Thursday, June 22, 2006

miasmic congestion

I hate being part of the problem. I hate that I have to drive. I hate that where I live requires me to drive to get to work and that moving closer is cost prohibitive. I hate that urban sprawl is continuing. I hate that I have to work. I hate that I am becoming a doomsday person.

I love being a problem. I love to drive. I love where I live. I just wish for better out of me, and out of everyone else, including you.


Marc André Bélanger said...

Lucky me: I love where I live, and the metro (or subway, for you non-Montrealers) station is just a few blocks away. Plus I've got the best liquor store!

(I actually use to have the same problem, but in reverse: lived in the city, worked in the suburbs. I wouldn't go back to that. I like having a care to get out of the city, not to drive in it...)

But isn't being a doomsday person great!

ManNMotion said...

We should all protest traffic by quitting our jobs and refusing to drive. That's what they'd do in France.

moofruot said...

You are not part of the problem if you go against the grain... they have electric cars in Italy now. And they restrict traffic in downtown areas, so people are forced to take public transit. And public transit is mostly green energy or electric. And they have days during which people who have odd/even numbers in thier lisence plate are prohibited to drive... (ecc.)

All good ideas. We all need to take a stand, though, and North Americans have it too convenient now to care. It's sad... only when a society is forced to be energy conscious (ie 60 million people crammed in a plot of land 1/3 the size of Ontario) do they actually find the means to conserve...