Sunday, October 22, 2006

soup stains and grease

Laundry is one of those things that seem to get done on a regular basis. X loads a week, often the same day a week, or the same time of day. Sometimes left in the dryer overnight, sometimes using the quick wash cycle and sometimes in a panic as pre-planned wardrobe options are altered. Laundry machines don't seem to break down often, though for some people it has happened due to some karmic event that involved the way ants combine efforts in building sand castles. Some machines are front loading, top loading or stackable. Other machines are not machines at all, but rather, an effort with the hands.

I don't know about you, but


ghost said...

i am a machine. at least, that's what they call me.

Debstar said...

We have a hole in the wall in the laundry. The man in my life threw a hammer through it when he was fixing up the washing machine.