Wednesday, June 22, 2005


mixed up antipathy towards lint dissolved the euologistic fragrance into surmisable plots of garrulousness and pie.

dodgy phonetics instructors devoured carcinogen infested syrup enigmas among greenish numbers of filth and glue.

placative sideswipers narrated the carpetted elbow behind barbarian perch enamoured smoke ropes.

Rainbows are pretty.


moofruot said...

ham dodgers suspected the ineluctable traces of impoverished garishness threatening to enrapture the mitigating masses.

inversely, species of emu concocted synergistic schemes from which underdeveloped colonies of malefactions conquered their exigent naives from eschewal.

coroners never sleep at night time.

Phx said...


Phil Plasma said...

moofruot!! A likeness hardly ever before seen!

phx - To me this is just disjointed vocabulary exercise, a pleasure more for the writer than for the reader. For moofruot, I'm not sure what this is about, but I enjoyed reading it none-the-less.

MikeE said...

Grumbling flocuoles missmanaged massive aggregate floating conciousnesses, amongst ample biometrics. Meanwhile frozen granulations absquatulated belligerently whilst synthetically cavorting with contiguous filamentous formulations.

Phil Plasma said...

How does one synthetically cavort?

moofruot said...

:D :D :D


Me and my brother make it a habit to use as many obscure words out of context as we can every day... :D