Friday, January 18, 2019

blank the distance between twerp and flough

The wretch like the envelope that wraps and wraps; jealousy marked the cat, who meowed imperceptibly. To deny the sense, call the villain; to obviate the feeling, move asunder.

Turning left doesn't always lead to the west.

That pic and poc and pok and pul and puw fly off to sand dusted scintillation comes as no surprise to the eagle. In fact, it is only notable in the tertiary. Or so they say.

A melting wrist watch doesn't save the day; mind you, neither does a time piece buried in the snow.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

air freshener made of water or fire

A weary rickshaw driver, a middle-aged unshaven man wearing only a barrel and a semi-retired lawn care team leader were all brought together to be asked a simple question.

They did not answer in unison, though, their responses were eerily not dissimilar.

The person who asked the question took a note of their responses and wished them all well.

That an attribute of this whole inexistential description would be withheld comes as no surprise to the author.

If you were to have been the simple question, how would you have reacted to their collective responses?

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

when the thicket is made of goose ankles

Fable, table, label, maple, gable, purple, Gaby

There is something to be said for the number 17, it is a prime number, it is made up of both a 1 and a 7; reversed, it is 71 which is also prime.

A newborn can turn 17 minutes old; frozen potatoes can be cooked for 17 minutes.

17 days would be a great duration for a vacation; or, an intensive course to learn the basics of 19th century etymology.

To wait 17 weeks for something one would have to be patient.

To turn 17 years old would be a momentous occasion; well, if one likes celebrating birthdays, that is. A bit of an awkward age; not yet an adult and certainly no longer a child. A future wide open with decisions that can close some doors while opening new ones; no real responsibilities yet, no obligations that are truly fixed. Resilience and adaptability; these two are qualities I think would be best honed at this age.

When I turned 17 I made sure to count how many mini-wheats were in my cereal bowl that morning. Of course, that was 10,431 days ago (that I turned 17), so my memory isn't clear if the number of mini-wheats I had counted was a prime number of them or not.

Gaby, purple, gable, maple, label, table, fable.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

a teacup dandelion stole the show

Well, that's a wrap. That thing that is wrapped.

A monitor monitored. Seems appropriate.

There is no blade in the size of a ketchup stain that was used to pretend it was a blood stain. That, and all of the other elevens that got counted.

Make sure to eat your slice.

Monday, January 07, 2019

When else to count to twelve?

There isn't much I can say about painting a hedge hog the colour that a cyclically inclined brushing robot would use as a staff upon which to measure the second highest note a slightly inebriated six year old girl would use while singing the alphabet song.

That today is January 7th comes as no surprise to me. It reminded no one of anything important.

There is a chance of weather to take place over the next few minutes. Most of it will be outdoors.

As of the first moment of this year, people starting having their next trip around the sun begin with respect to anniversaries that take place this year. I am about half way through my trip around the sun, just a bit past it as I have 163 days until I begin my next revolution, when I turn 16,801 days old.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

when all else fails, count to eleven

First post in 2019; yay, another year passes and another one begins.

I haven't much to report, the Christmas and New Year's holidays passed without incident. Ended up playing a lot of Cities: Skylines.

Now begins a long stretch of work without holidays or vacation days. The next holiday is at Easter which is the weekend of April 19-21.

Maybe I'll take a day or two in February; and depending on who has the kids, a week off in March.

That's about it!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Setting up the less fortunate with a bowl of samsonite

I just watched a movie on Amazon called 'The Big Sick'.

For sure it was more of a 'chick-flick' kind of film, but I do not tend to restrict myself to specific genres of movies.

I quite enjoyed it, actually.

In other news, there are roughly 24779 minutes until we welcome in 2019. It is sad that 2019 is not a prime number (it divides by three, 673 times); however, 19 is, so at least we have that much.

Very early in 2019 the New Horizons space craft will do a flyby of Ultima Thule (2014 MU69). I have been following this craft since its first approach of Pluto/Charon.

It will need to be quick on the photography, it will come within 3500kms of Ultima Thule, but at a speed of 50,700kph it won't have much time to take photos/scan the worldlet.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

when a breakfast cake reminds someone of light bulb juice

Balancing that which grows on your toenails with the left most armpit of an iguana isn't much like how often you should use dental floss to place an ice cream cone in the glove compartment of a 2004 Ford Escort.

That all of the previous sentence was composed within a finite amount of time should come as no surprise to the reader, and it is certainly not a surprise to the writer.

Christmas 2018 is quickly approaching. What is different this year is that I am living in my own apartment; and so, well, things are different.

Saturday morning I will be driving the two sofa seat cushions over to a man who does re-upholstery. The two seat cushions will be re-upholstered.

A marathon, when run by people who ate one too many burritos, tends to take place at a location where running is at least likely to be an option. Speaking of likely, it is highly unlikely I will win the Loto Max lottery tomorrow. Perhaps obtaining a ticket will increase my chances.

That middle generational, I approached with a question about next week; there still isn't an answer, but either there will or won't be one.

All of the noise; it all goes to and from; up and left; wrong and fish, without a doubt.

Monday, December 17, 2018

the left side of the wrong

Had company Holiday Party this past Saturday.

The middle of tri-generational surprised me by bringing up a Nippon Capital trip come summer of 2020. I have had this in mind for many months now and mentioned it semi-haphazardly to middle only as a gauge of interest, almost a full year ago. That there is still interest is a little boggling, but who am I to be boggled?

Of course of the whole Holiday Party, this event was but a smidge of a dustmote, but as my readership here has dwindled down to practically nothing, I am free to elevate smidges of dustmotes as I please.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

bat an eye and a baseball

Getting mixed up when attempting to drive in a directionally challenged Q-Bert motoring station while playing chess partially blindfolded and standing on an octagonal urn filled with peacock feathers is the least likely of events that a depressed sturgeon would relate as a story told to the aquatic museums of the left armpit of a flea bitten hippo wishing she had just won the lottery.

That an eloquent newspaper stand would relate anecdotal evidence of the delayed invasion of internetworked amicable news agents would surprise only the insipid is hardly noteworthy, well, unless one likes to take notes. No others would volunteer any of the excerpts that they too would have vilified.

Spreading strawberry jam on a lemming that is seeking to evade this process is not an easy task. Mind you, not all lemmings know what time of day is the best for meandering as a street cleaner does on a weekday morning. Too bad the jam was jammed.

It can be said that all pattern posts have a pattern. This one doesn't fall into the same prey, nor the same doughnut hole. If all of the pattern posts were to be added together into a pot and mixed with water, onion soup mix, a 1983 nickel and the bottom piece of a 5x7 photo frame, a mixture would be produced. I should know.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

bring out the leviathan

So a Fleetwood Mac cover band decided that all of the Stevie Nicks parts of the songs should be sung by Kermit the Frog.

Baking a celebration into the cake would allow for the people who eat it to pretend they did not know the days of the week.

It wasn't the best idea to reboot my sock collection. I suppose if I had re-shoed them that would have been better.

Osmosis as a form of dandelion fur was the least evocative of scintillating solutions to problems that lack any definition.

Defining the characteristics by using parentheses excessively is not the best use of time spent by a doberman lacking a pencil.

Kansas City is a place; as is Gibraltar. Ethereal dumb luck is not a place, I should know.

If you drew a straight line on a map that connects Kansas City with Gibraltar, you'd have a straight line from Kansas City to Gibraltar.

Baking a Stevie Nicks dandelion fur and feeding a dumb luck doberman brought my rock collection to Kansas City.

Kermit, without knowing the days of the week, used an ill defined osmosis to reboot the straight line to Gibraltar.