Tuesday, May 30, 2023

when two plus two is

There isn't any pressure that if applied with enough force, can make a petunia dance a jig.

When four quarters local and a fifth quarter distant all strike in the multi-faceted way that a strike can be interpreted, it makes decision making rather difficult.

That a kite flying competition to whomever raises their kite first could be the decision maker is a hard pill to swallow, it being a bird and all.

Who is to say a decision needs to be made? Well, as with all things, time will tell.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

sylvan calamity when brought to light

For a few years in a row, pre-pandemic, a friend would invite me for a dad's only weekend, and then also, a dad and kids weekend away at his property, very clearly and detail explained in this post.

During the pandemic, he and his wife sold that property and bought a new one. I took a bunch of photos, but I'll post them another time. For the most part we were five guys and two dogs and from the evening of Saturday until noon on Sunday an additional guy.

I had pretty successful conversations one-on-one, but whenever the group was together I played listener almost all of the time, except for the occasional question that would occur to me based on something someone would say. At other times, this property being more vast, I was just wandering on my own both enjoying the solitude while questioning my existence there. I was happy to have been invited, but did not always feel accepted. It was very kind of one of them to drive me there and a different one to drive me home, but I didn't feel great about that, even though each of them had to drive from here to there and there to here anyhow.

At this moment I am torn about going again in the future. Maybe I'd feel better if I went there on my own and came home on my own; that would just mean a little more planning. Maybe I'd feel better if I saw these guys more regularly, but that isn't likely to happen, given how their lives are organized (still with their family and kids) and mine (no longer with family and kids).

I have more thoughts about this, none of them particularly positive or hopeful, but still I for the most part had a nice time and remain a relatively happy and content person.

Friday, May 26, 2023

when the Moon goes bowling

That mellifluous stories shared, like a ripple effect, casting out the pindrops, making murky the decision, silencing the critics while making extremely visible that which isn't - can all be said to have happened in the last fortnight. The true test will be this weekend when the quest for reflection is posed while I idle.

If a leprechaun can sideswipe the saddle, who is to benefit?

If a pine writing unicycle rider can exclaim poetry, who is to listen?

If a tempestuousness descends upon the micro, who is to calm them?

As with all of our finger nails and toe nails, time will tell.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

turbulent calmness

That a question could rock a boat.

That a mimicry could calm the waters and produce heat.

That pecuniary suffering is the result, but not the benefit.

How ridiculous is it that the first three sentences of a post would have as their first word the word that.

If the icing on the cake is spread too thin, some of the cake peeks out. Peeking in and of itself is not the most difficult part of the story. The boat is.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


I am obtaining books each time I visit with my parents to decrease how much my parents will need to remove from their home when eventually they are compelled to move out due to their aging. I just finished reading Rings of Ice by Piers Anthony published in 1974. On the back page of the book is this:

Heh, so you could by a book from 75 cents to 1.25$ and the shipping would be an additional 15 cents.

It would be nice if prices could be this way now, but of course that is impossible. Fortunately I still have >200 books that I have brought home that I haven't ready yet.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

like a couch stain we can't remove

The stalwart group of independent individuals though seen as a community, clearly aren't.

That bomb dropped yesterday had an effect, not a sustainable one, but an effect none the less.

It generated a list of questions, the expanse of which can be summarized.

If all else fails, count your chickens. If you have no chickens, count the water.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

there is no such thing as being

So the underling, like the over ring, went the solid king, minus the wigging.

That a grudge, a judge, a rank that stank, a top three, all equally.

The inconsequential, the insecurity, the industry, the ink

Marsupial, soup, Mars, supine, marsh, MARCH!

Dropped the bomb, now awaiting the ripples.

Clandestine sunlight, like playing chess without a rake.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

vacationing in an Arizona made of

I went for an Ashgrove - Donegani - Elm - St-Charles - Lakeshore - Beaconsfield - Lakeshore - Lakeside - tunnel - Donegani - Ashgrove walk yesterday evening after it had rained for much of the day.

It was nice to walk along Lac St Louis so I could see the calm water, a few ducks and other wildlife. Visibility also opened up so I could see the far shore.

I kept a pretty brisk pace so as to keep my heart working a little harder. It was only around 5c at the time as otherwise, if it had been warmer, I might have gone for a run. After today it is supposed to warm up again.

During my walk I passed various people, mostly walking in an opposite direction to me. I would say hello, and almost always they would say hello back to me. Twice I passed a person who was walking in the same direction but slower than I was. We would also exchange hellos.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

raw, like the after before

How many legs does a tripod have? If all three of them come crashing down, consider it evocatively stilled. What would bring down the house thus supported? There isn't more that could be provided as a solution, what was already offerred will have to do.

Perhaps this is all a simulation, who can tell? Rapid fire translateable song verses swiftly sent back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Now just need a funky bass line.

A masquerade disguised as a facsimile which was hiding left no choice to the searchers but to simply give up. My strategy would be to not give up under any circumstances.

Neon isn't my favourite element.

Monday, May 15, 2023

switch, twit, flip

Like a sunray upon me, warming me up. What a thought.

As mentioned in this post, my mother has been diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia. My father has been her primary caretaker and this has taken a toll on him, so fortunately last Monday my mom was brought to a CSHLD (centres d'hébergement de soins de longue durée) for a respite visit of duration about 11 days. Following this, the local (to my parents) CLSC (centre local de services communautaires) will be providing 30 hrs per week of a variety of different people that will come to the house to care for my mom to give my dad a break. This will allow him to get in a nap now and then and get back to doing some exercise as when I was with him this past weekend to visit my mom at the CSHLD in Huntingdon, he admitted that he has very much noticed his fitness level having diminished due to not having any time to exercise due to the care he is providing to my mom.

To see the kite fly, what a sight, but not at night. Like any mirror will tell you; there is no time like the immediate.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

triple the elaborate, but do not under

Blasting a furnace with supreme effort, raising the heat, raising the pressure to decide.

How many eggs, how many baskets, pecuniary challenge, especially in the difficult determination of value.

My two top choices thus far are H and T and with both I've soft-attempted to save a dime to no effect. Unknown where H lives, and T provided a name that I can't place, but either way it doesn't sound like either of them live very close to me.

Second choices are J and K of which only K provided location and is closest of all mentioned. Newly arrived today is C who has initiated with me and whom I have just responded to say I am interested.

There is no baked bread involved, no ice cream sandwiches, no petulance wrapped up in a jealousy factory. The turbulence that the smote wrote rides can only be reduced to ash. And what if in all of these, even if one by one my language falters, they all drop off. Then all this cash is down the drain.

I am debating, this personal finance sheet in my face, the top spend for lowest message cost. I will continue to debate.