Wednesday, December 20, 2006

absent and unaccounted for

my PC at work was having connectivity problems and it is almost exclusively work-time that I use to blog, so I was away for a few days but have now returned.

Returned to provide you this invaluable snippet of information:

Lozenge is the only word in english that begins with the letters loz.


Brotha Buck said...

Work, that's where i do most of my blogging too, shhhh!

Debstar said...

My husband's computer died yesterday. He had zip on the screen so I don't know what he did all day but it got me a thinking that in the future maybe we could have sick days on behalf of our computers.

I didn't know that about lozenge.

Brotha Buck said...

I had to respond to something you said in my blog. Honestly, I started cartooning, partly as a result of a request you made on my blog about a year ago. I wrote about Bill Bennet, and you suggested that I do a cartoon. Before that, I had no interest in cartooning, especially political cartoons. I enjoyed conceptualizing a national story with a cartoon, and I've been doing it every since. So, I credit Ceremonial Soup!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your PC needed a lozenge to clear its throat