Wednesday, January 17, 2018

when a meritocracy smells like skunk residue

The Winter Olympics are 23 days away from starting. I am an Olympics junkie.

I am really hoping to get myself to Tokyo in 2020 for the Summer Olympics. It will take considerable planning and expense to do so.

In terms of the winter Olympics, I'm not really attached to any one sport in particular. If I was to go, I'd probably want to take in a large number of the sports, each, only one or two times.

Curling, go two or three times.
Ice Hockey, go two or three times.
Speed Skating and Figure skating, two times.
Once each for any of the rest.

I think the most expensive ticket would be for the opening ceremonies. A single ticket for opening ceremonies in the second most expensive seat area, which is still way high up, would be about 936$. Going to the Women's Finals curling event would be 175$.

Going to a speed skating event, 293$.

I found a Canadian ticket supplier and found that for between five and eight thousand dollars, a package can be created granting access to the opening ceremonies, a bunch of events, hotel and airfare. I just wonder if booking the tickets separately and getting an AirBNB would make sense, or does this package make it simpler. The issue with the package is that I would be booked into a hotel, where as in an AirBNB I'd have a kitchen. With respect to the whole package, however, saving money on food would represent only a small percentage. So maybe the package would be the way to go as it would greatly simplify the planning.

I'll keep an eye out on the Tokyo 2020 website to see when there are packages for that. Ideally I share this with someone else who would go with me; but it will be tough to convince someone to travel with me for 5-8 thousand dollars unless they are also really into attending the Olympics.

Friday, January 12, 2018

three thousand days and waiting

There is weather outside.

The temperature and humidity indoors is, within a certain tolerance, very constant. Outdoors, not so much.

remove, reuse.

Count to eleven. Wait again, and then again.

There are no solutions, only fish tanks. Oil them up, splash them down, ring them true, make them bake; side the wind, and wind the sail. All are oars, except for those who aren't. Pay the rent, pay the taxes, skip the stone, play the trombone; all is wept, like the kid who slept. I should know.

There aren't nearly as many as they're were the last time. Next time, there may even be less. All of the news that is a past participle of the angst driven chosen; well, put them together and you will have an answer that promises little while using a great many words. Rip out the cheese.

Do not forget to bring your umbrella on days that the Kit Kat bar goes on special.

I hedged against the truth and yet again, it crashed me asunder. Time will tell, will tell time, tell time well.

Three thousand more.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Too many pie plates

New Mobile Device, a Moto Z2 Play. So far so good.

Old shoelaces; getting worn down.

Rain from the sky, an odd warm day in January.

Daily Challenge, on Monday did 1 each of pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and squats. On Tuesday did 2 of each. Wednesday, 4 of each; today, did 8 of each. Tomorrow, 16 of each; finish off on the weekend with 32 on Saturday and 64 on Sunday. So far so good.

Dreaming of a Quidnon. Will have to start small first.

There you have it, a list of five items.

Monday, January 08, 2018

one, two, three, sofa

The mixed tape got despooled and became defunct.

Friday, January 05, 2018

When an ice cream cone smells of fruit gills

Witch craft, unlike aircraft, performs craft work to show craftiness.

I dream of beep but will never own it. I sleep of twice the symbol; barking like a deranged lamp post. Marveling at the DC; that's how errant the type would shake it. There aren't two, when three of twice the spread; like rampant disingenuous fly paper modules. It is only the plague that wrecks me so. Time will will provide solutions that one can wrestle with diminishing vigor.

The choice is cheese. The voice is fleece. The slice is diced and the pocket is rocketed. There isn't enough elbow room for all of the elbows. There aren't enough shins to be kicked. There is little angst among the Mastodon follicles. When the livid divide their energy, squalid entropic puddles of emotional mush get toasted and then vaporized. The troposphere receives this punishing mixture easily, like a doughnut hole racing towards a broken incandescent light fixture.

Exposure isn't what the leaders intended. Sidelined by the vision, corrupted by the mindset, evasive by the wayward; these are the soul truths to be discarded. Let the meritocracy decide.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

when the gargoyle needs to urinate

So yes, already, we are into 2018; the year whose sum of numbers adds to 11, a prime number.

This year promises to have events that take place; people that do things and say things; buildings that get built and buildings that get torn down.

I expect almost exactly zero orangutans to play chess with me this year.

If it turns out that the pair of shoes I am currently wearing wear out before the end of 2018, I may replace them with exactly the same shoes, so long as they are available.

I did not strike any of my left phalanges against the kite manufacturer's daughter's left shin. She was very grateful for this.

It happens to be snowing as I compose this sentence in this post. This is not abnormal for a day in January.

