Friday, February 16, 2007

stab me in the gut you nefarious bunny!

imagine the harshest sentiment as applied by a sadist towards exactly you and no other, now take the energy from that sentiment and translate it into sunlight that powers a solar panel that runs your refridgerator that keeps your beer cold.

Can anger lead to beer?

The solipsism of the sadist would suffer were we to ignore the sentiment and rather, apply grace and elegance to the situation. There is grunge or there is honour, you can choose.


ghost said...

i choose grunge. and honor. smells like soundgarden.

L>T said...

Amen, brother!

Debstar said...

All emotions lead to beer if you want them to.

moofruot said...

Anger takes so much energy to maintain... it's true; if there were a way to convert it into some useful kind of energy, the world's ills would be diminished. Or it cold keep beer cold. Either way, I'd feel less cynical about the world.