Monday, June 13, 2005

hurricanes, tornados and symbolism

calamaties, catastrophes and metaphors
sinewy, languid and hesitation
excitement, passion and philosophy

red, blue and seven


Phx said...

Okay I get that the first two are related more closely to each other than to the last one... but other than that... ?!

Phil Plasma said...

That's a good start... now see if you can really link the third with the first two. You don't need to do this with all five, but pick one of the five and give a nice description of how the third relates to the first two.

The easiest one is the last one, both in terms of the words, and how they are related: the words 'red' and 'blue' have 'seven' letters.

Phx said...

Sinews are red,
languid is blue...


Seriously though,

languidness can be associated with water, which is blue... but seven and hesitation?

Or is it that red relates to calamities, catastrophes and metaphors, blue to sinewy, languid hesitation?

excitement over having 7 lovers?
passion... 7 erogenous zones ?!
philosophy... lucky number 7 ?!?

I guess the mood of the first set could be associated with red, and the mood of the second set associated with blue... but do you want metaphors to relate back to calamities and catastrophes as well?!

Umm... how about the second one--there is hesitation upon witnessing a sinewy languid man or want them, but you hesitate--is something so beautiful better left untouched? better to have it remain a poignant memory?

Phil Plasma said...

You are brave to try and work out the meaning or relationship among the words of this post. Certainly for me it is much easier to write than to understand.

Hurricanes and tornados are symbolic in what respect?

Calamaties and catastrophes can both be metaphors for what?

Your effort on sinewy, languid and hesitation was terrific.

What is philosophic about being excited and passionate?

There are seven letters in the words red and blue.

You mixed up horizontal word lists with other horizontal word lists, not unacceptable, just unexpected.

So here's another one:

What would be the philosophy of someone who just suffered a languid calamity?

Is it red or blue which is metaphorical for passion?

Name the top seven words of this post.

moofruot said...

A languid calamity would bring about a hesitant philosophy...?

Red and blue are the same, just on opposite sides of the same spectrum... both can symbolize passion on equal terms - one (blue) is less immediate than the other (red) in effect and more enduring.

The top seven words of this post are "the top seven words of this post". :p

Phil Plasma said...

Very nice... only, the top seven words of the post are actually at the bottom. :-)

Phx said...

Hurricanes and tornados symbolic of disaster... and calamities and catastrophes ARE hurricanes and tornadoes... but metaphors for what, I don't know.

If I were to pick the top 7 words of this post as in the ones that were the most striking to me, the most wordy of words-they would be:

(The) seven symbolic philosophers hesistate (in) languid blue passion.

Phil Plasma said...

Very nice! You seem to always make me happy with your ability to reply to my sometimes ridiculous posts.