Monday, December 04, 2006

how did you feel?

On Friday there was freezing rain mixed with high winds. This is the recipe for power outages. My home lost electricity for about 36 hours between Friday evening starting before we got home, until Sunday at around noon (we weren't home when it came back on again).

We have a wood stove so we managed to keep our home warm, but with no power going to the fridge, we had to bring our food to in-law's house who had spare fridge space.

The bothersome issue was that our power outage was very local, and so we had to drive past many homes bright with Christmas lights only to come to our very dark home. It made me feel strongly about how wasteful we are with electricity in particular and energy in general, not just me, but all of us, including you and everyone else who doesn't read this blog.


Susan Haskins said...

We at Jevay International Inc based in Florida understand these trying times. Power outages can leed to more that being uncomfortable but can also leed to more emotional problems due to stress. Try to lend a hand and offer what you can to your neighbors and the community. Here is our site to help make life a little better during these outages.

Kind regards,

Phil Plasma said...

Wow... Susan is searching the blogosphere for keywords like 'power outage' and then adding her advertising. Her blog is hardly worth visiting on a one post per month basis, all posts just going back to her hurricane supplies website. I would almost just delete this entry if it weren't for the fact that it allows me to comment about it.

No, Susan, we haven't suffered any emotional problems, nor have we succumbed to any stress. When you live in a place with lots of trees that are taller than power lines, and in that same place there is a strong chance of freezing rain throughout the winter, and those rain storms are often coupled with wind, it is no surprise that we will lose power periodically.

Thanks for visiting my blog, but next time, give me some content on your own blog to let me know you are a real person, rather than a piece of software conjured by a sales daemon.

L>T said...

that's telling her.

We lose power once or twice a winter due to high winds. it's usually for a few hours. But it sure makes a person realize their dependance on electricity. It's not a very secure feeling. We are very complaisant when it comes to our consumption of energy.

ghost said...

dude, that blows. in 01 i lost power in my house for a week and a half after an ice storm tore up the countryside. it was over christmas too. i feel for you.

the title of the post made me think of austin powrs.

Debstar said...

In Queensland the power is more likely to go off in summer when everyone turns on the air conditioning. And at a time when the electricity system is working to the max on go all the Xmas lights.

Mercenaria said...

I moved to an area that was once known as the 'triangle of darkness' because it went without electricity for the longest (some places for over a month) during the ice storm of 1998.

Here's a CBC archive clip:

It was wild!

So during Phil's recent storm - I had the same wind but no loss of power because they had replaced all of the towers that had fallen in 1998 with heavy duty ones.

Oh, and Phil - I bet Susan isn't even her real name!!