Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the next point to make is


I composed a post complaining about something, then I deleted it and am writing these words.

Complaining will not change anything, it might provide some amount of sympathy, but sympathy doesn't really help either.

The other point I wanted to make was it dawned on me a little bit about why I am the way I am emotionally - two of the most influential fictional characters of my teenage life had something in common - Daneel Olivaw from Isaac Asimov's robot series of stories and Lt Cmdr Data from Star Trek TNG.


L>T said...

You are right complaining does not change anything.
But i always find it helpful to get things off my mind by throwing it out there.
Sympathy is meant to be helpful. It's meant to make you feel better. :)

I checked out your fictional characters. A robot that appears to be human & an artificial lifeform designed to resemble a human. that's interesting. Do you mean influential like they influenced you or do you mean like you felt you had something in common with them?

Phil Plasma said...

They influenced me in their cold reasoning capability, an attribute I aspired to at the cost of realizing a more emotional persona.

L>T said...

well that's odd alright but, I don't see teenagers as making those kinds of decisions arbitrarily.
Either you were just a weird kid or there is more to the story.

Phil Plasma said...

I am sure I was a weird kid and there is definitely more to the story.

ManNMotion said...

I am an I Robot and Foundation guy. Starship Troopers, the book (not the abomination of a movie) is also on the list. I was also torn betwen Spock and Scotty. Boy that Scotty sure could fix anything. Maybe I can get him to remodel my kitchen.

Phil Plasma said...

MNM: I'm glad you posted as I was always more Spock than Scotty, and that matches (except for the seven year itch) the emotional levels of Daneel and Data.

Mercenaria said...

I find that complaining can sometimes make me feel worse about a situation. But it is true that it often feels better just to 'get things off my chest'. Like chest hair I guess, or moles, or dead skin, or any other things that might be there.