Wednesday, August 23, 2006

samsonite luggaged at the airport

Isn't technology a miracle? Isn't it amazing that I can type these words and wherever you are you can read them and reply?

Sometimes I wonder what life was like (will be like?) when the available amount of energy for humanity was (will be?) much less. This technology didn't exist then, but will it continue to exist in the future?

If not, I'd have to say it has been a pleasure blogging with Phx and Phoe (who don't visit me anymore), BB and MNM - two prophetic and enlightening bloggers, moofruot with creative vigilance, L. Tart with entertainment calibre, Copernicus/Pregunto with exquisite inquisitiveness, mercenaria with sibling like blog name and all of the other less common visitors to my blog.

This isn't a personal departure message, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. It's more of a commentary that any of us could disappear in a moment, and that since our connection is so intangible, it is possible that there would be no one to update your blog to indicate you don't exist any longer.


L>T said...

That is so true. I suspect we'd forget each other after a week. I'm not really sure why i find this all so facsinating, anyway(not that you aren't :)I tell myself blogging is just a new way of expressing myself or that it is just an obssesion that i will get over someday. The virtual person(people)I've created seems so real though. I'm working on a painting that illustrates this I think.

moofruot said...

Sometimes I think that the people who reply to my blog are actually me, and I'm simply unaware that I have several multiple personalities who post without the other personalities' knowledge...

But I also keep a diary, and as I reread it every so often, I don't notice any "replies" of this sort in there.

But then again, maybe I also keep multiple diaries and hide them from the other personalities.

Maybe I need to eliminate all the people who post on my blog, then, to regain control of my individual self.

Sleep with one eye open, Plasma. Sleep with one eye open.



L>T said...

moofruot; If it makes you feel any better, i'm not you. I know what you mean, though. sometimes I think what if everyone who talks to L>T is just like 3 bloggers in a big conspiracy? That thought freaks me out.

Mercenaria said...

Of course there is the possibility that I don't exist at all.

That would make my mother, my finches and my turtle very unhappy.

Unless they don't exist as well.