Wednesday, November 01, 2006

blankets among the wild

Does your peripheral vision ever catch something that when you turn to see it, it isn't there?

The feet apparel you are wearing as you read these words, do they have laces?

What is the furthest point south you have ever been on this planet? (Debstar likely to win this one).


Debstar said...

Hehehe. Hope I win. Hobart. 42.50south Latitude.
And I always sit at the computer barefoot.
BTW your kids are cute as buttons. Well the little one is, the other one looks abit scary.

ghost said...

all the tickety time. im writing a short story asbout it.

aye. sneakers. of the nike persuassion.

mexico. well, there was that one juant to panama back in the eighties, but we dont speak about that.

moofruot said...



Tampa, FLA, U.S.A. I wanna go to Hobart. :(