Wednesday, September 14, 2005

surface tension

Every surface has two sides, I'll say the upper side and the bottom side for the example of a glass of milk where surface tension allows the glass to hold more milk then the highest level of the glass. The bottom side of that layer could be known as beneath the layer surface tension.

Beneath the layer surface tension is very near the surface, as near as the bottom side of the milk is to the top. This kind of tension is present immediately before a riot breaks out or just as a natural disaster is happening. In Indonesia the surface tension was broken by a child drinking a sip from the glass of milk. In Northern Ireland and New Orleans, it was an adult who smashed the glass of milk to relieve the tension.

We need to have more children drinking milk.


Anonymous said...

without surface tension
there can be no ripples
without ripples
there can be no waves
without waves
there can be no flooding
without flooding
I would not have spilled milk on my shirt

Phx said...

i don't like milk. it makes me all snotty.

ManNMotion said...

Milk used to be my favorite drink, but I cut back. Now my sis is here and I'm on it again, and I'm bloated and crampy and constipated. And I'm a man. Somewhere in there is a haiku, I'm sure of it.

Phx said...

bring it on mannmotion!