Saturday, April 21, 2018

like a brocoli without the calisthenics

Twice the mystery; less a lesson, more like a moment. What's the nickname I would use?

Float the boat, make it happen, not yesterday or tomorrow.

There is only now.

A destitute on the street, still can moment to moment learn about self and else. Or not.

Enlightenment is more like a cucumber than it is a runt.

Then the topics veered, addiction vs habit, eclectic grouping vs homogeneity.

I played receiver pretty much throughout. Successfully fought the urge to place my own questions ahead of listening; merely prodded instead of pushed.

Still not sure of the nickname; will have to think about it. Beep and meekness were easier to decide upon.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

star 50

It was a comment that I posted on some random blog; 10-12 years ago. I don't remember what I wrote, nor what the blogger responded to my comment, but it was equated to a bitch-slap response; that what I had replied wasn't worthy of note in any way.

Deb found my response and this person's reply hilarious and then started replying to my blog posts. As she had started replying to my posts, I started replying to hers.

I got to read about Princess Nuptials.

She got to read a 'Men at Work' snippet.

I got to post from Deb's house.

She got to take me on a nice walk.

I got to welcome my third child into the world.

She got to see her oldest child get a house.

I posted about stuff reduction and Deb voiced in her opinion.

She got to wish 'In The Middle' a happy 21st birthday.

I posted about swearing, and Deb chimed in.

She saw her youngest get her driver's license.

I could go on and on as we shared many things.

She had gone mostly dormant for the last few years, popping back in just a handful of times. I've known of quite a number of regular bloggers who just faded out and stopped blogging; so this is what I figured was happening.

'Teeny Tiny' managed to get in touch with me earlier this week to let me know that Deb had died on April 9th after months of illness.

I will keep Deb's husband and children in my thoughts and prayers as they now move on with her only in their memories.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

When brackets and cackles make Elvis hungry

Sticking the jar to the symbolicly disinclined metaphor is a Parish driven aptitude that denies ill will from the vapid.

Messing with the derelict disorganization cries foul at the left-handedness of the stealthily enigmatic.

The moribund, not wanting to send a clear message, promotes ambiguity and obfuscation by the use of sudden and unexpected pauses.

Reaching out to the old television networks, much like the defunct airlines, makes me think of the compatibility matrix; well, perhaps more accurately it should be called the incompatibility matrix.

There must be a wrist watch somewhere that can tell the difference between animosity and acrimony as felt by the wearer; a little light would flash either red or red.

Tomorrow promises to be a day of the week that involves breathing; well, all except for those moments when people hold their breath.

Having been to Nebraska exactly zero times.

A telepathic surgeon once mistook the thought of her patient as the thought of her assistant and without knowing it, cocked her left eyebrow only just slightly. Involuntary musculature.

Enraged, deranged, in range, how strange, how lame, who's to blame, it's all the same, play the game, go insane!

Equatorial birds have no business playing Parcheesi with New England urban wildlife. Those grey squirrels wouldn't stand a chance.

Adidas, Converse, Nike, Puma, Reebok. Sorted alphabetically.

Set the course. Go.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

when a band goes skiing in the master bedroom closet

Whenever I counted to eleven when I was younger, I seemed to always reach the number that usually arrives before twelve.

There is something to be said about a turtle who dances Hip-Hop to Bach played at double speed.

An inarticulate goat hind leg (the right one) claimed vengeance towards the lily-pad by starving itself of tea biscuits.

I keep awaking at 4:12 and 5:11AM. These are not times I am supposed to be awaking.

There were no ketchup stains in my left armpit last Tuesday when I checked the garment after I had removed it. This was good.

Eating one's lunch when it is lunch time is a good idea. Eating someone else's lunch at a time other than lunch time, without permission, is evil.

There isn't a couch I know that can play chess while being sober.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Passing through the metro, accosted by a young-twenty, perhaps a late teen, nice girl. Greenpeace vest.

Fantastic spiel, charming, energy of youth. Much about how the government is not doing nearly enough to deal with issues like pollution and climate change.

I've been accosted before and haven't ever donated; but this time it was close. She was suggesting 12$ monthly.

Part of me wants to go back down and sign up.

12$ a month is not much of a hardship; but with the pending divorce and change of home; I'm not ready to make small commitments like this until I know better how my finances will work out. And even then, when I am ready to make even small commitments like this, I would figure to be more judicious.

I hope she does well.

Friday, April 06, 2018

dramamine, famine, mine

As a kid, growing up, I played basketball with my brother and/or sister, or just me, using the net my dad had attached to the garage at the house I grew up in.

In my middle teenage years my brother got really interested in US college basketball, so we would end up watching a bunch of basketball games on TV; especially in March.

Around that same time I got to watch a number of NBA games, especially when Michal Jordan was playing. What an amazing player he was.

