Saturday, February 10, 2007

mixing paint with brocoli

why doesn't winning always make you feel the best in the world? Do you ever think about the opponent that you have won against? Do you ever empathize with them, trying to experience the emotional gamut of fierce negativity that they are living through as they realize their competitive nature served them to no end?

nya nya!


L>T said...

I wouldn't know that emotion, I never win at anything.

Debstar said...

I have a very competitive nature. The way I look at it if you can't cope with losing once in awhile then don't conpete in the first place.

I was once playing a round of competition squash. I had my opponent down 9-0 9-0 7-0 and then I started thinking the poor girl had travelled over 1hour to play this match maybe I should let her have a few points and at least let her have a proper run around. So I gave her the next 3 points. She ended up beating me.

Never feel sorry for your opponent!
But I'm talking sport. Maybe you're talking work/career?

ghost said...

i do. but i still do my best to crush them.

L>T said...

I take that back...Once I played UNO with a guy on our first & LAST date. I couldn't lose.I wasn't trying or anything.(If you don't know UNO it's a no-brainer card game. I think the numbers go up to like 6 or something) I was starting to see this guy was a sore loser was getting really mad & I couldn't help chuckling about the irony of it all.
fuck, then i was trying to lose, but i couldn't. It turned into a really bad date.

Mercenaria said...

I remember losing (being absolutely crushed) in a difficult basketball game, something like 136 - 21.

Winning is great, losing can hurt, but I always thought of the opponents. Mostly at the start of the game. I'd look at the person I was supposed to play against, and wonder if they had put all of the hours of training in that I had. That would really determine how the game would go for me! I respect opponents. They have the same goal as I do.