Friday, December 01, 2006

The Fallen

Canadian Losses in Afghanistan

Marc Leger
Ainsworth Dyer
Richard Green
Nathan Smith
Robert Short
Robbie Beerenfenger
Jamie Murphy
Braun Woodfield
Glyn Berry
Paul Davis
Timothy Wilson
Robert Costall
Matthew Dinning
Myles Mansell
William Turner
Randy Payne
Nichola Goddard
Anthony Boneca
Francisco Gomez
Jason Warren
Christopher Reid
Vaughan Ingram
Bryce Keller
Kevin Dallaire
Raymond Arndt
Jeffrey Walsh
Andrew Eykelenboom
David Braun
Shane Stachnik
Frank Robert Mellish
William Cushley
Richard Francis Nolan
Mark Graham
David Byers
Shane Keating
Keith Morley
Glen Arnold
Josh Klukie
Craig Gilliam
Robert Mitchell
Mark Andrew Wilson
Darcy Tedford
Blake Williamson
Bobby Girouard
Albert Storm


ghost said...

id like to see the same list, only the american version. remember them.

moofruot said...

May God rest their souls, and the souls who must live with the void left by their deaths, and the souls who must live with the guilt attributed to their deaths.

moi said...


Phil Plasma said...

I would want to see the list of Americans fallen in Iraq, but also and just as importantly, the fallen Afghanis in Afghanistan and the fallen Iraqis in Iraq.

L>T said...

ditto, phil.

ghost said...


Mercenaria said...

It's sad. Such vitality lost is really sad.