Monday, January 29, 2007

strain the pasta maker

below the bottom and under

above the top and over

to the left of the side and beyond

to the right of the edge and before

slapstick comedy, dry comedy, physical humour, gardening.


Debstar said...

Gardening is not funny unless of course a small tree falls on your head.

ghost said...

unless youre in my neighborhood and you catch a glimpse of granny;s crack. oh the horror.

Mercenaria said...

Gardening is funny if you think about gardening from the point of view of a blade of grass or a rake.

I like birds, I dislike grubs. Grubs ruin my lawn, and I don't use chemicals to remove the grubs. I just watch the bare patches where grubs have eaten my lawn spread across my yard like raspberry jam on toast. I do like raspberry jam, but probably so do grubs.

Debstar said...

Mercenaria, Next time you're washing your clothes save some of the water. Lawn grubs do not take kindly to detergent, well the Austrialian lawn grubs don't.