Friday, June 02, 2006

How do you spell the word

Kind of a silly question when you have to type the word you are asking how to spell.

Marvelous, isn't it, this language of ours? That it can have so many meanings of the same words, and so many words with the same meanings, and so many words that sound the same but mean different things, and so many words that mean the same but sound differently.

to, two, too, cock, caulk, bear, bare, fish, box, lemming.


Brotha Buck said...

You know,I'm wondering what took longer — writing the post, or coloring each a.

ManNMotion said...

Would you like to biggie size your order with extra nouns and verbs for only 59 cents more?

Phil Plasma said...

bb: Yes.

MnM: No.