Thursday, October 18, 2018

obviously, the corroborative

I do not tend to ever complain of being hungry. When I hear people say 'I'm hungry', to me it is a sharing of information that accomplishes nothing, serves no purpose, and is a sign of an inability to deal with being hungry.

I'm quite pleased with the Quidnon 2.0 redesign, it will be much easier to build. Still, I haven't a great track record with respect to being 'handy', so I'd likely hire some skilled workers to do much of the work and I'd be around to help move things into place, or do the jobs that do not require a lot of skill.

In other news, the new CAQ government is getting sworn into government today. We'll have to see how the next four years go as they have a majority and they have some changes in mind.

Finally, I feel really bad for the fiançee of Jamal Khashoggi. They were planning their wedding and he needed documents from the Saudi kingdom to make it happen, so in the Saudi embassy in Turkey he went in while she waited outside. He hasn't been seen since and is likely in dismembered pieces somewhere in the Turkish waste management system, or in parts that were shipped back to Saudi.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

when the twigs catch a cold

When bargaining with a calamity that needn't barter with the majority, the minority wouldn't keep from noticing.

There will be a shift in mid-November that has my role change; it will be at a different pace, I expect, and will change the level of customer interaction I have. As with all things, there are positives and there are negatives.

That a storm named 'Michael' could cause such trouble has the Mikes all over the world being shunned. I wonder how far from the central eye of such storms one would have to be such that being in a Quidnon would be safe out in the open water. By design this boat is virtually uncapsizable, and even should it capsize, it is self righting.

Writing the above had me go back and check, and now the Quidnon 2.0 is a barge. Still, I am interested.

Friday, October 12, 2018


18:34, 19:45, 20:76.

1, 34... 789. 10.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

When a bucket of marsh sauce spills

Life can grow in some of the most unlikely places.

Outside of the building within which I work, in the downtown area of my city, moss.

In other news, I did not go skydiving this morning.

Monday, October 08, 2018

danger, a bowl of minute artifacts is on the edge

My, what a myopic motive you have, discerning the left from the wrong, and the right from the right.

All of the least of the most, the highest of the lowest and the widest of the most narrow will claim ignorance of the other. I should know.

Claiming ignorance serves only those who figure that their learning is done. It really isn't done; there is always more to know.

That a fledgling idea, sparked by antipathy, got promoted from a thought to a written document, comes as no surprise to the author; this is how she advances her cause.

As reminder to stay hydrated, drink some water.

Do not, under any circumstances, try to figure out all of the circumstances that are in mind when someone tells you to not do something under any of them.

It takes placating the masses when we want to brainwash them into thinking that the sun rises each day and sets as well. I know the truth.

If it wasn't for elocutionists, none of us would

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Tomorrow is the big day, Provincial Election. At the time the election was called the Quebec Liberal party had a commanding majority:

This was reflected in how many more votes my local Liberal candidate got above the others:

I will probably go to sleep tomorrow before the results are known, so I'll only know Tuesday.

The Pundits are saying that the CAQ could win a minority. We'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

a twist, a boat and a gargle

Using a wrench to claw open a bag of peanuts is overkill.

Using a claw to wrench open a roadkill would benefit by having peanuts.

Using a bag of peanuts to smother the roadkill is better than using a wrench or a claw.

Smothering the wrench and claw with a bag of roadkill would make the peanuts jealous.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

twice the three times never

I haven't even begun to think about the kinds of thoughts that a person would think about after having had thoughts about the preceding ideas that had nothing to do with what comes next.

Doing couch lifts while your kids play chess on it is the least interesting thing that a cerebrally incapacitated hamster would take on while dialing the temperature down low.

Enigmatic imbeciles imbibed immature ingots while a breathtakingly simple bottle of iodine paste trembled only slightly as the freight train passed her apartment.

Serendipity wasn't the strongest shoe lace that a boxer from the 1950s would have used as a skin cream. I should know.

Bargaining with a tulip vendor to ask for sunshine on the third Tuesday of the month is not the best use of time when running away from a lizard that has nothing else to do but chase you.

When else would you make a decision that has nothing to do with calamity?

