Wednesday, December 17, 2014

straight to the content of my pericardium

But they only dealt one card
So for me it is not hard
You're the bright star in my chart
You go straight to my heart

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

if serendipity stopped wearing t-shirts

The holidaze are almost upon us. The last couple of years I was fortunate to have two weeks off; this year I am not so fortunate. On the other hand, it promises to be fairly quiet at work for the days I'll be working so that's not all terrible.

As things stand presently....
Monday, December 22, at work.
Tuesday, December 23, at work.
Wednesday, December 24, backup to one employee who will be in the office, so I'll need to be available.
Thursday, December 25th, Merry Christmas! (not working)
Friday, December 26th, work from home only if something comes in.

Monday, December 29th, at work.
Tuesday, December 30th, originally scheduled to be at work, but I am taking this day off to prepare for our annual Pre New Year's Eve party.
Wednesday, December 31st, at work (possibly hungover, definitely exhausted).
Thursday, January 1st, Happy New Year! (not working)
Friday, January 2nd, not working.

Are you getting any time off during the holidays?

Monday, December 15, 2014

burping on the last day

An elastic band comes in very useful at times where having one proves invaluable. Not having one at other times is equally unimportant.

Friday, December 12, 2014

reselliing used dandelion exhaust pipes

I feel for my blogmate ghost, I have no idea what I can do for him to relieve him of his funk. If anyone could use a boost up, it's him.

I'm so pleased for my blogmate mesh who just got a dream job, I really hope it all works out as she dreams it will.

I'm thankful that my blogmate Deb has starting posting with some regularity again, it's nice to see what is happening in her world.

I enjoy reading blogmate Zhoen's posts, often they are very thought provoking while other times, they are intriguing to see how the cats, garden or house are going.

Just recently I've started going to Pat's blog, he who likes to rhyme; I find his posts are just a tad on the long side so I don't read each one, but the ones I read I do enjoy.

I miss some of my past blogmates, in particular The OE, previously known as ManNMotion - I enjoyed all of his being a secret agent tips. Also, BrothaBuck who would occasionally put some of his original art - single frame cartoons, on his blog which were really entertaining.

I read other blogs but those are mostly informative; I just read them, I don't post there.

If I have forgotten anyone, it is because my left ankle is just slightly sorer than my right one.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The company I work for has been developing a new product and in the last six months have started to get some customers. It's a catchy three minute video that explains what the product is and what it does.

This isn't the primary product that my company makes/sells, but it is related and brings increased value to the rest of the products we make/sell.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


So yes, our first major snowfall is falling presently. We got about 10cm's of snow starting yesterday afternoon and through the night last night. During the day today, another 15-20cm's will fall, and through the night tonight, an additional 10-15cm's.

Here is a view out of one of the offices of my company looking south on Peel street. It isn't really easy to see the snow falling, but it certainly is.

A video might have been better to show it, but I can't be bothered - filming it would be easy, but then loading it, youtubing it and then posting it here is more effort than I'd like to spend.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Lloyd and the calamity

So we went to see the Super Hospital on Sunday. We booked a few months ago a free tour of the new hospital here that will close down four old ones. It was quite impressive with its state of the art equipment.

Following that we went to the Oeufrier for lunch where we had breakfast food. I had a Ménage à Trois breakfast poutine that was absolutely delicious.

Following that we went to the Centaur Theatre to watch the Geordie Production of Chloe's Choice. It was quite an excellent play, well acted and very well written.

Before all of that we went to church, and following all of that we went to my father-in-law's house to help him with connecting his mobile phone to his own wifi network. He had put lower case letters in the password where he should have been putting upper case ones.

You are free to not click on any of the links in the post. If, however, you do click on one, or more, of the links, can you please let me know that you did and let me know which one(s) you did?

Friday, December 05, 2014

Flab flap flack

klab klap klack
rab rap rack
slab slap slack
blab blap black
grab grap grack
tab tap tack

Thursday, December 04, 2014

crumbling down the tulips

It would be nice if I could spread the month of December out over three months as our social calendar gets double and sometimes triple booked.

This busy-ness makes me tired.

I'd love to have a nap at this very minute. It's too bad I'm typing this post.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


So yesterday I went for another apheresis donation and thought about taking some photos. It was a little bit challenging as I had one arm that was busy, but here they are.

First they draw a blood sample from one arm (my left) to test my platelet count - if it is under 150 I cannot make the donation. Usually I have a count of between 170 and 190. Then in the other arm they hook you up to the centrifuge machine. Here is my arm with the tube coming from the needle that is in me under the small white square.

The machine is rather complicated but I can tell you one thing about it. Underneath the biggest green dial which is at the top of the main operational rectangle there is a transparent box that ends in a square funnel shape at the bottom. This container holds my blood after it has passed through the centrifuge and the platelets and plasma have been removed. It fills slowly and then once it is at the top, it empties out and is pumped back into me in the same hole in my arm that is used for the donation. Once the container is empty, the flow reverses and blood comes from me into the centrifuge and the container starts filling again.

The whole time the donation takes place I have this screen that is facing me to let me know how it is going. By the 47 minute mark I had completed my donation of plasma, was halfway through my platelet donation and still had 34 minutes to go. The total donation time was 81 minutes, though it takes five minutes for the machine to be ready and another five minutes at the end for the thing to wind down.

The place I do this is at Place Versailles where there is a Hema Quebec 'Globule' spot to give blood without appointment or to do an apheresis donation by appointment. To get there I take the metro to Radisson station. It takes half an hour on the metro, so normally I leave work at 10:30AM, get there at 11:00, the donation starts sometime within the next 15 minutes, and then I am back at the office by about 13:15 or 13:30, depending on how it goes.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

It seems the further

So here at 45.500611N,73.574412W, the sun rose this morning at 7:15AM and will set tonight at 4:12PM. This means there are eight hours and 57 minutes of sunlight today. The sun will rise again tomorrow morning at 7:16AM. This means there will be fifteen hours and four minutes of night time.

What is your equivalent?