Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The previous map and this one are one continuous trip with likely a few stops to eat. I broke it up roughly in London, Ontario, as it is probably around about there that we cross into April 26th in or near that town. Team 296 chartered a bus and this time I am traveling with the team and staying at the same hotel with the team. My son, G-Bot, and I are sharing a room in the hotel. The hotel is 30 miles outside of St. Louis, so each morning the charter bus will take us into the Convention Center and each evening it will bring us back out again.

This severely limits any flexibility I have in terms of going off to do things on my own, but it is likely the least expensive way for me to have gone on this trip.

The team's robot will compete in the Championship tournament taking place from April 27-30, so tomorrow it begins.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Celebrating Day 111

Today is/was the 111th day of the year. The significance of such is not particularly compelling.

So Hilary and Donald did well yesterday, good for them.

I, for one, side with the socialist Sanders, not that anything any of them will do will have an enormous effect here in Canada. Well, if Donald ends up getting elected, I think there might be an influx of American citizens applying as immigrants into Canada.

I've signed up for a Spartan race that will take place this summer, I'll be 15,734 days old on the day of the race. It will be roughly 5 km of uphill and downhill on a fairly steep mountain with 20 or so obstacles that I need to traverse. I've signed up with coworkers and we are enough in numbers to form a team, so we will to the race together as a team.

I have acquired for C-Ling a new analog watch that I will be giving to her today. She will be happy about this as she has been asking for a watch for quite a few weeks. The watch was 10$ and it came with a dead battery, so I brought it to a jeweler who replaced the battery for, you guessed it, 10$.

Monday, April 18, 2016

a palatial tube of toothpaste

One of my alt.good.morning friends thought up the idea of starting an AGM WhatsApp group and I've been enjoying the more frequent re-connection with this group. I'd tell you more about this part of my life but today is not the day for it.

It seems our finances are getting a little bit out of hand. I guess it's a sign that either my wife or I should find a job that pays more. Either that or we reign in our spending. This isn't easy as there are repairs on the van, an impending trip to St. Louis, MO, birthdays of G-Bot and C-Ling quickly approaching, our annual Cinco de Mayo party; sending the kids to camp this summer, having the family go to summer camp this summer - paying a teenager to watch the girls over the weeks they aren't at camp, and on and on.

Some days I wish civilization would collapse to simplify our lives, but then images of what has happened in Japan and Ecuador recently make me think that if that is what a lack of civilization could look like, I'm better off where I am.

We seem to have lost all of our tooth picks. Likely one of the kids took them away from where they normally live and so now they are elsewhere in our home, no where to be seen currently.

I'd hate to be an over-ripened cauliflower, right about now.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

warning: satellite dishes do not fit into your dishwasher

There weren't any Frosted Flakes in my sock drawer this morning. This was a good thing, considering the time of year and the colour of baked cheesecake. A marsupial made a bet with a mammal that the bird would eat the fish. The mushroom lost the bet and was eaten by a gargoyle. Fourteen of the least hungry people in the third smallest town in the most North-Eastern county in the state of Iowa rolled the dice expecting to get aces. They were disappointed, unfortunately for them. All other things being equal, if the aspect being described is also equal, then we have a non-starter, rendering moot any further discussion.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Yes, I went to the Duran Duran concert last night. It was lots of fun.

Many have given me odd looks, that I could/would do such a thing, as to go to a concert unaccompanied, but I am blessed with the ability to care little to nothing about what people think about what I do. Yes, I went to this concert on my own, but I can share my experience with it here afterwards. If my mobile device actually had a data plan, I could even have shared the experience while I was there, but I don't have a data plan so I don't have 'live feed' capability.

Duran Duran invited two bands to perform previous to their show, the first was Shamir pictured here:

It was neat to see how the stage was set up - Shamir's band's stuff was all at the front, crowding Shamir in a little. Immediately behind Shamir's stuff was Chic's stuff, and finally behind that was Duran Duran's stuff. Prior to Shamir coming on, this is what the stage looked like:
My mobile phone camera can only do so much, as you can see. Probably the above image would be best seen when the ambient lighting is dark.

Shamir's androgynous or countertenor voice carried very well at the Bell Centre. His songs altered between techno and ballad with some crossing both. After Shamir performed it was Chic featuring Nile Rodgers. Chic played a string of disco hits of their own and also played 'Let's Dance' by David Bowie as a tribute to him. They were really good and had the crowd moving. The best photo I got of them is this one:
On the stage, the person that is closest to the front is Nile Rodgers, a little behind him and on each side of him (closest to us she is dressed in white, furthest from us she is dressed in black) are his two main singers who did most of the vocals for the songs Chic performed. Behind them and around them are the rest of the band. I really enjoyed their performance but didn't know their songs too well.

