Friday, July 29, 2005


Movies that have stuck with me due to being either disturbing to me or very memorable for being different

  • Naked Lunch - David Cronenberg

  • Crash - also David Cronenberg

  • Seven - with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman

  • Saving Private Ryan - Spielberg, opening scene

  • Shindler's List - also Spielberg

  • Akira - Japanimation

  • Being John Malcovich - excellent odd movie

  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

  • Trainspotting

  • Traffic

There are probably a few more...


Phx said...

I didn't get through Being John Malcovich--it didn't hold my interest or curoisity at all.

Shindler's list--Excellent!

Saving Pvt Ryan--Didn't watch the whole thing... can't do war movies.

Those are the only three I've seen.

Don Tate II said...

I had a hard time with "Being John Malcovich"

I just recently saw "Green Mile"!

ROBBIE said...

Hey phil:
Seems like I will probably be the only one agreeing with you on being john malcovich. Hmm! I totally enjoyed saving pvt Ryan and schindlers list. I think these are spielberg at his best. I think you forgot to mention some olden goldies like guns of navrone and where eagles dare, I loved both those and also movies like lawrence of arabia and 2001 a space odyssey.
I havent seen most of the other movies on your list to comment on it. I guess have to look them up sometime.

Phil Plasma said...

I've seen all of the movies you've mentioned but none of them fall into the category of 'disturbing or very memorable for being different'.

The two war movies are just that, war movies, and alike many other war movies. Lawrence of Arabia is an epic in much the same way Titantic was, and 2001 I compare to the original Star Wars in terms of breaking ground.