape at the bottom back to Lakeview and run further west to the next park where I do more lifts, climbs and burpees and finally I sprint back to the corner of Lakeview and Saint-Jean to finish, and walk home the rest of the way.

This is in preparation for a Spartan Race that I've signed up for that will take place in July. It is a sprint distance, so in about 5km of mountainous terrain facing about 20 obstacles I will race with a team made up mostly of coworkers.

Either tonight or tomorrow night (or much less likely, both) I will try out this course to see how well it works.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


C-Ling celebrates a birthday today, she turns 11 years old on the same day I turn 15,666 days old. That's it for my children for 2016, all three of them have had their birthdays. In fact, my wife too has had hers, so all that is left is my own, which is next month.

Today I am scheduled to make a blood donation, it is my second donation this year.

Tomorrow is May 11th which hasn't any particular significance to me.

I hope you have a good day today.

Monday, May 09, 2016

when if and but why how or who

Wearing a hat, riding a bike, swimming a marathon, using a kaleidoscope to study microbes, running naked in the rain, jumping leftwards in a right world, bowling uphill, sleeping downhill, eating hotdogs over the hill, painting a ceiling panel, renting a panel truck, trucking a shipment of eggshells, painting using eggshell paint, a painting hangs on the wall, ice cream drips down the face, that's what it is, here is what it isn't.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Happy Siete de Mayo

At our most recent count, as of 7h50 this morning, there are 37 adults and 28 children (including my own family who will be attending our Cinco de Mayo party that got pushed from Cinco to Siete. Fortunately, the weather is working out so mostly we'll be out on the back deck.

So far everything seems to be under control - there isn't a lot left for us to get ready to host so many people at our home.

This is one of the two major parties we hold annually; this one we invite kids, the one on December 30th we don't.

This year in particular there will be quite a few new faces, all of whom are from disparate circles. I will do my best to introduce these new people to the party to others with the hope that these newbies have some good conversations that will have them return in subsequent years.