Monday, October 03, 2005

long hard hours

I had an orientation session on Saturday to learn about what is expected of me during my ATC training. The sessions will be from 0700 until 1500, and it looks like I'll likely have to do from 1600 to 2000 daily of homework, plus perhaps fifteen to twenty hours over the weekend.

I have a language gap to cover in that the training will be in french. I speak, read, write and understand general conversational french but am not fluently bilingual.

I have a cultural gap to cover in that my colleagues in the class are mostly all from a french cultural background, all we may have in common sont les Canadiens.

I have an age gap to cover in that it seems like most of my colleagues are about ten years younger than I am.

So there are lots of long hard hours ahead of me. It is mostly the first gap that will be a problem for learning, but the second or third to make life easier by befriending at least some of the class. I'm in training with these same people for at least eight months, so it would be hard if we didn't all mesh well.

I have already advised two of you that my blogging presence will be nullified after October 14th, for the rest of you, this is your notice. It will pain me to say goodbye to all of you here but I don't see I have a choice given the obligation I will be put under.

I'll still be posting to this and your blogs still until October 14th, however.


Phx said...

Hard work makes dreams come true--I'm happy for you, but you will definitely be missed.

I hope the first gap isn't too difficult to bridge. And the second and the third.

Brotha Buck said...

You gotta do what you gotta do, and it sounds like you're gonna make more money doing that than doing this. We'll check ya out when you finish those gazillion of hours. Maybe you can occasionally enlighten us with some of your stuff via your Blackberry and email your post. I know you got one...a Blackberry.

moofruot said...

Good luck with the training... anything worth doing takes long, hard work, so I'm sure the end result will pay off. You will be missed. :)

ManNMotion said...

Adios...that's Spanish, not French so I hope I didn't put you on language overload considering the current strain. Hopefully we'll see you in eight months or so.