Monday, April 05, 2021

two times six minus four plus frog

Apart from friendly childhood shoving with friends, I have never in my life been in a physical altercation or fight involving pushes, shoves, fists, punches, kicks or anything of that nature at any time.

Through my life I have been a witness to such fights, in-person, likely less than five times of which only two I can remember at this moment.

Years ago, through work and co-workers I had who were willing, I operated a lottery pool and one time as a group we won 1,000$. That is the largest of anything I have ever won, and it was shared among the 20 of us in the group.

I have been checking the vaccination appointment registrations by verifying the number of available time slots per day at the nearest arena sized vaccination site to where I live and there are a great many slots open and available this week. I believe it is time to expand the allowable people to the next lower rung on the priority list. I will accept to receive the vaccination of whatever producer is provided at whatever time slot I am able to get.

I ordered and received a new pair of running shoes last week.

There you have it, five things you now know about me that perhaps you may not have previously.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

yes, indeed, the t-shirt

During the weeks that I have the kids I have been walking V-8 to school every morning. As it is roughly the same time each day we do this, together we cross with other people on the way to school and on my own on the way back home I cross with other people too; the same people on a regular basis since we all seem to have the same schedule.

On my return to home today, walking back from having brought her son to the bus stop, I crossed a nice looking woman with whom we each said 'hi' and I wished her to have a good day. As it was a reasonably warm day she had her coat open such that I could see the print on her t-shirt which simply said in big bold letters 'Best Wife Ever'.

Seeing that t-shirt got me thinking along a number of different lines. 

Under what scale does one judge a wife? How do you evaluate wives to then render one of them to be the best one ever? What are the behaviours with respect to the husband where the woman is the best wife ever? With the global population approaching 8 billion people, presuming roughly half of whom are women, further saying perhaps only 60% are married, that is still over 2 billion wives; which excludes all of the wives in the past who have already expired; so how does one rate to be the 'best wife ever' as compared to 2 billion other people? I am guessing this t-shirt was probably manufactured in a factory with the exact same print, perhaps 1000s of times; each of which say 'best wife ever', so which one of these wives is really the best one?

Anyhow, these are my thoughts from the briefest of interactions this morning.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

twice, not eleventeen

Radiating following the isotope that didn't render the flurry of a henchman denied the elbow noodle a smattering of livid enigmatic ponderings made of blueberry infused cheese and Peloton servers.

That all of the underlings couldn't have counted to the highest number less than 1,000 that was both a prime number and denoted an address on Smith street north would make vapid the particulars of the generic whatevers.

The author of this post would be inclined to illustrate with cavities the saltine fragrantly-devoid Mesopotamian solution to ill-fated democracy in a patriarchal society. This inclination could easily be opposed by a mediocre supply level of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Ordering pizza by the left wrist, determining the usual quantities and toppings, makes up a list of items that if all of the posterior edges were rammed into a single solid cheese slice (as used by fast food restaurants in a cheese-burger) would send Indonesian based company stock prices to rise by an infinitesimal amount barely registerable.

This post could contain at least one more paragraph of the same nature of the previous three, but instead, it will contain but a sentence.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

sordid thoughts about chemistry agents

Malevolent shoe lace sales people without earrings that plague smoted voice rehearsal subordinates make strange bedfellows with the arcane. That not all of the richness of the carrot cake was spread iridescently on the four year old dusty floor placards comes as little surprise to the adjacent facilities janitorial supervisory person as she trimmed ever so slightly her left Chico finger. Who could possibly have guessed that one of the malevolent shoe lace sales persons went on a date with the adjacent facilities janitorial supervisory person; they ate together at a nearby food truck on a lunch break that took place in the late afternoon. Latent observers of this public display of casual interlocution combined with edible consumption would not have noticed the fluttering insides of the malevolent shoe lace sales person.

It isn't particularly comfortable to have fluttering insides; however, sometimes it is a required step in a process.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

be bop too two to

Instead of Glace Bay, how about going back to Mont Tremblant?

The proceedings from the divorce haven't been finalized yet; however, if this happens soon, I may put an offer on a condo up north. I have already gotten in touch with an agent up there and am waiting to see what the revenues are for past years. Obviously this is no guarantee of future years, and especially the 2020 year isn't meaningful, so I asked for the revenue of 2019.

If it measures up to my calculations, there may be a way to do this.

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

telling the tale, or the tail

So I have cancelled my dream of moving to Glace Bay.

It turns out that staying where I am is better. Though the cost of rent over time will continue to increase and the initial cost of owning the home may not be arduous, over time the home expenses as well as car expenses I would need there that I don't need here would add up as compared to the rent and living expenses here.

