Friday, November 25, 2005

making an appearance

I got 95% on my test on Monday this week, I passed all parts of the performance check today, I am kind of taking the weekend off, so potentially I will visit all of you this weekend and read and respond to your most recent entry, unless I don't or can't. Also, spoon feeding a lemming vats and vats of ketchup is an excellent way of bloating up the oven. thick.


ManNMotion said...

The Soup, the Soup, the Soup is on fire

We don't need to water, let the lemming burn

Brotha Buck said...

Congratz! Great to hear you're getting a break. Now, I'm headed off to to look up the word lemming and vats.

moofruot said...

poor little lemming :(

death by ketchup!!! omg I need to make that my MSN name.