And then finally after clearing off Chic's band equipment it was time for Duran Duran to come on. Here is the best photo of the ones I took of Duran Duran:
Starting clockwise from the bottom, in all dark clothes is John Taylor (bass guitarist), in the back is the drummer (Roger Taylor), just to the right of a suspended speaker set is Nick Rhodes on keyboards, above him to the right are two back-up singers, coming down the front at the top is the guitarist (Duran Duran doesn't have a standing guitarist and I don't remember his name when Simon introduced him) and then finally the lead singer, Simon Le Bon.

Throughout the concert they played four or five songs from their recently released 'Paper Gods' album and the rest were hits from the past. They did not play anything from 'All You Need is Now' their second most recently released album. It was clear that the people sitting around me had not listened to the Paper Gods album which we all got for free for having bought tickets to their concert. When these latest songs played, no one around me knew the words or recognized the songs; they only sang along and danced to the hits. I, on the other hand, had followed their setlist and had created a playlist of it on my mobile device and had been listening to it incessantly since about February. I knew all of the songs that the band would play.

Near the end of the concert the guy to my right called out 'Reflex!' asking for one of their hits, "The Reflex" to be played. I knew, based on their past performances, that this would not be on the setlist, but something happened at this concert that hadn't happened elsewhere. After they played their two encore songs (Save a Prayer and Rio) the audience cheered as one, calling out 'Reflex!','Reflex!' with such a resounding force that the band could hear this unmistakably. I couldn't tell who of the band made the decision, but they never really fully left the stage, though they had left their positions, and then they returned to their positions and played 'The Reflex'.

All in all it was a great concert; the band members still look fit and well, and if bands like Rush or the Stones kept playing, it seems to me this may not be the last Duran Duran concert I go to.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

using brackets to surround and infiltrate parentheses

For a person to 'percolate' sounds to me like a rather painful experience.

I had not drunk nearly enough water today until I just came from have two 8oz glasses. Now I'm only slightly dehydrated. When I am at home, on weekends, I am not in the habit of drinking water in as regular a fashion as I am during my work day on week days.

The snow is now pretty much gone from both my front and back yards. A large section of the back yard is quite muddy, however, so it is early yet to get into it to do some clean up from the winter debris that came down.

I am going to the Duran Duran concert tomorrow. Yay!

I am on call this week for work, but fortunately one of my coworkers, who is on call next week, had a day next week that he needed someone else to cover, so he's doing my Monday, and I'm doing his Thursday.

If you had a weekend, I hope you managed to eat something.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

burping like an oyster

Using a measuring tape as dental floss isn't a recommendation I would make. Coming up with such ideas, however, is right up my alley.

I did not know I had an alley.

It started raining here sometime before now, is raining now, and will continue to be raining for at least the next two minutes. That is how I would report the current weather as an observer.

I have not practiced Tai Chi in the last two days. I haven't done it previous to the last two days either.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

like a sylvan entropically defined calamity

The hero is being punished, much as he tends to be on Tuesdays made of cream cheese. It isn't through the fault of anyone, nor of anything, but, as is the way of the world, the pulchra puella melts the hero's id. That her easy giggle and generous ways are warming to everyone makes the punishment no more or less, but evading corruption as a goal is burying the benign. Capturing the vapid is an ignominious but approachable method of obfuscating the situation, rendering asunder all but the least noticed. I should know.

Monday, April 04, 2016


Annual trip to the Big-O for a pre-season MLB game. It would be great if in my life-time the Expos came back.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

when blankets are sold like honey

The basket case (that isn't really a case)(and isn't really a basket, either) was strangled by the Lilliputian who smelled like fourteen day old cut roses that had at one time been vaguely pink-ish. Bereft of the left and hanging from a cliff, Cliff lifted his sister's sifter from the thrift store. What even is a Barcalounger?

Mesopotamia probably had a finite number of elephant shaped kites.

I read within the last week that Antarctica is releasing even more above ground ice into the ocean than was originally anticipated meaning a more significant rise in global sea water in a shorter amount of time. Where I live we are about 30m above sea level, so I think we're safe, for now.

A bunch of gobbledeegook was slobbered over by a wreath of garlic. This isn't what you think.