Thursday, July 27, 2006


It had just rained some dozens of minutes earlier, the rain had stopped but the clouds were still present, so evaporation from the road had not yet completed. Screeech first the heavy truck, near miss to the car in front. Independently and soon thereafter, screeech, the pickup-up, near miss to the car in front. Indepentently and soon thereafter, screeech! the car had a light touch with the car in front, both drivers got out, very short discussion of basically no damage, then they got back into their cars.

Some people drive too fast, especially when they are on slicker than normal surfaces and when they are not paying close attention.


Mercenaria said...

Mmm.. were you watching this from your office window - or were you one of the drivers involved in the little bump... Just hoping you're okay!

Drivers in Canada respect winter driving more than how drivers in Canada pay attention to slick summer thunderstorm soaked roads.

I wish I could fly

Phil Plasma said...

I was walking along the service road up to Sources where C picks me up on the way home.