Friday, December 22, 2006

effluent vs affluent

Please, oh Please.... get it straight!

Three times I've heard it in the last six years that sewage was affluent and that the effluent wealthy were ridiculous in their consumption. Please!


L>T said...

if you can't tell the difference then you shouldn't be using those words, right?

I have to ask you something.
Were you being delibrately snide or critical in your comments on my blog? Like the last couple of posts?

Debstar said...

The way I see it spelling is just getting worse. What do you blame, education? Internet? Phone Texting? Laziness?

What annoys me most is that so many people do not seem able to tell the difference between simple words ie.
their, there, they're or where, we're
Is it so very hard?

Having said all this I was reading back on a recent post of mine where I said 'peels of laughter' now was that orange or lemon peel. It must have been late when I typed that.

Hope the baking was successful. Did you let the kids help?

Phil Plasma said...

L>T, I'm not sure what you are referring to, if what I wrote could be interpreted as such, it was not my intention. If it is about 'this wasn't the route I expected you to take' it was merely that I had no expectation at all...

Deb, I blame people for simply not take care to know the difference. The written word is important to me and I wish it were as important to others.

L>T said...

OK. we are cool I hope.