Wednesday, October 25, 2006

brocoli is your best friend

when a window frames the doorway without a mirror, does the ceiling deny the right to existence of the floor? Blankets don't milk the elbows of a light socket that has a trunk the size of a fireman. Without questioning the limits of imagination, a post such as this would placate a rust-coloured plastic item with an imprinting of doves and lemurs. Three more times than that would be two less than once more, before accepting the second fifth of the quartet whose eleventh home was next to number three-twenty-three on the second street over from sixth street whose orientation is 112 degrees north, or rather, somewhat east-west. Blocks of text that are used as test material. Blocks of text that are used as test material. Blocks of material that are tested as text. Test blocks made of material are used as text.
How many beyond the


ghost said...

yes. it denies the floor's existence.

L>T said...

How many beyond the amount of drugs I have taken today & may consider taking in the future.

sorry, but that post really reminded me of the old days.