Wednesday, September 21, 2005

car free day tomorrow

In Montreal from 0930 until 1530 a large section of the downtown core is shut off from vehicular traffic. This is not a true car free day since drivers can go in, park before 0930, and then at the end of the day, after 1530, drive home again. A true car free day would be from 0630 until 1930.

I, of course, am completely unaffected as I live in an outer subarb and work in an inner subarb, both on the same side of the city, so I never come close to the downtown of Montreal. If, however, I lived in the subarb where I currently work, and worked in the downtown core, I'd be taking public transit every day and would not be affected by car-free day. If I lived where I live now and worked downtown, I'd be driving part of the way and taking public transit the rest, so again, car-free day would not affect me.

Once I become a licensed ATC I'll likely be moving to within walking or cycling distance of where I work so that I can become car free full time. The ACC (area control centre) where I'll be working is about five minutes drive from where I am working now.


Phx said...

Tom and I carpool, which is better than nothing. I get to work an hour early each day and he waits an hour after work for me...

If we don't, I often drive because it takes 20 min. to drive, and over an hour to walk/take the transit.

I should transit in the good weather days I suppose.

moofruot said...

That's incredible. What a concept: car-free day. I say Sunday should be reserved as a work-free day, and also making it a car-free day. I wonder if someone could do the math and figure out how many tonnes of pollutants could be avoided by restricting cars a few hours each week...

When did we give up Sundays, anyway, and become this stupidly overworked and underliving society?

We bear your names but not your guilt
We do not like the world you've built
Poisoned, ruined to the hilt
In a bastard land
... (Motörhead - Make 'Em Blind)

ManNMotion said...

As opposed to "free car day" which would be something else entirely.