Sunday, September 23, 2018

when the tongue tied toungue twister twists

I've never really thought much of the university where I earned my engineering degree as a place to get involved with in terms of being an alumni. I have been receiving, for the last few years, emails from the alumni association and one that arrived late last month was an invitation to the Engineering Homecoming celebrating the 50th anniversary of engineering at my university.

The event would begin with a panel of three experts discussing how the internet has become not what the original people wanted it to be. Original people: a utopian vision of peer-to-peer sharing of information. What it has become: Google, Amazon and Facebook capturing all of your private and personal information to their own benefit. Prior to the panel starting I was accosted by a guy who had graduated in 2004; he was very talkative though he had a way of talking that seemed to show that English wasn't his first language. I switched to French, and it wasn't any better, it seemed like French wasn't his first language either. It turns out his parents are from England and France, so it doesn't seem like he'd have any other language. In any case, I was patient with him and found he got an engineering job out of university doing CAD drawings for an engineering firm, be he left that after a year or two, took welding courses, then worked at a shipyard. He found this was tough as the job was often outdoors and in the winter it was very difficult. For the past few years he's been working at a mail-room at the airport. I am not certain what motivated him to attend this event.

The panel was followed by a social gathering with food and wine and a few short speeches. From the speeches I learned that adding Chemical Engineering, an imminent thing at the school, will finalize the inclusion of every known type of engineering being offered as a program. At first, Chemical engineering will be made available at the graduate level, but in a year or two, they will begin offering the undergrad degree.

There were students from aerospace engineering (the second most recent addition at the university) in the room where the reception was held after the panel discussion and it was staffed by two female and one male student. They looked so young. I managed to ask only briefly from them what it was they had in front of them, but only very short moments after that a gaggle of alumni overwhelmed their station so I stepped back. It was only later that I came up with questions I could have asked them, like 'what is a typical ratio of male/female in your classes?' (when I was in school, only about 10% were female), 'what year are you in?' (to gather how far along they are which can inform a followup question), 'what brought you to pick engineering?' (to get an understanding of motivation), 'plans for the future?' (to see how far they are looking, or how clear/unclear their path is). If I manage to get to another alumni event that has students, hopefully I'll remember some of these questions.

I started chatting with another guy who had graduated in 1984 (though he wasn't sure of the exact date) and he mentioned that he had done many of his courses at the Loyola campus. I then mentioned that while he was doing his engineering degree there, I was attending high school there, as the Loyola campus of the university was the same campus as my high school.

The cost of the event was 15$, and from that I got to listen to the panel discussion, get probably the equivalent of about six glasses of red wine, and a full meal worth of a variety of tasty hors d'ouevres. I suppose this reason alone ought to have me going back to future events; it was a bargain.

One thing that struck me was how accomplished some of these people were in terms of what the alumni have done through their careers, specifically in the engineering field. I am not one who generally compares myself to others; most of the time I don't give this any thought as it isn't helpful in anyway, accomplishes nothing and serves no real purpose. Put in a room of people who all went through roughly the same demanding training program brings such comparisons right up to the surface, giving them light. Fortunately, these thoughts were fleeting, as I know that we all have different yardsticks upon which we each measure ourselves. Their sticks are simply different from mine.

I still am not super clear on my motivation for attending _this_ time, as there have been events in the past, and for certain there will be more events in the future. Would I attend another alumni event? Time will tell.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

car problems

van: brakes completely shot; even after having added brake fuel; still doesn't work.

car: C-ling pushed her foot into the windshield from the inside; it wasn't on purpose that when she shifted position she applied more pressure on the inside of the glass that she ought to have, but she did, and now it is cracked pretty severely.

I can't wait to no longer be a vehicle owner.

Yes, I can imagine I will have the occasion to complain about not having a vehicle once I get there, but the headaches and expenses will all be gone in terms of car ownership.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

the vissitudes of unkemptness

A scintillating spasmodic bitcoin detergent was used to wash the baby's Tuesday-marked handkerchief.

All crimson vixens pledged anonymously to reduce their promotion of brand name lymph node medications. The generic ones weren't lint deprived.

A left-handed stage hand handed the mangled hand prop to the man named Gled. Gled used the mangled hand prop as a piquing device while narrating the tale about tails. The audience became less perturbed.

Arguably, there can be a debate about anything. It is debatable that anything could be argued. If anything is arguable, I'm certain it could also be debated. Debate anything arguable.