Monday, March 07, 2005

feet weekend feet

I had a nice feet weekend feet, and still I don't feet see the adsense ads change from what this feet website is, compared to feet the repetitive word I feet am typing in each of the feet last messages that contain the feet word feet. Maybe some relevant content? Most people have five toes for each foot they have, since most people have two feet, we use the word 'feet' to describe the part of the body that is closest to the ground while a person is standing.


Krista said...

P'raps your ads get their sense from your address...not the content.

Phil Plasma said...

You may be right, though it doesn't seem to make much sense to me - wouldn't every adsense ad in the blogger sites be identical if this were the case? Doesn't seem to me that many people would click on those ads.

Krista said...

You're probably right about that... it doesn't make much sense. Interested in hearing what you find.