Tuesday, August 02, 2005


120/70 64.

Today I had textbook blood pressure and heartrate when I went to give blood. Where I live we are eligible to give blood fifty-six days after you've given blood, and that is what I did. Next time will be September 27th, and I'll be doing it again then. Do you give blood?


Phoe Misplaced said...

I used to regularily but afterwards, the nurses always had to lay me down and cover me with wet paper towels because I would get dizzy. So I don't go anymore. That and it taking the nurses about 15 minutes just to find a suitable vein to draw the blood from. I am more hassle than I am worth, I think.

Phx said...

I never have but I definitely should.

Kâzım Mızrak said...

Hi Phil Plasma,

You remember me right now. I will go to The Blood Bank here, in a few days. Not for patient people, for my health!

Kazım Mızrak

Don Tate II said...

I've never been that desparate, but I could use some pocket change right about now

Phil Plasma said...

I've heard of places in the world where you get paid for giving blood, here in Canada it is completely voluntary.