Monday, March 12, 2007


sports are what spin the globe when seriousness is not needed.

shoes are to fashion sense what carrots are to vegetables.

permaculture is to farming like the way the computer you are using to read this message is to a Commodore Vic 20.

Breakfast cereal: is there another kind of cereal?

Punctuation is occasionally, misused;


phx said...

i always did poorly at answering those a is to b what ___is to d questions in those yearly tests at school.

there's late night snack cereal. i'm sure there are people who have a cereal that they ONLY eat for late night snacks.

commas, are often, misued.

Debstar said...

"sports are what spin the globe when seriousness is not needed."

I've got you thinking it even if you're not doing it.

I like porridge for breakfast I don't think many people would like that as a late night snack though.

Appstrophes are also often misused or not used at all.

Brotha Buck said...

Funny, good observation. And speaking of breakfast cereal, I mix raw eggs in my oatmeal. Just thought I'd share that.

supertomek said...

i have a vic 20 :)
wonder how much i could score for it on ebay...

brotha buck - just how many eggs are we talking per bowl of cereal?

so permafarming might be to set up a farm made up of naturally occurring produce (for the region), and then just leaving it alone, and mostly just gathering the produce from then on? that'd be cool. would put a lot of farmers out of business. they'd have to change industries. retrain to become... loggers? :D