Thursday, June 21, 2018

the deranged off the range

Blop the querlinted fleepor snapinted exloxiously, much like a thrinjjed fleakquad dejified the sliffly blodged klinf.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

another run through

denied meekness an opportunity to show in a high speed chase that left the windward wayward. This on the anniversary of revolutions around the sun. Who knew? Bravest would require the left driven to seek palindromic named connectivity. And then pounce from the meek perspective.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Indy here I come

There were exactly zero baskets of ketchup stains in the left armpit of the pet iguana I do not have.

In other news, FIFA and the World Cup have come to Earth to stick around for a few weeks. Various teams are involved.

In still other news, I am flying to Indianapolis on August 4th and then taking a bus to Bloomington IN for that weekend. This ought to be fun.

In yet more news, I have ordered some wood patterned foam mats as a base to my tent; I've ordered 18 square feet without first having calculated how much I need; it turns out I need 63 square feet total, so I have five more packs of nine square feet to buy. I may seek out some financial assistance for the remaining bundles.

I just received 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle; I am looking forward to reading it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

sentry like a door knob broken twice

There is little to be said about historical events that have a significance ratio of zero.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met in Singapore today and it seems the President has paid more respect to this brutal dictator than he has our Canadian Prime Minister and other European leaders in recent weeks. With a trade war looming it is difficult to see what good can come of this presidency.

Some will argue that this meeting of world leaders is a moment in history that ought not to be forgotten. I think that the looming trade war caused by Trump is also something to be remembered.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sending thoughts in the direction of Quasimodo's pet pencil

The choreography of a pentagon that went to the dentist to have her toenails removed reminded very few people about the shopping list they would have taken with them to the dung repair person's shop.

The elaborateness of the simplified circle was bent out of shape; there was too much stress caused by the raising and lowering of the upper limit of the troposphere.

The dichotomy of the ambiguous duplicity doubled up the halves and halved the have nots.

Dichotomy (noun, plural di·chot·o·mies)

1. division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs.
2. division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups: a dichotomy between thought and action.
3. Botany. a mode of branching by constant forking, as in some stems, in veins of leaves, etc.

Ambiguous (adjective)

1. open to or having several possible meanings or interpretations; equivocal: an ambiguous answer.
2. Linguistics. (of an expression) exhibiting constructional homonymity; having two or more structural descriptions, as the sequence Flying planes can be dangerous.
3. of doubtful or uncertain nature; difficult to comprehend, distinguish, or classify: a rock of ambiguous character.

Duplicity (noun, plural du·plic·i·ties for 2, 3)

1. deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by speaking or acting in two different ways to different people concerning the same matter; double-dealing.
2. an act or instance of such deceitfulness.
3. Law. the act or fact of including two or more offenses in one count, or charge, as part of an indictment, thus violating the requirement that each count contain only a single offense.

Friday, June 08, 2018

when Venezuela makes lindt chocolate smell like rabbit fur

Feeling delirious a lot of the time serves no particularly useful purpose. I should know.

Directing a train engine to turn a hard left onto the contraband of an island made of seven year old tooth paste is not the least imaginative item that a colossal dichotomy would present to an armpit salesman who traveled only an odd number of steps per day. That the quotient would rise, much as does the sea-level, would remind few that eating less meat would be the best choice that a chooser could make. That crying as a method to deduct liquid from the eye ducts is a dilutionary job whose time has come on Tuesday mornings.

I did not know that 'dilutionary' is not a word. It turns out it is a word that is acceptable as applied to the dilution of stocks; ie, a financial term. I feel that it should be applicable towards anything that can be diluted.

What a Quagmire the Ford ran into when he was elected into Ontario. Villified by the left and even disliked by the center; what tune will this ring once the cards fall down to dominoes? Time will tell, as it always wont to do.

Monday, June 04, 2018

when live and ice cream paint a wall

One, two, three, five, nine, eleven, fifteen thousand two hundred and ninety eight.

I expect some would argue that the above numbers have no discernable pattern. They would most likely be correct.

I bought a tent.

