Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday's Musings

Putting four carrots in a row does not make for a very good fence when there are rabbits nearby.

If flooding the basement compels you to deal with all of the stuff to rid your house of most of it, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Weather systems that are devoid of petunias.

I, among others, especially those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, have noticed recently that the sunlight hours of the day are shrinking from both ends. Kind of like how we are discouraged from burning a candle at both ends.

I've been curious for some time about experimenting with Polyphasic sleep. My work place would not out rule sleeping for half an hour, twice during my shift. So if I slept for half an hour at 3:30AM, 9:30AM, 3:30PM and 9:30PM I could theoretically be awake all of the rest of the time. It would be quite the chore to convert to this schedule as I am sure I would be tempted to sleep longer than half an hour for the first six or eight iterations, so this is why I am curious to do it - do I have the discipline to do the conversion from monophasic sleep to polyphasic sleep?

Wearing dandelion fur as underwear is probably not the best ideas of all ideas a person can have. I should know.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014

That a pipe under the sink sings aloud

So yet again I was in error, in so many ways, but that's another story for another time. It left my wife commiserating with a good friend until 2AM this morning and moments later she went downstairs to retrieve something when she notices a tell-tale hissing sound of a pressurized water break.

This is the culprit - you can see that the supply nozzle (red circle) is no longer connected to the faucet tube (green circle) and so for perhaps as little as 10 minutes or as much as 40, water at city PSI was spewing out of the supply tube under the kitchen sink. You'll recall we had our kitchen redone last year, so this came as a very disappointing surprise.

The melamine cupboard edge immediately at the bottom of the below-sink is lost.

When I was awoken by my wife I rushed to the basement and turned off the water at the main valve as at that moment of panic it was not clear where the water was coming from. It was probably a good idea too, in the end, as this broken connection was for the hot water supply, and if we had tried to close it using the local valve under the sink, we'd likely have scalded ourselves. Following the turning off of the water, we used towels to sop up the 1.5" of water that had collected on the floor of our living room which tapered down from that peak depth to cover a large expanse of the living room and a smaller area of the kitchen. We'd lay the towels, ring them dry into the sink, repeat, until the floor was now just damp, rather that sopping wet.

We awoke our 12yo, G-bot to give us a hand and repeated this procedure in the basement, lay towel, sop up, ring dry in sink, repeat, though we added an extra layer - place ringed out towels into the spin cycle of our laundry machine. Soon after we had awoken G-bot, my wife had called that same friend she had been chatting with who then came over and helped with the toweling. Some minutes later, my wife's parents also came to help. We finished the sopping up by about 5AM.

So now our living room floor has six panels on it that are basically large suction panels. The machine in the far right corner is an industrial dehumidifier that has a tube that leads into the kitchen sink.

From the other angle you can see the suction machine and behind it a blower fan that is blowing into a gap behind the floor board that is evidence of a prior water event that preceded our ownership of the house.

In the kitchen they put this blower fan against the dishwasher in case there was any remnant water left underneath that machine. Incidentally, the 'they' that did this is Sinistre.

In the basement they ripped up all of the multi-coloured square foam padding and placed two blower fans. The water jugs you see in the photo are there as they had been underneath the cabinet on the far left and I had removed them to allow the underneath of the cabinet to dry out.

Walking deeper into the unfinished part of the basement there is the further blower fan from the previous photo and around the corner, the second industrial dehumidifier.

Further still are two more blower fans to circulate the air down there.

The further of the two fans in the previous photo is this one here, blowing into a slit that was cut into the bottom of the wall to allow the air flow to get into the wall. We likely won't bother to repair that slit as there is a shelving unit that goes right up against that wall that would hide it.

In our finished part of the basement they peeled away the top beige carpet to show the grey carpet that was underneath. You can see fairly clearly here where the water got to. They sprayed a biological organic disinfectant on this carpet area to block away any odours that may have been stored in the carpet.

Here you can see how the water had moved up the wall in a capillary action type of movement.

The two blowers in this room are just to blow the humidity that rises out of the carpet out of the room. The blower fan in the back is partially blowing into that room in the back just to help circulate the air out of there for any humidity that is present.

The finished part of our basement had been overrun, for many months, with too much stuff - it had become a dumping grounds for a variety of things. We had to clear away one half of the basement to gain access to the floor, so here is what the other half now looks like.

Back upstairs there was one more spot that they put a blower fan.

