Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mercury toasted

If your bladder were made of cheese, would it empty out as spoiled milk?

If your liver were made of fruit loops, would your blood be multi-coloured?

If your brain was petrified, would you be restricted to a vocabulary of one word: "fish fish fish fish fish?"

If your soul really did exist as a physical form, what flavour would it be?

mmmm... yummy.


Anonymous said...

It would empty out as a flavorful fish cheese. Which is kind of nasty.

L>T said...

if you went to your internist on Thanksgiving would he examine your giblets?

moi said...

my bladder empties skim milk these days.

Debstar said...

Teeny Tiny said her soul would taste like chocolate. I'm thinking however mellow, smooth, full, uncomplicated. That would be a large glass of Shiraz

If your bladder was made of malt would it empty out whisky?

moofruot said...


I'd rather have cocoa puffs so it'd be chocolate.