Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Disinclined towards eggplant

Matches light fire or other things that are flammable. Flammable is something that can catch on fire. Fire is something that keeps us warm. Warmth is not made of cheese, though cheese can keep you warm. More on the state of things unrelated to furthering your life in non-descript methods upon the return of sun to the cloudy night.


Mercenaria said...

Plants are green - they like to soak up the sun - at least that's what they tell me. So the question beckons.. which came first - the egg or the plant?

I'm voting for the sun.

moofruot said...

The sun is merely a star. Stars fall. People fall in love. Love makes the world go round. Round is roughly the shape of an egg. Eggplant.

I'm voting for the sun, too.

ManNMotion said...

Cheese is flammable if you cut it but it won't provide appreciable warmth as much as emit an odor. There are unconfirmed rumors, however, that the blast contains enough energy to start a grass fire in a dry year.

L>T said...

I can'think of a damn thing to say about cheese & eggplant & fire except it sounds like the makings of a fondue.