Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So the election results are in, a minority Liberal government with an ADQ opposition while the PQ's results show a lacklustre interest in sovereignty.

Of course, provincial politics are meaningless to almost all of my blog readership, however, I thought it noteworthy to indicate that Quebec has not had a minority government since 1878.

Thanks to Wiki for providing me the opportunity to give you a Wiki style post.


ghost said...

wiki d.

L>T said...

you are right. I don't get it. Even after wiki.
I liked it when they said it was a "hung parliment" though. ha ha *snort*

Brotha Buck said...

Watch out for Wiki. Two weeks ago, Wiki said that Simbad had died. And he was right in Vegas doing a show.

Debstar said...

Is it compulsory to vote in Canada?

Phil Plasma said...

LT> I could go on and on about politics in Canada or in Quebec, but I figure what I put in this post is sufficient for you.

BB> Wiki amazed me by having the election results so soon after the election, but all of the facts are confirmed by the variety of news sources I read.

deb> No, we had a participation rate of around 72% for this provincial election... normally Quebec is not lower than 75%, but for the last two elections it was 71 and 72.

mëznor said...

"Thanks to Wiki for providing me the opportunity to give you a Wiki style post."


That's awesome. I think my brain just came undone a little bit, reading that.