In my middle thirties I joined an outdoor basketball league one summer. It was mostly fun, but I was really out of practice and did not play well. It wasn't enticing enough to me for me to play another season.

Tonight I'm going to see the Harlem Globetrotters; taking C-Ling with me. She decided to join her school's basketball team earlier this school year and so now that she knows how the game works and what the rules are, I think we'll both have fun tonight.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

burning the brand named parietal lobe cuffs

A decorative teapot once went bowling with a seedless cucumber that was wearing a California style hemp coat. The teapot got three gutter balls in a row before knocking down two pins in the second frame. The cucumber fared worse as she kept tripping on the sleeve hem which was loose considering the cucumber's lack of arms; it was a poorly made hemp coat.

Not all Hungarians know what time it was I brushed my teeth this morning.

There is a bucket into which can be put all things made of couch shavings; this bucket, once full, can be emptied into a tank made of plexi-toast which would then be admired by semi-arid assistant Zamboni drivers who eat M&Ms by colour.

There is a richness to the kind of napkin used by 17th century pirates. I should know.

If a three legged unicycle took a vacation to Lapland and brought with it an entourage of femur-less rhododendrons, would a naked slate fiddle with his wrist watch with growing uncertainty as to what time it is?

Friday, March 23, 2018

A dilapidated toilet seat went on vacation

And that's the end of that relationship.

Who would ever choose to date a toilet seat, anyways?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

like a load of loads

Took the 405 from stop 57789 this morning and saw a familiar bus driver.

Sat near the rear of the bus and at a subsequent stop a pretty woman sat near me. Not to be a letch I only glanced at her as she passed me to get to her seat. Twenty-seven minutes later we ended up getting off the bus next to each other where I had the opportunity to let her pass first. She was fleetingly, momentarily grateful. That was the end of that.

Moments like these in the world of public transit happen with a certain regularity. One is a witness to civil and polite behaviour almost all of the time. Occasionally, rarely, there are transiters who are neither civil nor polite; but I've been fortunate and have not experienced such people often in the last 1200 transit trips.

Not too long ago I did happen to have someone sit next to me who was quite civil, but who had an offensive odour that required me to, soon after he sat beside me, move away from him.

I am becoming disenamoured with being a driver and driving a vehicle. The state of the roads in my city is abhorrent with numerous holes that are jarring. Those holes are equally jarring when I ride the bus, however, it is not my vehicle that is being so punished. Traffic, snow conditions in the winter and other driver's haphazard driving are other reasons why I want to leave the world of driving. I haven't yet used an Uber, but I suspect when I am ready to get rid of my vehicle, I'll be signing up for that.

There are other car-sharing services that I might also consider to allow for those occasional moments where having a car would be very helpful.

Mostly I would stick to transit, however, as that is a really easy way to get around in my city.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

split kit slip

In other news, blankets made of licorice went fallow due to the mice resurgence.

I've moved into an apartment.

The living room has green walls and a green ceiling.

The girl's bedroom has a single wall that is a dark purple while the remaining three walls are aqua-marine blue. The ceiling is white.

None of the rest of the apartment has been painted.

There is one more bedroom that I sleep in, that G-Bot will sleep in when I have the kids with me. I will then sleep in the living room on the sofa.

There is also a kitchen/dining room. A balcony off the bedroom.

It is within easy walking distance of a train station and a number of city buses that are common and take passengers pretty much right into the city.

It is within walking distance of V-8's school, so that is good. C-Ling and G-bot both can catch the train easily.

Just a bit short on food now; once that is rounded out I'll be ready to have the kids stay with me.

Friday, March 16, 2018

like a limerick painted black and orange

When unexpected reciprocity reminded the banker of her left shoe's broken heel, the calamity that would have put asunder the sympathizer was dealt a terminal blow. All subversive witnesses kept a log of the event into which they wrote nothing; as logging such things is against the policy.

Blandly flavoured rice as a side dish to fledgling excellence makes hungry those starved of both food and relentless ambition.

The Witch Doctor prescribed exaggerated elocution, twice a day, while reciting the alphabet both forwards and backwards.


Green is a colour that only two thirds of a fifth would pick for the ideal fragrance used by a sturgeon fisherman who paints his perennially hidden toenails.

A silhouette once chased me down the length of a tunnel that traverses the highway and train tracks from the south to the north. Once I turned the corner at the north end of the tunnel, the silhouette disappeared; as they so often do. Perhaps it was never there to begin with. I suppose I will never know with certainty.

If people from the after life go bowling do they also get a 'turkey' symbol if they get three strikes in a row?

I have used a Galatian sword to open up unwelcome postal mail exactly zero times in the last six minutes. I am not certain whether it was because I have no Galation sword, or because I received no unwelcome postal mail.

Do remember to think twice before reacting.