Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Where is Sheena Easton?

or, for that matter, Barney Miller?


Phx said...

I dunno, but on Sept 18 she was spotted in Milwaukee.

SheenaFan#1 said...

Oh, gawd. I just love Sheena. I am her hugest fan, and I ma glad somebuddy is out looking for her, too. I just happen to know where she is because I was over by her house in Malibu several times this week. she is so gorjus. she is just amazing. Thje person who said she was in Milawukee was 100% rigth. Phx -- did you enjoy the show as much as I did? I was up neer the front. I think she had a cold or the influenza or soemething.
I want to meet her, but I am sure she mite be a b*ch if I met her, although I really think she is fantastic. I happen to know she does all kinds of charity things. Anyway, I am going by her place again today to see if I can get a better look. But then I have to hichhike home. Good lcuk finding her.

ps I dont know if that Barney Miller guy is still alive even. What did he sing? You have to give us clues. I don't have a single one.

ManNMotion said...

I don't know about Barney Miller, but Barney (just "Barney") is alive and well. Fish, on the other hand, is dead.

Phx said...

lol.... sheenfan#1: hope you found a nice comfy flatbed for the ride home. goodluck in your stalking--oops, i mean, sheenadmiring. and don't you mean you are her "huggest" fan? ;)

sheenafan#1 said...

yo phx. thx for the kind wishs. I did find a bed, but its a waterbed. i will have to share it with a guy a met this afternoon. gawd, I am so lucky but i think its because you mad me such a beuatiful wish to find a bed before I go home. he's a bit freaky and i would normaly be a little afraid of him, but he is as big a Sheena fan as I am so I think he will be cool.

I know what you mean about staking Shena, but I know she would like it. She needs fans to. So its not realy stalking if I show up when she is out.

Anyways take care of yourslef. I think your very cool. Maybe I can dorp by to see you? Where are you?

Bye bye

ps you spelt hugest wrong

Brotha Buck said...

Sheena Easton, and Barney Miller are in cahoota with Gloria Estefan.