Monday, July 24, 2006

distributed telepathic accomplishments

Have you ever noticed when one of the last things you think about at night becomes one of the first things you think about in the morning. Does this mean there is a continuous filament that works in your mind that connects the two while you are asleep?

If you've ever done distributed computing with your PC to help solve enormous mathematical or biological problems, you understand the concept of sharing vast resources to accomplish huge tasks. Well, how about making use of these continuous mind filaments in such a fashion? What do you think we, as humanity, would be able to accomplish if we could connect these filaments and put them to work solving major and minor issues worldwide?

If all it meant was that every night you attach a few electrodes to your head that were wired (or wirelessly connected) to a PC that is on-line, would that be a fair trade-off for what could be accomplished?


L>T said...

I thought blogging accomplished all that with out electrodes???

Mercenaria said...

Sign me up! I would be a little worried however that with the heavy amount of dream recollection I have and the strangeness of those dreams that I might overload the system or *gasp* take over the system and instead of solving the world's issues - I use the power of the other brains to help me run away from the giant scissors wearing the hat that are chasing me.

Mister Pregunto said...

So you have night-time Phil, and his successor entity day-time Phil. And each is attached to the other by a philament. What happens to the philament when day-time Phil gets up and starts walking around? And, for that matter, what happened to night-time Phil? Is he still somewhere in the bed?

What does Phil's wife think of this? Does she ever get tangled up in the philaments?