Friday, August 18, 2006


why else would you make it through the year if it weren't for being twice who you are?


moofruot said...

And if you're three times who you are, then the extra third is surplused into the year that follows, which ultimately surpluses into being four times who you are, etc.

Mercenaria said...

Can you spend one of the surplus who you are's in the future for something cool - like vacation days unused can sometimes be turned into currency.

What is the currency of 'Who you are'?

Is it measured or counted in .. you's?

L>T said...

it's not that complicated really, there's the wife & mother me & the blogger me. two seperate people it seems, until I eat... then they both want to fall asleep. Hopefully when i wake up the me that needs to be, will be the me I am.