Over Canada Day weekend I will be camping for the weekend with my daughters, C-Ling and V-8 (aged 13 and 9 respectively). The hope is that the weather will be nice, but it is too early now to know with any certainty.

I inherited quite a bit of camping gear from my parents quite a while ago; and only now is it getting put to use.

In other news, a herring once bit off the head of a sea horse, only to realize that donkeys are tastier.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

whenever the clock strikes out

There is a genuine need for fakeness.

It is an artificial reality that caused a false perception.

It is cantankerous equanimity that is needed to solve the briefly long problems. I should know.

An elocutionist mime once tried to vape a lozenge.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

when all of the children count the oxen

Being mesmerized by the beep serves no purpose apart from reminding myself that lost opportunities of the past are truly lost.

Future possibilities are only probabilities and can be safely ignored in the immediate.

The immediate contains no opportunities, but that can be put asunder once the tassels have been tossed aside.

Still, even with the opportunities, once they arrive, it will continue to serve no purpose to be mesmerized by the beep.

Mind you, corroborative scintillation could be shared with the tri-generational, reducing weakness and moving away from ambivalence.

There is a need to stop the leaks; this will be addressed as the uniform creases are pressed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When the tulips have two lips

So the fundraising got a jump today with some more contributions, I'm now 16% of the way to the 2000$ I am aiming to raise.

On a Tuesday morning I brought my van to get the summer tires put on, then walked to the house, welcomed a plumber in to repair the faucets of the shower, paid the plumber and shortly I will go back to get the van, now with the summer tires on.

Working from home today as a result of having to do these things. I've been eating too many cookies.

On the southern hemisphere of Neptune it is summer right now; I just learned that there are about 37 more years of summer there as each season is about four decades long.

Monday, May 14, 2018

hear here hare wharf

That a train traveling at 265 kph sold Melba toast to only the passengers sitting on odd-numbered seats for a discounted price tells little about the agency with which a rank smudge gets ranked as a byproduct of equine felines belching much like a canine rodent would.

Being listless is not exactly equal to not having lists whereas being hairless is pretty much equal to not having hair.

So when adding up terms like 'lonely', 'alone', 'depression' and 'social isolation'; how many of these can be directly related to the advanced usage of social media?

I do not know of sufficient evidence to point the finger, but then, I have spent only a fraction of a pico-second looking for it.

If I stay healthy long enough, I may get to witness a singularity that changes dramatically, civilization as we know it to exist today. Some figure that this singularity may be to the detriment of humanity; I prefer to keep an open mind.

I haven't felt lonely or depressed in a really long time. I have been alone more since I have moved into an apartment. I can see that I may become more socially isolated unless I make some very purposeful decisions on an ongoing basis.

Though I missed the Book Group meeting for 'How to be Good' (Nick Hornby) I did end up reading it. It has really focused my thoughts on the idea of taking up sailing to eventually buy a Quidnon. If I structure my life in such a way as to be able to afford sailing and eventually buying a Quidnon; all of the time and expense of doing the sailing and buying all of the stuff associated with sailing could have been spent doing more for others. This has me really quite torn as I am rather enamoured by the idea of sailing and living on the Quidnon; in the Carribean during the winter, and back to here in the summer. One idea I had, once I would have the Quidnon, since it has as much space as it does, would be, that while I am here during the summer, I could get in touch with various community groups and churches to find out if there are any families that they could recommend that would enjoy a day trip on a sail boat. In winter, I would have an open invite to anyone still living here to come south for a week or more where I would take care of everything from transiting from the flight to the Quidnon and providing food and drink.

Thinking further of the sailing; unless I can have others join me on the Quidnon for extended durations, I would then more likely become socially isolated. I've read that there have been studies that show that social interaction is one of the key ingredients to a healthy long life. So this would be another reason to not get into the sailing.

Nothing will advance until the house I currently own with the wife I am currently separated from gets sold. So that is really the first step; to get that house sold.

That a bus traveling at 103 kph sold evasive manoevres to only the passengers sitting in the back half of the bus for an augmented price speaks little to the quickness that a sordid elocutionist depends on Depends.