Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My blog response rate is down ever since MNM disappeared and BB went on hiatus. Right now especially quiet since L>T is on vacation.

Many thanks to star contributor ghost and second most prolific debstar for recent contributions letting me know that at least someone other than me is reading what I write.

I guess I need to do some more blog hopping to add readership. Maybe I should also take a few names off of my blog roll of contributors who were once but aren't any longer.


ghost said...

it takes time, phil. i'm lucky to have a pretty solid core of readers over at etip. keep doing what you do, my man.

Debstar said...

I miss BB's posts.
Maybe you should get up one of those counter thingys. There's alot of lurkers around so you never know who might be reading your stuff on a regular basis.

I've yet to find anyone who writes quite like you so you've got me hooked for a long time I think.

Anonymous said...

If you build it they will come

L>T said...

Poor baby! I'm taking special time out from oggling the big city just to say HI. :) I've never seen so many homeless people in my life! Or rich people either...it's very disconcerting.

dykewife said...

hey, i read your blog. in fact, i've gone back and read archive material on your blog. i'm sure there are probably more readers of your blog that you don't know about, unless you do, in which case, never mind :)

moi said...

I read too, but don't always comment. the counter things are a great way to see lurkers (like myself).