Tuesday, November 14, 2006

pillaging villagers

Breakfast time is such a thrill! WAKE UP!

Tuesday isn't made of cream cheese, and neither is lint.

If it weren't for isotopes we'd have a whole lot more muons.

Sally is to door frames as Nick is to severity. As a result, Severe Sally and Door Frame Nick hitched and produced MS Windows Vista.

Celebrities aren't.

When the topic list is reduced by one, it then needs to be expanded by one to maintain the status quo. One way to expand the topic list is to add a modifier. It could be a 'good breakfast', a 'bad breakfast', a 'late breakfast', a 'delicious breakfast', a 'hurried breakfast', a 'Malaysian breakfast' or a 'Political breakfast'.

Don't forget to blow your nose should your nose need blowing.


ghost said...

egg nog, phil. it's where it's at.

Debstar said...

Wow that's freaky, I have a head cold and a seriously runny nose. Do you have ESP?

Phil Plasma said...

No, not ESP, just the capacity to state a phrase that applies to everyone since it includes a condition.

Brotha Buck said...

I think something mathematical is going on in this blog.

moofruot said...

Bad breakfast.

Three brownies. Three cups of espresso.

I feel so impure somehow.