Friday, November 24, 2006

keeping in touch

I have a fairly abhorrent record at keeping in touch and staying friends with people as I have moved forward through the different parts of my life. I have been most successful with the friends I made through alt.good.morning as we have a separate yahoo group mailing list that keeps us all connected that we all post to somewhat regularly. So here's my list, I'll tag ghost, moofruot and L>T. Change up some of the details but leave the essence..

Current friends I have that I...
...went to elementary school with: 0
...went to high school with: 1
...went to CEGEP1 with: 0
...went to university with: 0
...met in my first job at UPS: 0
...met in my second job at CN: 0
...met from age 0-10: 0
...met from age 11-20: 2

1. CEGEP exists only in Quebec and is a phase of education that exists between high school and university.


L>T said...

got your tag & have dutifuly(?) posted.

Debstar said...

I'm equally as bad at retaining friendships. My mother keeps in contact with friends, some she has known for over 50 years. She & some tennis friends she has known for over 20 years go & "babysit" an old friend who now has alzhiemers. I would like to be more like my mum but basically I'm lazy. It takes effort to maintain contact with people who have moved on.

Anonymous said...


Brotha Buck said...

Wow, you're doing much better than I. Course I have trouble making them in the first place, so retaining them is completely another story.