I may purchase a new wrist watch in 2018; we'll have to see how that goes. Also, possibly, a shower curtain. Hopefully I do not cross purpose those two items.

Who knows, perhaps a Hyperloop plan will get approved with construction to begin in 2019. There are a number of candidate locations throughout the world, some of whom are very keen to see this in action. I too, am keen to see this in action.

I know that SpaceX has big plans in 2018.

There are other items I could add to the list of my expectations of 2018, but I've lost interest in continuing this post.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

when cryogenics of the pancreas reminds me of elbows

Pretending to be elsewhom on a day that makes the window cleaners think twice about whether or not they turned off the oven before leaving the house on Tuesday morning was different from how many carcinogens were inhaled by the squirrel that insists climbing the factory smokestack is better than ice skating in the Bahamas.

I would expect it is rather uncommon to witness a squirrel ice skating in the Bahamas, but then, I've never been there so I don't know.

An eclectic collection of arteriosclerosis patient care givers went bowling last Tuesday; Fred scored 181.

181 is the 9th palindromic prime number. Note that 9 divides 18 and 81, whose sum of digits are both 9.

Not all December 26ths involve watching a Star Wars movie, but I did go and see 'The Last Jedi' today.

Our family received, among other things, a game called 'Sushi Go Party' which we have played quite a bit since having received it; it is quite fun.

A billion number of times is quite a lot; I do not know of anyone who has vocally counted to a billion. I expect if anyone undertook such a mission they will not have finished before they expire.

Do not keep from preventing something that won't happen. This is a strong recommendation as dictated by the animators of the claustrophobic society (Chatham region).


Blink again.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trickle-down economics in the box

The last time I went to Guatemala I forgot to pack a scythe blade. Probably a good thing as it would not have passed security.

I never intended on becoming a barn.

Sailing to Belize by way of the Mediterranean is not one of the things I will have done by next Tuesday. I should know.

Applying liberal amounts of apple sauce to my left ankle was not the best use of time while waiting for the correct amount of snow to fall prior to going out to shovel it.

If brain freeze was a flavour, I wonder how many sobriety testers would pretend they were a mime on Wednesday mornings before 9AM.

The dandelion tea maker was not likely to have prevented nothing from not happening. This dispels the leeriness of mismatched socks as they relate to the speed of Neptune's rotation.

There was no maple syrup on the rudimentary web between the middle and index fingers of my left hand as I considered raspberry cheesecake as a snack last Thursday afternoon.

Monday, December 11, 2017

when cryogenics becomes more appealing than a toaster oven

So, we had our company party this past Saturday.

I had fun for the most part. The event was held in a Lebanese resto with middle eastern food served on communal plates allowing us all to try a variety of different things. A few of us were surprised by this, by not having a principal meal, others were pleased by this, allowing for the tasting of a variety of different things. I felt ambivalent about the idea and ended up liking about two thirds of what was offered, having tried everything at least once. I got to sit across from one of my coworkers and to my left was the sister of one of my more distant coworkers. I think the interactions I had with each of them were probably the highlight of the evening for me.

I was MC with another person and the plan we had was only partially used, but that was okay - we figured that we would have to adjust based on how the evening passed. I haven't yet received any specific feedback about this, so I do not know if it went well, or did not go well, but I don't think it was terrible.

There were moments on the dance floor where I relished in just being there, doing my own thing, as often I do. There were also moments where I felt outcast as I watched others dancing in a communal coalescence. These latter feelings were fleeting but acute and had me moderately bewildered, sufficiently that it stuck with me - the questioning as to why I should feel this way.

I left the event perfunctorily, sharing a cab away from the resto with whomever was also leaving at the time. I found out today that an hour after I had departed was when the event wound down, so I ended up staying almost to the end.

Two more weeks of work, and then I have the week off between Christmas and New Years, so I'm looking forward to getting a break, though it won't be a peaceful break.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

rip the kip out of the lip

So what?

Am I not allowed to be curious?

Morning nosey-ness is not welcome, apparently. The bringer of beeps, like a maple tree in a winter morning; serendipity is not the fruit that lingers, welcoming it again and again seems to serve no purpose.

Mental calisthenics, severity like a dew fall, crank the rank that sank, as a wrist slapped.


Sometimes I swathe in the internalized ignominy, balanced on the precipice of choosing between future stealth voyages or local amicability.

I drain of this; spilling out into the ether. A sop up was due and received earlier this week. Who knows when the next sop up is scheduled?

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

left in the lurch, right in the blight

The 5633 was made of sylvan electricity and reminded Hank of the least favourite fascist from history's programme.

The ordeal was sped leftwards, towards the leeward side of the defward.

magnifying the cox of the rear bow side on the port of the drink that suffocated the most generous of scintillatingly subversive.

Castigate twice. Or now.