Wednesday, January 31, 2007

storage facilities run amok

Those shelving units went on a blissfully emergent rampage slaughtering the boxes, bins and bags they were holding, wreaking havoc throughout the distribution center, and generally causing angst among the arrogant human owners who thought they knew all about warehouse management. Reams of wrapping paper inundated the conveyor belts causing the pallets to rise up in an electromagnetic fury flushing the computers of their memory and invigorating the toilets into an overflow frenzy. Fortunately no humans were present, otherwise they likely would have been picked, packed, boxed, sealed, stamped and then shipped into the refuse bin, or worse, the box shredder.


ghost said...

were you at sams club 6350 last night?

Debstar said...

That was very strange and somewhat unsettling.

Phil Plasma said...

ghost: no.

deb: Your comment reminded me of a Stephen King story made into a movie called Maximum Overdrive. It vaguely parallels this post.