Friday, March 23, 2007

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Why recover the angst of youth to paint it orange or another colour that doesn't fit with your current charismatic nature?

Why not vilify the rights of insipid superciliousness?

A turbid clarification is what is needed here, something to evoke an intoxicating sobriety or a livid peace. Deny yourself the most envious position of knowing what you want out of life, and you will sell your soul for the lowest price. Reach out and placate those around you with a vision that strikes within them the confidence to go on, lacking nothing, in a pleasing direction.

A blogmate has posted a lot, recently about God. I will not.

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Debstar said...

1. I never had angst
2. I will regard that with the haughty disdain it deserves.
3. huh???
4. Good. Keep it that way.