Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ATC Update

I wrote my second test of the bridge course this morning and did quite well, I do believe. I'll get the results on Thursday. March 14th is my next exam and by then I will know what airspace I will be assigned to, and hence, when my training will end and when I will be an employee and when I will start my on the job training working with real aircraft.

It is going really well... I am super pleased about the career change. I found out that my schedule will be to work 17 out of every 28 days... better than the rest of you working 20 out of 28 :-)

6 on, 3 off, 5 on, 5 off, 6 on, 3 off, then repeat. If I take the middle 5 days off as vacation, I get almost two weeks worth of vacation.

Anyhow, punctuation marks are as follows:.,/?;)


Brotha Buck said...

Air traffic controller, right.Not Astronaut. I'm glad they're giving you enough sleep!

moofruot said...

Awesome. =)