Thursday, August 17, 2006

Carnival of Inspiration

I was hoping to get blog entries about inspirational messages that bring you to action, to move you and to get you started into actually doing something. Some of my entries were rejected because they simply didn't do that, others I've accepted because they are close, and others are excellent entries that match this theme perfectly.

  1. Love and Marriage...It's an Institute You Can't Disparage Monica writes about how marriage can be inspiring, not really a get into gear post, but elemental in strength.

  2. Who Are You? A great post about the subtelties of who we are and a call to action to recognize and use those subtelties.

  3. How to Find What You Love to Do A great instructional page on how to change your life for the better in determining exactly what it is you love to do and then finding a way to monetize it.

  4. Lovely Lady Lumps This isn't as much of a post about action as it is a message that needs to be broadcast loud and clear, and so while it didn't meet the criteria of this themed blog, I wanted to broadcast the message.

  5. 11 Ways to Improve Clarity and Start Getting Results Need I say more?

  6. Self Help and Personal Development for Lazy People Save yourself the time and money in all of the self-help books you could be buying and reading - check out this blog entry which does an excellent summary.

  7. Acceptance and the Easy Life Some advice on how you can purposefully choose to live an easier life.

  8. Why You Should Seek Inspiration Instead of Motivation With inspiration you are more likely to act and to accomplish a goal, with motivation that isn't inspired, you may not make it.

  9. Optimal Living How to take measured and active steps to feel better all day and be 'in the flow'.

  10. Setting Goals For Success A great article about the importantance and reasoning behind setting goals.

  11. How to Believe You Can Do Anything We've all heard something like 'you can achieve what you believe', well, read this post to learn how to develop your beliefs such that you really can achieve something.

  12. Talk The Talk. Marketing Without a Budget A great call to action if you are just starting a business and don't have a lot of cash and need to get the word out.

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Hueina Su said...

Great list! I also have a similar article you might be interested:"C.P.R. for a Balanced Life". Let me know what you think.