Thursday, January 22, 2015

cooktop saga continues

Conveniently, the Bosch cooktop we have, with five burners, has three control circuit boards, one for the two left burners, one for the two right ones, and one for the center. The center board will be replaced when the repair guy comes back in two weeks as the part needed to be ordered.

I say conveniently as it has meant that we still have the use of four out of the five burners.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

don't look up

If you'll recall we redid our kitchen in the summer of 2013. In our new kitchen we got a bunch of new appliances.

Well, the first one to fail is the Bosch induction cook top. The center burner has a flashing symbol on it that alternates from the letter U to the number 1 where the number 1 is the right vertical bar of the letter U. Given this behaviour, the burner is inoperable.

One tip I found on line was to power reset the thing, so I went to the circuit breaker in the house where this is connected and shut it off. I then turned it back on again and still the flashing U-1-U-1-U persisted.

I called Bosch support and the lady there was very helpful - the one year warranty had elapsed, however, she said she would speak to her manager to see if the repair-man charge could be covered by Bosch. Yesterday morning I received an automated email from Bosch advising that the repair-man would be coming on Thursday between 8AM and noon and that the person would call either the previous evening, or that morning, to provide a more specific time. Later yesterday morning I received a call from the Bosch support person I had spoken to and she told me that yes, Bosch would take care of the fees.

We paid a lot of money for this appliance, so I am pleased that we are getting this treatment.

Monday, January 19, 2015

wearing an envelope at Halloween

Tying one's shoe while riding an elephant who just drank a gallon of Tang is not the best timed event. I should know.

So Target is leaving Canada, eh? I'm not too surprised, having gone into my local one a few times. They never seemed to have exactly the size/style of clothes I was looking for when shopping for apparel for my children.

We did score on Christmas wrapping and decorations in Jan of '14 as the local store had grossly over purchased and so they were selling inordinate volumes of the stuff at pennies on the dollar.

A close friend of ours works at the local one and so she will be out of her job a little later this year, once the store is fully closed. She's got a good attitude about it, she's certain she'll find work again.

My wife, G-Bot and I went to see 'The Imitation Game' on Friday night. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend you see it, if seeing movies is the kind of thing you'd consider doing.

Drinking a gallon of tang while tying the shoe of an elephant is hardly better.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

when ducks cry out in the bandwidth

There isn't a list that can't be followed that leads one to know what comes seventeenth or last. To have reached the end would only be a given if the beginning was also known. Other methods of keeping track do not involve rail ties, otherwise known as sleepers.

I think the most magical event I've ever in my life witnessed on television was P!nk singing Glitter in the Air to open the Grammy's a few years ago. I wonder what this year's Grammy's has in store.

Using a barrel to catch a polypropylene carrot tossed by a teenaged iguana isn't an Olympic sport. I should know.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

poke, said the peek

Another instance of SLI last night.

It felt colder this morning as the humidity was higher and still it was -21C.

There is something to be said about herring. I should know.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

being hungry while looking at a dime

The best thing about artichoke is that you don't choke while creating art.

Volvo brand underwear is not generally available. Who knew?

When people's pets become u-tube stars due to their filmed shenanigans, do those people end up catching herpes?

The left most decision that a person would make when rendering a collapsed yuletide carol into a bowl of extremely dusty tooth-paste.

Dancing at night while wearing opaque sunglasses in a room that is poorly lit reminded Ben of his period of inexistentialism.

I experience inexistentialism every night; it usually happens when I am unconscious.

Oh, and about SLI, I experienced three SLI events on Friday night last week with two witnesses each time. On Saturday night, one more, though, as usual, I was the only one to notice.

Monday, January 12, 2015

je suis charlie

It isn't every day that January 12 arrives wearing a petty-coat. Of course, it isn't this one, either.

My son did fifteen consecutive push-ups on Saturday evening to show that he can do them now and then challenged me to do equal that, or more. So I did 26 push-ups. Yesterday, and today again, I am feeling sore very slightly in my triceps and quite sore in my pectoralis major near the pectoralis major tendon.

It has inspired me, however, to start again some sort of fitness regimen. We shall see if it amounts to anything in terms of commitment or duration.

This so far has been the winter of many small snow-falls. Another 5cm's are falling presently with a balmy high for the day of -3C.

Just a reminder for you (and for me) - sit up straight! Fix your posture!

Friday, January 09, 2015

crying foul for the separation

Illustriously creating separation in an intentionally inadvertent fashion delivered only a cleft that brought about space that reduced the meekness. On departure it was only 'Have a nice trip' that was rendered as a skepticism.

It isn't every day that things keep from not happening.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

about the fish

Strawberry blond, could anything be sweeter?

Let's pray for those who need it.

When the time comes, from where did it come?

Do not forget to plant a tree this life.

Does your wrist watch need winding or does it need more firewood?

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

taking the train

We read 'The Christmas Train' by David Baldacci for our book group and it is rather of an inspiring story to get one to take the train on a long trip. As a result, I decided to do a bit of digging to go on a long train trip, and this is what I found.

To travel from my city to Toronto, then to Vancouver, then to Los Angeles, then to Chicago, then to New York, and then back home again would cost about 1150$ for one person to travel in a coach seat the whole way. For the long stretches (Toronto-Vancouver, Vancouver-LA, LA-Chicago and Chicago-NY) the person traveling could get a bedroom on all of those long sections and now the price for the whole trip is about 5200$.

Then it got me to thinking about chartering a rail car and doing the same trip, so that I don't ever have to switch where I am sleeping; the train car itself would just get changed to the different trains. I found AAPRCO that gives a lot of information about owning a rail car, but I couldn't really find anywhere that I could custom build a charter trip to get the price for it.

But taking it from there, I wonder about the idea of using a rail car as a retirement plan. What if a small group of retirees pooled resources together to have built a custom railcar that has all of the amenities we could wish for. Then it would simply be a matter of coordinating with various rail companies to be dropped off at sidings and as we feel like it, get moved to a different location.

Going a step further, if I won that 50,000,000$ lottery, why not commission a company like Bombardier to build a few dozen self contained retirement rail cars and then sell shares in them to retirees.

I can keep going...

After getting the few dozen retirement rail cars and getting them populated by retirees, the next step is to find sidings in or near cities that we can stop at, and in addition, out in the country side, build some new sidings that are specific holding stops for these retirement rail cars so that as a resting stop, the cost is less. At these ones that are built, add some facilities that help to replenish the supplies of the retirement rail cars.

Anyhow, it is an idea.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

making the most of the most

So the Lotto Max is up to 50,000,000$ this coming Friday. There are also two additional prizes for one million dollars each. Five dollars buys you three selections each of which is seven numbers that are between 1 and 49. If all seven numbers of one of the selections matches the seven numbers drawn on Friday, a millionaire will you become.

I haven't yet bought any tickets, but I likely will as I tend to participate when the jackpot gets to that size. Once Lotto Max reaches 50,000,000$ the jackpot does not grow, but the number of additional prizes increases. So if nobody wins the jackpot this Friday, next Friday will have the same jackpot and maybe eight or ten additional prizes of one million dollars each.

If I was to win, I would still blog.