This may allow me to take up sailing. Time will tell.

In other news, sock prices have plummeted as the rainy season picks up. Good luck to all those who wear sandals.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

twice, why else?

The sun is shining, through the tulips that haven't sprouted as there is still between 10 and 30cms of snow on the ground.

I have yet to hear a cicada in 2021. Last year, it was only in July this happened.

I get to play table tennis today; I'm quite looking forward to it.

Not all of the items in this list are made of soliloquies or sub-par ice cream flavours.

I got a really good chuckle out of the question: your favourite: swimming laps or the number 17?

There is a meeting in my calendar scheduled for 15h30 today, I have joined it, but no one else has; this bodes well for me; I will de-join it. Leave it? Depart from the meeting? Cancel my connection? 

I did a cost comparison of Glace Bay vs staying where I am, if I was to do this today. Yes, buying a house there would decrease my savings; but the monthly costs would be far less. Still; this isn't something I can do while my children still need me to be around as the youngest is but twelve years old.

Off to TT I go! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

block dock sock

So, the vaccinations here in Quebec begin next week with 85 year olds (after having done the people couped up in long term care homes as well as almost all health care workers). The government said today there are roughly 200,000 such people in Quebec and that they'll be able to vaccinate about 100,000 per week over the next two weeks.

That brings us to mid-March by the time they get to the next cohort. The next cohort will likely be people aged 80+ or 75+, and then the next cohort after that would be 65+ or 60+. So, it looks for me (general population sub 60) will only get to it by May or June. I'm okay with this.

Conveniently, they've announced the bulk vaccination locations, and the one closest to me is easily within walking distance. So while it won't be particularly soon, it will be easily within reach. Also, the time of year that I have to go will be a nicer time of year, in terms of weather.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

too bad it isn't fledgling

The myopic version of the soldier who didn't know what year it wouldn't have been had the knife he carried with him had been sharpened one time less than it had been. Sore ankles made of Neptune asteroid pieces derive little from the idea that stains in your left sock removed by a ferry boarding card would dance a jig used by a table saw to hollow out doughnut holes.

It would be a crazy idea, that idea that would have been crazy. I should know.

Who would have guessed that Texas would get a prolonged snow and cold bout; well. I suppose I could have given the understanding I have with respect to the correlation between a decrease in the difference between Arctic temperature and Equatorial temperature causing the jet stream to meander wildly rather than to bullet across our infinitesimal blue planet in a roughly straight line. Yes, the difference between the Arctic air temperature and the Equatorial air temperature is decreasing as the Arctic air rises inconceivably fast due to global warming and anthropogenic climate change.

The Orion constellation is particularly clear this time of year in the evenings in my latitude.

Sending a bowling ball in your place to attend the wedding of the third least important acquaintance you met while at a chicken dinner dance event is probably not the best idea that a wall-eyed sturgeon could do if milked for a mild cheese. Now if the bowling ball was pink, however, that practically changes nothing.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

why else would the call be changed

I am enjoying the watching of the Australian Open (tennis) and it entices me to go there someday to attend the event in person.

After having that thought; it then occurs to me to check out Wimbledon, the US Open and the French Open also; as all four of those together represent the main tennis events.

Typically these events have a duration of about two weeks. My inclination at the moment is to go during the first week maybe slightly overlapping into the second week; the price for tickets for the earlier rounds I would expect would be less expensive compared to the quarter, semi and finals. During those earlier rounds I still ought to see some good tennis, and if I work it out right, be there to support Canadian tennis players.

This will be a rather expensive endeavour, especially for Australia as the airfare alone will be quite a lot; but in all of these major cities, paying for accommodations during these events will be quite a lot. As always, my goal would be to stay within walking distance; or, if there is an easy public transit route; to be able to do that and be further away.

The least expensive would be to attend the lesser tournament here in my own city as it comes every August. In 2019 I went one time; at an evening event. Maybe the next time they allow fans, whether it is this August or next, I'll take a few days off of work and go.

Friday, February 05, 2021

two times two times two times two

Had trouble with the buoyancy chapter today.

No worries, I pushed ahead anyhow.

Got scenario one taken care of; now just have scenarios 2-5 to take care of. I really hope this works out better than how the previous delivery of this course was received.

I will have to work this weekend to get it all done.

Oh, and there is the Superbowl on Sunday.

Oh, and the Australian Open (tennis) starts on Sunday; though, the course I am teaching is Mon-Wed so I don't think it will be a good idea for me to stay up all night to watch the tennis.

I am really liking working from home, it allows me to have a nap when I want to have one.