Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Market Research indicates flooding of your inbox

1. When the analysis is complete, no more analysis will be done.

2. When the carpeting comes to an end, there will be no more carpet.

4. As the Moon travels around the Earth, fewer and fewer people learn multi-variable calculus.

8. Chicken is the furthest thought from your mind until you read this sentence.

16. I removed my all-season tires last night and put on my winter tires.

32. I sometimes go here to pass the time.

64. Twice in the last week I have relished the opportunity to catch up on using condiments so I could muster up the ability to post.

128. Forever is at least as long as eternity, if not longer.

256. Memory is to blurred vision as eloquence is to imprecision.

512. Street gangs would be a whole lot less -ious if they restricted their apparel to horticultural items.

1024. Stranger than fiction is fiction that is strange. Truth is always truth.


L>T said...

All so true, because you said it was so.

Debstar said...

Kentucky Fried Chicken....and gravy....and chips....mmmmmmm

ghost said...

gangs wearing hemp. i wonder if theyd do us all a favor and smoke themselves.