Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Soup isn't green with envy

Well, someone may ask why 76.13... I'll say it is just because I like being odd sometimes.

Guatemala wasn't born without tornadoes, but Samsonite Luggage is the best!



L>T said...

I am not convinced you are insane...or a genius either, so i'll go with the third choice & imagine you as a spy & all these words that don't mean sense acually do...I mean, could it be any more clever then that?

moofruot said...


Debstar said...

I've never used Samsonite luggage. I don't travel much so the el cheapo type are just fine.

Debstar said...

Oh and I don't think anyone would ask me why 76.13......That's just silly and my answer would be 3 is to 4 is to 5.

Mercenaria said...

Well - I think 76.13 is awesome for the partition of a gift for a female parental unit who likes to play games and is bleary-eyed into the early AM on account of the playing.

I think that there were only four people who could have guessed what 76.13 was about!

Is 76.13 a high number? Is it too high a number?

For everyone not in the know - it compares favourably with 3 jacksons!

Debstar said...
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Debstar said...

Sorry I just deleted my last comment 'cause it didn't make sense then I thought nothing on this blog makes sense so what the hey.

Mercenaria, what the dickens are you going on about and what is a Jackson? It must be very interesting in your family if everyone talks in riddles. Maybe you're all spies.

Phil Plasma said...

l>t: Were I a spy, it'd be for whom and what purpose?

moofruot: indeed.

debstar: I don't own any samsonite either. My wife asked me why 76.13. Not everything in this blog is nonsensical, just the parts that are.

L>T said...

wellll, I'd say... a spy for Canada! Why? Because, Canada needs spys. Canada IS IN THE (fucking Caps Lock) dark. Canada really wants to know what the rest of the world is about, but they are too busy looking at mooses(?) & Northern lights.

Brotha Buck said...

Oh, I needed a nonsensicle...nonsensickle...nonsensicel, whatwever laugh this morning. HNY!~

Mercenaria said...


Here's one jackson:

That's all I've been authorized to release.

l>t - *Ahem* The plural form of Moose is Meese.