Wednesday, April 05, 2006

small is bigger than large

yes, I am still alive.

ATC school has just gotten excessively busy. I just had my second of five tests in the current phase of training I am in and scored very well. Tomorrow I start in simulation to put into practice what I have just been tested on in theory.

I miss the writing (of my blog) and the reading (of all of yours), but some day I will return to being somewhat less busy. Probably after July 24th.

Make sure to float onto the plantation in a decorous manner as befitting a smurf.


ptarmigan said...

as beef hitting a smurf?

ManNMotion said...

The big blue will quench your thirst upon your return...except it's really somewhat brick and sand colored.

Brotha Buck said...

Lets hear it for abolition of the Smurfs!