Wednesday, October 11, 2006

sandwiched between corruption and prophecy

On the topic of vegetables, I'd have to grant the reader of this article the right to skip the entirety of this post.


Phew... now that that's over, let's get into the real meat of the post, the truth, the wisdom, the concise content that may change your life. Here's the golden nugget I have to offer you, take what you want from it, believe it or not, the choice is yours: No one is as tall as someone who is taller than they are.

Did you get that?

Can you think of any other corollaries otherwise known as potatoes?

The real cheese of the matter is that anyone who is less tall then someone who is taller, won't be equally tall. The same holds true for someone who is less heavy compared to someone who is heavier, or less ignominious compared to someone who is more ignoble.

And as a conclusion to this post, the dessert, you should take note that I've covered all of the component parts of a meal, with a sandwich on top.


ghost said...

what? no hippopotamous?

Debstar said...

Grasshopper you are so wise