Monday, October 02, 2006

photo diary - a day in the life

Someday when I actually own a digital camera, I thought it would be fun to take dozens of photos throughout a typical day showing the places I live through. First things my eyes see when I wake up, a few images from my house, pulling out of the driveway, different things I see on the drive to work out the car window, what my work place looks like, what the hallways look like leading to my cube, what my cube looks like... on and on.

I might have two versions, one I would be willing to post here that is fully public, and another one maybe at flickr which I only grant permission to people I know. The one here would have slightly fewer photos, the one on flickr will have more photos of people.

Would you ever consider doing the same thing?


L>T said...

no, but it sounds like a fun idea.

L>T said...

I take that back I misread. I thought you asked if I've ever considered it.

yes, i would consider it.

Brotha Buck said...

Now, you know me. Of course I would, heck I cartoon all my business. Now, you, my friend, will need to turn off your email auto responder, if you want to remain anonymous. Hehehehe.

Phil Plasma said...

BB, thanks for the tip about my out-of-office messages, and also thanks for your blog that partially does what I suggested in this post.