Saturday, January 06, 2007

a spattering of spittle

Well, then, let us examine the eloqutionist's least favourite paradigm, shall we?

Let us make asunder the gap between virtuousity and hilarity, let us combine the duo in a dance of delight, delivering the performance deserving of a diva. Let us infiltrate the masses with a personification of education that liberates a youthful spirit from within the depths of the downtrodden. Syncopatingly mad, this exodus of the free-will shall reach the summit of charismatic veracity and propogate with stealth, towards all sub and whole cardinal points.

What say you to this challenge that will ignite the vociferous and cantankerous?


Brotha Buck said...

Try saying that three times, back-to-back.

Debstar said...

Good grief, who swallowed a dictionary?

ghost said...

i say hell yeah.

Phil Plasma said...

bb: "that that that" easy!
deb: I don't know, who?
ghost: me too.