This is because they had found moisture on the opposite side of the wall, but there was no easy access point to open the wall on that side, so here you can see the slit that was cut that will eventually be covered by the baseboards.

It is looking like one of the two of us will have to stay home on Monday, and possibly Tuesday, so that the Sinistre people can come back and do moisture measurements to see how everything is going.

In the mean time we will also need to contact a plumber to correct the situation under the sink. We are thinking about contacting the company that did our kitchen last year, just in case there is a guarantee on their work. Either way, one of us will need to be home to receive the plumber to get the work done.

2014 has been a great year for travelling and vacations, but a terrible year for water infiltration into our house.

Oh well, if nothing else, this will be a year to remember.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Playing cards like a maniac loaded with burnt toast

2012 was such a long time ago, who knew what would happen between then and now. That a microscope was used to analyze the verity is not an unlikely source of stress to those who have something tied to their left ankle that they are unable to remove. I try to peel away the layers until only the salt remains.

I do not always succeed.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

lunch time at the bronze medalists

If I was to wrap my little finger around a tent pole and market it to sailors that enjoy weekends at bowling alleys, theatrical responses to monotonous poetry readings would be framed as a guilt driven soap opera. I should know.

The union of twenty-something ventriloquists saw fit to promote themselves through the guise of appearing to be and sounding like a parade of farting chickens. The string section struck a chord very much misshapen. It became even more dented.

An ancient conundrum walked into a bar and was met there by an absent-minded professor who specialized in Renaissance Dance Troupes. The two of them approached the bartender and each asked for a Schrödinger's cat Waltz. The bartender, not particularly well known, and certainly not named Bertine, offered them a rum'n coke as she was all out of Waltz.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The best part of being

So, we are having our roof redone and our roofers thoughtfully put a tarp over part of the roof for today's rain storm (about 80mm of rain are expected to fall since last night, all day today and into tonight).

Sadly, they did not cover all of the roof and so the area under the part of the roof that isn't tarped is having leaks that is keeping me home from work today to tend the pans and things that are collecting the water.

Tomorrow and Friday the forecast is for 40% showers, so I don't know if they will work on those days.

Incidentally, the smaller blue tarp at the right is to cover the chimney work - we are having our chimney rebuilt too.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Attending a meat-loaf barn raising

Observations that are made at times of day that are less populated can bring out hidden truths that would otherwise be left uncovered.

It is rumoured that simple cardiovascular exercise doesn't do for a person what high intensity activity for a much shorter duration does. I am curious enough about this to put it to the test; though I will have to define what high intensity activity means for me.

This past weekend that just completed saw a number of home entertaining events. The number was three. Three is a prime number.

As any regular reader would know, this last paragraph for this post has a requirement for the number of sentences that can be found within it. For any irregular readers, you can probably guess based on the number of sentences found in the first three paragraphs. For everyone else, this paragraph has to have four sentences to make it a pattern post. Four is not a prime number.

Friday, August 08, 2014

calamity strikes the cat

So the plan is slowly coming together with respect to the event that will mark the passage of myself and the lowest prime number that is higher than the prime number 37. Tomorrow is the event itself and my preparations are very close to coming to an end. Just a few last things to put in place and then the guests will arrive.

For those few who have become my blogmates over the last few years, I have something I want to mail to you. You may or may not receive an email from me asking about location details.

In other news, today is Friday, and as far as I know, there are only one of these per week.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

brain washing an envelope

The least diligent of the most absent minded turn the middle myopically recalcitrant into an uncharacteristically insipid method.

It isn't common one gets to use twenty letter words in a sentence. I should know.

Rending the fleece counter-clockwise isn't less of a factor as it is an imaginary number. Zygotes and other nocturnal animals, when blended together in a solar oven, make slow paste. Slow paste can be used to repair runs.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

when blocks of cheese are round

So there I was, approaching the kitchen window at camp, the chef asks me if the table I am retrieving a tray of food for is round or rectangular. I say it is circular and I get a chuckle out of her.

This chef produces fairly good meals considering she has to feed about 150 people at each meal on a somewhat limited budget, however, many find her very difficult to deal with due to her brusqueness.

I generally get along with most people, and for her there is no exclusion. It is a matter of understanding how people are; if she is brusque but it is not through meanness that she is, learn to take it without taking it personally.

Monday, August 04, 2014

gargle before festering

Back from a week of being disconnected. I am now connected again and will post again at a time that allows me to post something either more or less meaningful than this post.