Tuesday, April 18, 2017

when going deeper into muck you find

Tomorrow I am eligible to give blood again as 56 days will have passed since my last donation.

I will not be giving blood tomorrow as I have to leave work early to then retrieve C-Ling so that the two of us can then go to our bi-annual dental cleaning and checkup. The appointment is at 14h50 so I'll have to leave work early, retrieve her from school and head straight to the dentist.

The Canadiens are playing again tonight against the Rangers in game four of the first round. The Canadiens, favoured in this series, is ahead, two games to one. I have not been able to watch any of the games so far, and tonight's game will be no exception.

The federal minister of finance, the premier of Ontario and the mayor of Toronto met today to discuss what can be done about the exorbitant rate increases concerning the price of real estate. The media last week indicated property values went up 33% in the hottest Toronto markets as compared to last year. I do not know what can really be done about this that would also not have unforeseen side effects that would haunt a subsequent generation. Fortunately, I do not live there.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Pirate's Life for Me

C-Ling played the character 'Belinda' and she did an amazing job.

In fact, the whole play from beginning to end was smoothly done, well received, with some truly star performances and a few less stellar ones.

The kids performing in this play are all from grade six, 11 or 12 years old. C-Ling told me on the drive home that the play they performed is typically performed at the high school level (ages 14-15) but their main director felt that the kids had the capacity to do it.

I suspect it was just at the edge of their ability, but within their ability as clearly the show went on very well.

Thanks, Deb, for being the one to reply, reminding me that I'm not posting out into the ether.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

sandwiched between eleven and smoke

My daughter, the middle one, C-Ling, has a part in a play, 'A Pirate's Life for Me' that they performed yesterday for their school and are performing this evening to a general audience made up mostly of parents and family.

I asked her yesterday evening how the first show had gone. She said it went terribly - many of the main actors forgot lines, the singing was out of tune, actors came on or off the stage not at their cue times and movement on the stage wasn't as it should have been. She said that during their most recent rehearsals it had gone much more smoothly.

Hopefully the show will go better tonight.

In other news the NHL playoffs begin this evening for my home team, the Canadiens are playing the Rangers.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Back in the last and second last year of high school, at about the time I got my drivers license, I became good friends with B who happened to live in a big house with a big basement with a ping pong table that had plenty of room around it. I (and occasionally others) would go to his house very regularly to play ping pong. I have many memories of having so much fun doing this; especially since B and I were pretty much evenly matched, so as we played more we both improved.

High School finished and we kept playing, then sadly, his dad died and soon after he and his mother moved out of that house into a smaller one where there was no room for a ping pong table. I and other friends spent a lot of time with him during the time that his dad died to be with him through that, but a few months later I wasn't spending as much time with B as I had been and soon after that I started working where I really wasn't spending any time with anyone.

Years later, I no longer remember now how I found out, but I did hear that B was rather upset that I seemed to disappear pretty much as soon as access to his ping pong table was removed from the picture. That he felt 'used' by me just to access the table; that our friendship was based only on me wanting to play.

Here we are, twenty-five years later, and still, occasionally, I think about this. Nothing of what I did or failed to do was with malintent and yet still my inadvertent behaviour had an undesirable effect.

Friday, April 07, 2017

baffled by a peacock playing chess underwater

There have been exactly zero tornadoes that have flown out of my left armpit.

The space between the smallest of the fingers on my left hand and the eastern border of Turkey can be likened to a flavour of toothpaste that is seven days past its expiry.

Odd numbers are odd.

Two thousand weeks ago I was 1998 days old, and in 1998, on my birthday, I was 9131 days old. 9131 is not a prime number, it has as factors 23 and 397.

If something miraculous was to happen on all of the days that happen between Friday and Saturday, I sure wouldn't want to be a penguin.

Traveling to Neptune and back again on the inside of an ice cream cone is not the least likely thing a Hyacinth macaw would do. Well, perhaps it is.

Tomorrow promises to have a date that is numerically superior to today. At least, that is the expectation based on most of the days in the past.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

lotteries and ice cream cones

So there is something called 'Grande Vie' that is nation wide, the grand prize is 1000$ per day for life in after tax dollars. It costs 3$ to enter with a chance of 1 in 13,348,188 to win the grand prize and a chance of 1 in 6.8 of winning any prize which can be as small as another draw for a subsequent draw date.

There is also something called 'Gagnant à Vie' that is only in Quebec, it is a scratch card that costs 4$ and the grand prize is 1000$ a week for life in after tax dollars. The odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 1,200,000 and of winning any prize is 1 in 3.5.

While winning the grand prize of 'Grande Vie' would be life changing, winning the grand prize of 'Gagnant à Vie' would put our family at ease financially and would allow me to potentially stop working. I don't know that I would stop, but perhaps I would negotiate to work less, say, three or four days a week.

With 'Grande Vie' my current salary in a year could be measured in Y weeks, my wife's salary another X number of weeks and then there would be months of 1000$ days that have no immediate or urgent need. And this would go on in perpetuity.

Anyhow, I'll be playing 'Gagnant à Vie' periodically, less frequently, the 'Grande Vie'.

Monday, April 03, 2017

feeling lost like a toaster set on medium high

Twice, I look at my watch in the last three weeks and it showed (hours and minutes): 12:34.

There is nothing particularly significant about this.

Today, I am 15,994 days old. Slowly but surely I will be getting into my 16,000s. It will be about another thirty-two months before I hit 17,000.

I have not yet had an occasion to use my lawn mower yet this spring. Almost the entirety of both the front and rear lawns is still snow covered.

My wife has traveled by air to Durham, North Carolina and will be there until Friday. This means I am on my own with the kids to get them to school and any after school activities. This is not new for me.

Monday, March 27, 2017

bend until it naps

Wow, that's a mighty fine size of elbow lint you've got there. How did you come by it?

There was a window washer guy who accosted me in the street, though at the time I was fairly certain I wasn't transparent.

If someone goes Transatlantic, this means they cross the Atlantic. So does transparent mean going across the parents?

A milk truck crashed into an oatmeal truck. What a mess.

I think it is almost about the time that I should replace my digital wrist watch with a new digital wrist watch. The one I have is showing significant wear and tear. Perhaps some time in the next nineteen months, I will acquire a new one.

Speaking of quagmire, I have changed my mobile device plan to actually now have Data, though up until a few days ago I never had it and never really needed it. Now I get 1GB per month of Data and this for only a dollar more than what my plan had been previously. Who knows how much it will get used.

An acorn did not ride up the eastern side of my snow covered front lawn earlier today. I should know.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

when lemmings serve you herring

So the trip to the Rochester Institute of Technology did not actually end up happening.

We got back from the Grand Oasis Palm Cancun and I was very sick with a fever, headache, sore throat and some very ineffective coughing. I had started to get sick the third to last day in Mexico with it getting particularly bad the last day.

Instead of driving to Rochester Thursday morning I drove to see a doctor who did a strep test whose quick response came up negative.

I went back on Sunday morning to complain that still I wasn't doing much better and found that the more comprehensive 48 hour strep test also came up negative. The doctor on Sunday did a more thorough investigation but could find nothing that could be treated antibiotically.

Here we are Thursday again and I'm mostly better; the fever is gone, as is the headache, but I'm left with a pesky cough that I fear I will not be rid of in some time.

Tomorrow and Saturday are the last two days that the robot that my son's Robotics Team compete. Their robot was not particularly effective this year as I watched last weeks tournament from afar. They may have made some adjustments, so we'll see if there is any improvement tomorrow. I will see if I can post a video to show you.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017