Monday, December 26, 2005

sideways isn't obviously the right frame of mind

Mind you, obvious isn't the right sideways frame.

Neither is the right mind an obvious sideways frame.

Hmmm... I don't mind being sideways, or right, or an obvious frame?


moofruot said...

Any frame of mind is sideways to begin with, depending on perspective. It's only right to the person whose mind is being framed; sideways in various degrees to everybody else. And obviously, one doesn't mind being sideways, since it seems to be right to the one within the frame. So the real question is, would you mind being an obviously sideways mind?

ptarmigan said...


Phil Plasma said...

moofruot, yes
ptarmigan, maybe

ManNMotion said...

Three blind men touched the elephant in different places than the others and, thus, none of them got a complete picture.

Brotha Buck said...

That is definitely a toung twister of the mind, and it's caused my mind to buzz. Hope things are going great!

ptarmigan said...

Re: the 3 blind men and the elephant.

Maybe none of them got a complete picture, but they sure changed the elephant's frame of mind!