Tuesday, August 01, 2006

inherently extrinsic

  1. Who knew what plagues of man would fall asunder and which would wreck the faithless?

  2. Why shouldn't the garrulous spread the word of good news and bad?

  3. What is better than limited indulgence mixed with copious minimilism?

  4. Where are we if not between, amidst and among each other in reference to nowhere?

  5. When will the drudgery end?

1 comment:

IbaDaiRon said...

1. The nosy neighbor who knows everything about everyone.

2. Because they have no concept of "the word", one being sufficient, to the wise.

3. Unrepentant hedonism with extreme prejudice for post-modern BS.

4. At Number 4 in the list.

5. When you decide to name it otherwise.