Thursday, October 13, 2005

What to do with ceremonial soup - decided

I got inspired by Brotha Buck's blog about what to do with ceremonial soup. I've realized that posting to the blog doesn't take an inordinate amount of time. What takes the time (that I have enjoyed so much) is reading the blog of all of you. I am sorry to say that I won't be able to read your blogs except for the occasional read the most recent one, but I will try to continue to post here as I can. Some of the posts will be to let you know how it is going, other times I will ask you to reply with a one or two sentence line of how you are doing (be it vague, truthful, nonsensical or otherwise).

I am sure this solution suits you all more than any of the previous I mentioned.


Brotha Buck said...

Hey Phil,

I'll be checkin in from time to time. Keep us updated on whats going on! Have a great time...whereever you'll be. Ceremonial soup will be here when you get back!

moofruot said...

Keep it online, but close the comments... 'cos every so often I'm gonna click on your link, as I'm sure others will, to see what's going on, if you've had time to post.

Take care & godspeed (I don't know what that means, but I hope it means something to you!)

ManNMotion said...

Great news! Our blogs will be here when you are back so you'll be able to check back in and say hello.

Copernicus Now said...

See ya in the funny pages!

Phx said...

Sounds good to me! Have a blast, do well, and I'm sure we'll be here when you emerge from all the craziness of ATC training.